Tuesday 27 May 2014

I'm *supposed* to be on holiday....

The Hunter Gatherer went back to work today. As usual we were awake at six, I got up and made his lunch. I am too nice!! Instead of going to bed I seized the carp ( sic)  and ironed. I sorted out the bedding/towel cupboard. Remade the beds. Hoovered up. Tidied the kitchen. Mowed the lawn ( to get to the mower is a job in itself! ) , filled five rubble bags with erm rubble from where the drains are being dug up, weeded, pegged out and completed the utterly hideous task of cleaning and disinfecting the bins.

I managed to fit in whizzing through the Soap awards - fact about me, I adore awards shows. Also I watched an episode of Charmed - the one where they find out Cole is in fact Balthazar. I watched that show religiously years ago. I was irritated by it today! It would seem, the level of crap TV I watch has gone up a notch! One word. Revenge. It's twisty turns of ridiculousness, complete with wooden acting and bad plastic surgery holds me captive! I chuffing love it!!

I took delivery of my billion pound big shop from Tesco, for only £1 off the most charming cheeky delivery man! I never have been flirted with so hard n fast in a long time! I'm going to book him again next time!!

I am so pleased that my last post reached so many views. I know at least five people now know the signs of eye cancer.

So, what of tomorrow? I am expecting delivery of my new phone. Unlike Tesco, who delivered at 3.10pm like they said they would, my phone could be delivered between 8am and 6pm. If I miss delivery, I will be charged too!! So more rubble shifting and weeding if the sun shines, more tidying and a list of to do phone calls to make. Two episodes of Revenge and some baking! I'll be glad to get back to work for a rest!

What are you up to this half term week?

Rachel *absolutely whacked out * Radiostar xx

Friday 23 May 2014

Good! It's official! Also, BRB

Not this blog of course! But our recent visitet by the lovely folks at Ofsted. I knew the day they left of course but wasn't allowed to say. So our school finally gained it's 'Good' grade back after five years of satisfactory! It's all bollockyollocks really. Just jumping through hoops.

Now the BRB. NOT be right back, but Bilateral Retinoblastoma

Every day, week, month is usually linked to raising awareness for serious diseases of some sort. Last week, it was the the turn of the cancer that little Harry has. Bloody Bilateral Retinoblastoma. I have blogged about him at length in earlier posts.

Caroline Ahearne, who in my opinion is an absolute comedy genius, has provided the voice over for an online campaign to raise awareness. Do watch.

I hope it works. She, herself is currently suffering from lung cancer, because she had RB as a baby. She is a much loved celeb and I wish her well. But her support can only do good for those people who fight to raise funds for research and if just one person reads this, or sees that and then spots it in a baby yet undiagnosed, it's one baby's eyesight, eyes or life that has been saved.

Lisa had to take Harry to be photographed for his blue badges. The photographer was very apologetic as he took and retook the photos. My sister asked what was wrong, as he changed the lenses etc and he commented how odd it was, he kept getting a strange white flash.  She then told him why Harry's eyes were showing as such and she said he was almost in tears. He said he'd never forget Harry and she left gladdened by the fact the minute this photographer picked this up again, he was armed with information that could help.

So just in case you are new here today, you can find Harry's story on my main page.
Here he is ...
Absolutely gorgeous x 
Only the white flash and squint are the outward signs of the deadly cancer he is currently fighting. If you'd like more information, the CHECT  site is a great place to start. 
It's the only charity in the UK solely for this eye cancer. 

Just please, be aware. You could make a difference x 

Thank you

Rachel *proud auntie* Radiostar xx 

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Cake with raspberries

My work chum's husband works in my favourite place in the world and lodges on a farm. The Farmer's wife gives him spare eggs to bring home and I get some too! They are, bar none, THE best eggs I've ever had. So pretty to look at too! 
They make the yellowest, creamiest scrambled egg on crumpets ever! 

I just made a basic all in one 3 egg/6oz flour, butter, sugar sponge.
For the filling, I spread a thin layer of raspberry jam on each half. I whipped some double cream with a few drops of my new raspberry essence and folded in some fresh raspberries. 
The top is simply some of the raspberry essence cream, with the extra berries. It is delicious- even if I say so myself! The cake is light and airy and soft. I blame the eggs! 
In other news.... I don't actually have any news! 
I have not started my next knit yet. I've not actually decided what to knit. What should I knit next?

Love from Rachel 'cake face' Radiostar xxx

Sunday 11 May 2014


The pair of socks I started way back int Black & White Days! 2012 - I blogged it here! The start of the socks I finally grafted the final twenty stitches - which, by the way, I adored doing and I've now got them on! They are cosy and I'm chuffed to bits with myself! Proper socks! They'd better not unravel int first wash!!

Can you tell which one I did first? I've never knitted socks before. I'd never used double pointed needles before. 

I love the self stripey wool. It blows my

They fit perfectly on my trotters! I loves 'em! 
Something else I love is my colour changing nail varnish.
The colder I am, the darker it goes. This one is called Cola. 
See? My nail tip must be cold! I am way easily amused! Hours of fun at my own fingertips! 

So now I'm going to have a whizz through my patterns to choose my next knit! 

What have you finally finished lately? 

Rachel Wearing Socks Radiostar xx 

Wednesday 7 May 2014

The. Call

It came yesterday. Those three little words that everyone in Education fears...

Ofsted. Are. Coming. 

They arrived today at 7.46am. 
Being under scrutiny is ranked at the lower end of my well being at work scale! 
I'm not actually that arsed as I think I do my job properly everyday. But I want the team to do well and get the praise they deserve. We do a good job! One more day to get through...... 

Till then

Rachel "on a knife edge" Radiostar xx