Tuesday 30 June 2015


Well, this morning I got up early, made the HG his lunch, packed him off to work and cleaned the kitchen. I then looked in the fridge and decided because I'd actually missed it yesterday, I was going to have a Bullet Breakfast! I decided to dabble with my own recipe!
So in went basically what was left in the fridge! A small amount of each....
Strawberries, melon, lemon, apple, red and green grapes, cucumber, carrot, ginger, walnuts, baby spinach and kale. Yes I actually voluntarily and spontaneously put kale in it! A little bit of crushed ice and ice cold water. No banana, because we have no bananas! The result is actually a delightfully tasty drink. Not as thick as when it has banana in it but that's ok!
It's going to be so hot today,that I'll feel annoyed with myself when I'm all sweaty because it's my own fault I am well insulated!!  This bit of my post was written at 7.33am. Off to work a bit early because I've stuff to do.

So here I am approx 9pm and it's just nicely cooling down. Work was fun today. Night Owls was hot. When I got in I decided I wasn't quite hot, sticky or sweaty enough for my liking so I naturally steam mopped the kitchen and hoovered right through! I'm calling it Bikram Cleaning. Shower 2 of the day was taken, then, lucky me, a trip to the supermarket. It wasn't super. But I needed milk. And that half price nightshirt... :-)

I'm just catching up with Blogs before bed!

Is it hot enough for you? 36 degrees showed on my friend's car! It was 32 degrees when we went to the large grocery outlet at 7.15pm

Lots of love from

Rachel *hot, but not bothered* Radiostar xx x


  1. Too hot for me, i'm limper than a limp thing :-(

  2. We moan when it is cold and we moan when it's hot oh to be British:-)

  3. I'm loving this heat. Seriously still looking into this seven day cleanse thing. Are you still feeling energised? X

    1. I did feel the benefits till about Thursday when the heat struck!

  4. I tried a smoothie today with some items from the freezer. Cool long drink in this heat. Delish.

  5. Had to go to Londonium n back yesterday in a van with no air con....bloody stupid idea that was! You're not 'well insulated' m'dear just bloody gorgeous ...just my opinion anyways.


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