Wednesday 3 June 2015

Lacey scmacey!

Hello lovely folks! 
Loving all the comments.
 It's almost like having lots of penpals I think! I loved having a penpal. Mine was called Nick and he lived in America and we sent letters back and forth for years! I think I was in Junior 3 and we took home a little paper form to fill in with our likes and dislikes etc and then it was sent off and you were matched up with someone from the other side of the world. He found me on Facebook a zillion years later! Still friends now. He said he used to love getting my whopper  crazy letters!  I used to write some rubbish! Aww happy days! 

I digress ( as per )

So after pulling back those 24 rows of the lacy matinee jacket I started again. Everyone in the lounge was warned. I concentrated a row at a time. 
I was saying the instructions under my breath 
Knit 8, yarn forward ,skippow ( which is what I say for SKPO - ( slip 1 knit 1 pass slipped stitch over for non knitters! ) purl 1 yarn forward yarn forward knit 18 one two three etcetc 
If anyone came near I'd simply count louder whilst shaking my head, thus indicating they had to. Back. The. Heck. Off. Or. Else!  Things were tense! 
After each row, I'd tentatively count the stitches and mentally high five myself because they matched what it said on the pattern! 

Anyway! I'm happy to report that I think I've cracked it! This is knit sideways and then the yoke will be added separately. I've never knit sideways before! ( I'm now laughing at my own jokes - picturing me knitting with my arms at one side! ) 
But here you go.. 

And after....

Well I'd best get my wriggle into gear... So far this morning I've done the dishwasher, made lunches, pegged out, folded towels ( so many thanks to full house ) and had my shower and cut my fringe. Then tried to get bits of cut fringe off wet shower fresh skin. Why did I not do it before my shower?! I looking a yeti!! 
I need to go to work now!! Catch up soon! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *wonky fringe* Radiostar xxx


  1. Very impressive, you sound like me when I'm attempting something tricky. Do you have a specific glare too? xx

    1. The death stare Jo! I make myself giggle - I actually do love knitting - but it sounds like torture!!

  2. The 'after' definitely looks better. It's really lovely. I count stitches under my breath but little 'learning to count' L joins in and it all goes wrong. X

    1. Oh no! That's the worst! Especially if you've more than 100 stitches on your needle!

  3. Love your knitting, I lov knitting lace. I have email pen pals such fun when you see their name in the in box.

    1. I think it's lovely to feel like someone cares enough to write something to you xx

  4. Em … I think you were going wrong! It's looking good now. Onward and upward.
    PS Sorry, onward and sideways!

  5. I think it's going to a long knit!


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