Saturday 1 June 2024

The best 9 weeks ever!

 I have been a Nanna for Nine Weeks and I flipping well love it! (And a dog Mummy for 6 years now! ) 

He is a sweet natured adorable little boy. My girl is doing a brilliant job of being a Mummy. He looks like a perfect mixture of them both and I can see his other Nanna’s face a lot of the time! We always say truthfully he looks like his Dad when he’s crying and his Mum when he’s smiley haha 

Round up of stuff I normally speak of! 

Garden - the irises bloomed brilliantly. My native bluebells got fewer and Spanish ones got rampant. Have got some more native bulbs to put in the back end. Peonies were lovely. My rhapsody in blue rose is heady and bountiful. My rhubarb is a bit weak this year. 

Kitchen - not done so much baking. We have a new air fryer and I think it’s brilliant. I cook lots of things in it - not just sausages and chips etc I’ve just got some coffee capsules for my machine to make iced coffee. I’ve never had it and not sure I fancy it but most people say it’s nice so I’ll try owt once ! 

Diet - well same old nonsense as per

HG- best Grandad ever! 

Son - most reluctant Uncle so far hahah resists the urge to pick him up but we’ve seen him looking at him with love! Work is going well and he now has one of the work’s vans. Still single but he seems happy. 

Dogs - Freddie will soon be 8 and Bluebell just had her 6th birthday. They are the same daft Spanners as ever taking up all the room they can! 

Work - interesting every single day! Soon be the big hols but 7 gruelling weeks to get through - which I will be far too hot ( see diet above ) and moody - see menopause below )

Menopause - still not permanently paused sadly! Got to 112 days then back to it! Currently waited 2 weeks now to get an appointment through for a blood test at the GPs. Will contact them tomorrow to see how long I will need. 

Knitting - show and tell next post

Sewing - see above! 

Misc - mind gone blank! Till next time!