Thursday 24 February 2022

Just stunning

 No other words to say to describe this latest shot of Freddie taken at North Seaburn beach yesterday by Miss 27. 

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Live from my coffee table

 For a while I've been meaning to show and tell my new house plants bought when we took the HG Mum out for a posh cake and coffee at a lovely garden centre cafe on the coast. I spied the twins as I'm calling them and thought of my lovely bloggy chum for 100 years John at first and then my Mum and my 70s childhood and being the marketing man's dream I was persuaded by the advertising slogan - 'air cleanser' ( laughing at myself now, honestly! )

It was because the reading of John's blog was fairly fresh in my mind and his post which you will find HERE thus gave me some happy childhood memories. 

And then, for two reasons I decided to post my coffee table as it is to show you the twins. 

Reason 1. I'm sat fully reclined, very comfy, laptop on cushion on lap and frankly cannot be arsed to move

Reason 2. I would have been moving to get the eye pleasing social media shot, ie shoving all the crap out of the way and again, I cannot frankly be arsed to move. 

My house is fairly roomy, but if there's a flat surface. it get's stuff dumped on it. I seem to go about moving stuff and being able to admire the lovely wood but the minute my back is turned there's something else there!!

So let me talk you through the messy coffee table. Admittedly most of it is mine. Some of it should be there. Most of it not! 

Its a shot from above for my seat on the sofa - my coffee being closest to me. If the clutter is making your teeth itch then zero apologies from me! Zero interest in minimalism here. Marie Whatserface can bugger off with her  Kondoick sparking joy get rid of it ways! She doesn't spark joy in me so ..... hahahaha 

So what have we got?

A. My plants. The fern thing, somehow, inexplicably I have managed to keep alive for a few years now. Admittedly it has been as bad as one last solitary leaf remaining. Fortunately it is ok with severe neglect. I am trying though and have put in a drip feed bottle thingy in the soil. I am a bit famous for plants coming to my house to die! I killed off a perfectly healthy Bonsai tree in a matter of months! The twins are little spider plants - real name on John's blog! 

B. My lovely lantern that I have had for about 20 years now. It has some battery operated LEDs in it at the minute, but I do sometimes put a real tea light in it. It was bought from one of my favourite shops ever that used to be in town in the late 80s early 90s- it was called Internationale I think and it was FULL of nick nacks for the home and bits and bobs. A bit like TK Maxx Home bit - but cheaper! 

C. Knitting wool and beginnings of a hat. There are two ribs there because it was from when my Ma in law who has mixed dementia was here, I got her knitting again. It was a step by step thing. I told her how many to cast on - it took a while and she counted it over and over but then she was quite happy k1p1 away for the afternoon.  The fluffy white wool is called snowflake and its a right bugger to knit with. I'd decided to do the hat in it. I did the first two rows then had to make tea - I passed it over to Ma who said she would carry on for me - when I cam e back - it was like when I tried 1678 times to teach my daughter to knit! Dropped stiitches, knots, twists! So that's when I got the chunky grey wool out and we both did the same so she could look at mine and see she was doing it right! I've not moved it because I like seeing it there. It's on top of the patterns,

D. Is my small pouch of knitting stuff - it mainly holds my knit pro wire needles. Best things I ever tried. I've a few wires and lots of interchangeable ends covering most of the knitting sizes I need. There's the little key for changing the wires, stitch holders, sewing needles - the eagle eyed of you will maybe spy some new packs of needles and holders - I am spoilt by the HG. There's a pen, tape measure, also the broken end off an ariel off a tape deck machine we no longer have! My notebook for following a pattern is there too. 

E. Looks funny at this angle but it's one of the house phones

F. Rubbish from something Mr 24 bought - maybe a charging wire or something. I will remove that when I get up! 

G. My early morning black coffee in a Sainsrobber's mug from years ago on one of the glittery mosaic coasters also over 20 years old that normally is only out at Christmas. Its there because I missed putting it away and I like it. 

H. One of the TV remotes that should be in the holder next to the TV

I. One of my Christmas presents from Mr 24. A Woodwick cafe latte candle. It's one of those that crackles. It's on the coffee table because I moved it from it's home on the fireplace at the weekend because we had a roaring fire going and I didn't want it to get too hot and melt. I've not started lighting it yet. 

J. The play station control because Mr 24 has brought his Playstation down as he pays for Disney+ and that's what we view it through. Again - should be next to the telly! 

K. Pile of newest books in the house with the TV remote on the top where I will have dumped it last night before going to bed, instead of in the holder not two footsteps away next to the telly with the rest! 
The books are 
Slimming world's fast and free - recipe book  then it's 
A present to myself from some of my Christmas money - it popped up on Instagram and I fell in love with it. 
Two books as a present from the HG. We have so many books we could open a book shop. Not tried any of the recipes yet but a flick through has me salivating. 

And that's about it. If you spy anything I've not explained then please ask. What's on YOUR coffee table/ equivalent right now? Tell the truth or show me yours ! oooeeerrrr

Lots of love from
Rachel * will remove the remotes and rubbish now but the rest stays and I will update my other blog later* Radiostar xxx

Saturday 19 February 2022


 It's been a bit 'weathery' hasn't it! You know it's bit 'weathery' when the puddles in the garden have strong currents! 

I've just commented on someone's blog about my 122 year old roof bearing up through it all and hoping there's a few years left in it yet!

INEXPLICABLY I am just about to hit publish and then go and clean the bathroom AND THEN walk Madam B. It is chucking it down, a little bit sleety too, she will be filthy. We will both need a shower! 

The HG fell off the top of his ladder on Wednesday and hurt his knee, hands and shin. It's very swollen and painful but he's ok and it could have been so so so much worse. He is having a day of rest today after he has pottered about a bit and pushed my new dishwasher into it's hole. Our old one was nearly 20! It had been repaired a couple of times, but the plastic was getting so brittle that I swore badly every time I loaded it - because the cutlery would fall through! It also would only wash on a feeble wash. I Know, these are First World Problems. 

The new one is silver, very energy efficient and the cutlery tray slides out flat at the top rather than be a rack on the bottom. The top rack also can be raised or lowered to accommodate different height things. I will leave all of that to the butler! Also the novelty of it means that I will not have to load it for weeks because the HG will be in his element! ( Also I will have to NOT LOOK because he loads it WRONG ) 

I hope everyone inspired to make  the Campfire Stew enjoys it. Mine is based on the Pinch of Nom but adapted to whatever I have in. I always always soak my ham overnight too. The other thing is that sometimes I lift the gammon out at the end to shred before popping it back in - especially if it's been tied. This time Id taken the string off before cooking it and it was in big pieces in the slow cooker where Id sliced into it to remove as much fat as I could. I use slow cooker liners too which could get split during the shredding so there's that to consider. The MAIN reason I use the liners - and I do always wash them and use them more than once is that I found in my old slow cooker which is identical to what I have now, is that all the foods tasted a little samey even though there were lots of different meals cooked in there! Also they are really good for slow cooking two different meals at once! 

It is now snowing heavily but as it has been raining it's not sticking. I think I will get Bluebell's coat on her too! 

Can't believe it's been 10 years since I was on the Uni trail with Miss 27 even though the maths adds up hahaha. 

I absolutely loved Aberystwyth Uni. I'd still go today! 

Right putting off getting dressed etc! But am going to get sorted as it's 11am already! Looking forward to my tea - Campfire Stew hahaha I bloody love it! 

Lots of love from

Rachel *will need a woolly hat on today* Radiostar xxx

Thursday 17 February 2022

Brain scrambling!

 The very lovely Poppy Patchwork blogged about it the other day -

and I confess to being the same. Not that there is anything wrong, which is what the word confess implies! 

I love word games - being brought up in the 70s and spending a lot of time with my Mum and Nanna.( Dad was with us but usually working or fishing! )  I would watch them as a child wondering who would win. They would play scrabble till the death time came for us or them to go home. Once I was finally allowed to play - they went for the juggler  hahahaha I do mean the jugular but that image made me laugh, as if we had our very own court jester at home! - fresh meat! Actually what happened was they'd help me find the best words on my little church pew letter holder, until I was robust enough to fly solo - too much dithering however, had them leaning over with a 'let's see what you have'. Hangman played on paper at first then oh how I loved my MB Games version of it. 

The 1970's = perfectly fine to sell a game meant for children with a creepy man and a hangman's noose on it!! 

My Mum and Nanna did crosswords - a monthly Puzzler magazine where I was allowed to do the word search, the spot the difference and the silhouette colouring in. My Nanna had the biggest red dictionary. It lived in the sideboard and was only brought out in the absolute last chance of not getting a word. It had bible thin paper and was very well used. When countdown arrived on TV they'd get their notebooks out and play along! My beloved Nanna would have LOVED Lingo that's on ITV right now. 

So when word ladders as I called them back in the day arrived on my phone in the form of 

Wordle - of course I played it! My Mum doesn't have the internet but I might let her have a go when I call in to see her in the morning before Dudley is due! I am proud to say I have 100% success rate

I also do worgle - same as wordle but with 6 letters

quordle - a form of hell where you can not escape ( 100%  so far hahahahah ) this was yesterday's puzzle -  I managed it with 0 chances left! It comes up with little phrases! Skin of teeth was yesterday's! Do you know what I learned last year that has revolutionised my life? Well it's a little exaggeration but the snipping tool - so if I am on my laptop and I have not transferred my photos for the blog onto my phone but I have posted them elsewhere online - I can go find them and use the snipping tool! It's like Print screen but better! I never even knew it existed. But now I do , hence my quordle pic! 

and Nerdle - same hellish feeling but with numbers - I do it for the challenge but it is a chore rather than pleasure! 

Girdle - something else my beloved Nanna used to try and foist upon me - her 18 hour one was her prized possession - she was teeny weeny and 7 stone wet through - why she needed an 18 hour girdle is beyond me! We call them magic knickers now! ( Just checking you are still reading )

There's once called absurdle which I thought was about Geography but I think I was wrong - its a word game but very annoying as the rules state 

"This is an adversarial version of Josh Wardle's excellent Wordle.

"Adversarial" means that Absurdle is actively trying to avoid giving you the answer. With each guess, Absurdle reveals as little information as possible, changing the secret word if need be. (Well, sort of: here is a detailed explanation.)

Other than that, the rules are the same as Wordle's, except you have unlimited guesses. You'll need them! The best possible score in Absurdle is 4 guesses."


So I had a couple of goes - SNIP with my guesses typed in

Absurdle 7/∞

⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ASTER

⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ LIVID

⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ COUGH

⬜🟩⬜⬜🟩 FUNNY

⬜🟩⬜⬜🟩 BUZZY

⬜🟩⬜🟩🟩 JUMPY

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 PUPPY

Worldle - one about maps and geography - no thanks! I dropped Geography as soon as it was possible! 

 one called sweardle where the rules made me laugh my head off! 

Anyway, my sister and I do these 4 every morning and I have been sharing them on facebook etc but I think I might stop that as it is annoying of me hahaha 

I really do not need any more forms of procrastination at all. I meant to share a photo yesterday of my cooked smokey gammon stew but forgot so here it is! Looks very much like the uncooked one, just a bit darker. 

Warning - if you do make it ( and thanks to all the comments on my last post ) make sure you’ve plenty of freezer room and containers because it really does make LOADS! 
I like it on its own, in a jacket, with rice or pasta, with veg, with salad, in pastry - the list is endlessish! 

Hopefully you will allescape unscathed by the incoming storm. I plan on doing very little today betond an online shop, some knitting in front of the TV and something in my craft room - don't know yet - I may make a teeny outfit for a polar bear! And if I get bored - I've a jigsaw and some books to occupy myself with! ( * I never ever get bored - this is because I was allowed to have unstructured, unoccupied by my parents time where I had to just 'be'. Children these days are so highly entertained and stimulated from the minute they wake up til they go to bed they cannot just 'be'. It explains a lot of unwanted behaviour in my line of work! Oops hadn't meant to get my soap box out! 

lots of love from 

Rachel *needs a cup of tea now* Radiostar xxx

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Making My favourite-a recipe

 Here is how I make one of the tastiest slow cooker dishes I make and it’s based on a Pinch of Nom recipe for Campfire Stew. The reason I love it so much is that it’s cheap and makes LOADS. And it looks like Spagbol in the freezer but when you defrost it and you realise what it is, the spark of joy is IMMENSE hahaha so 


Piece gammon, soaked in cold water 24 hours- all visible fat removed

Tin baked beans 

Tin any other beans 

Tin chopped tomatoes

2 tblspns tomato purée 

I had half a tin of  amazing chicken stock left so added

that but you don’t have to add stock

Half a bag frozen peppers if no fresh available

Couple carrots, onions and celery chopped

1tspn of cumin, coriander, smoked sweet paprika, 1/2 tspn cajun spice - it’s my fave 

Some chilli flakes, black pepper, Worcester sauce one garlic 

Put it all in the slow cooker, switch it on and forget about it for the day. 

Once cooked, shred the gammon with two forks and add some fresh peppers if you want. 

Freezes well. Makes so much! 

Oh I chopped some mushrooms and added them. Be perfect as a veggie dish - I’d add some more beans/veg and use a vegetable stock. 

I have started a new jigsaw and tomorrow will spend some time in the craft room. The weather sounds filthy outside and I’m hoping to sleep through. 

Made some bread rolls or baps or buns today because the men were having burgers for tea. I had salad. 

Did a slow rise. Excellent crumb and result. I had one. The rest are for them! 
 Right off to make a brew and watch The Bay 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *getting a new dishwasher* Radiostar xx

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Valentine’s Day Stretch

 The stretch comes from the weekend whereby I extended my lovely weekend luxury by a day! Friday was HALF TERM day and I wasn’t working the after school club because I was going on my first ever hen weekend. I’ve been on a few Hen nights back when I was younger and before I had the children and don’t really understand the need for whole holidays! 

My friend and I discussed this and decided on our personal perfect pre wedding girly thing! Afternoon tea- just me and her hahahah see further on! 

Anyhooooo, the bride to be  is so lovely and due to covid had to postpone her wedding. The Hen party have been in secret talks for two years now!! Originally it was a planned posh weekend in York, in the Summer. Large guest house with hot tub, river cruise, pamper afternoon, cocktails, posh meal etc 

So we all paid in a deposit and then sent a little bit more when asked, like a hen do savings club! Sadly that was all cancelled but we didn’t worry. Her lovely bridesmaids then sorted out something else that was postponed and finally the weekend in the Lakes was planned. 

We stayed in Grizedale Lodge 

which was in the middle of nowhere. A lovely chocolate box house with loads of spooky rooms and corridors! It was cold, daughter and creaky! It did NOT look like the photo weather wise because it was absolutely chucking it down all weekend. I wasn’t surprised, it’s always wet in the North West!  It did don’t spoil a thing either! When we all arrived Friday there was a huge platter of food ready and the most amount of bottles of Prosecco I’ve ever seen! 

Do you know what they did which I thought GENIUS and I’ve never ever thought of it before? Instead of plates and bowls that would need clearing away and washed up, they simply lined the table with foil. Then they just laid all the lovely food out so attractively. There were 17 of us altogether and it did look like a plague of locusts had been afterwards! But the genius thing was, after we checked for cutlery and removed the one bowl that held the salad, we just had to wrap it all up and throw it away! Easy cleaning!! -There was no recycling bins to be seen else we would have used a food bin etc but for ease - genius! 
The kitchen door was just to the side of the huge dresser and well. 
I followed my friend INTO the kitchen, she PUSHED the door ahead of me. There was a bolt on the inside.a few more girls came into the kitchen.  
Then leaving the kitchen, I had to reach up and use the bolt to PULL the door open towards me so I could leave. 
I admit I was thinking, stupid old house, no door handle on, ridiculous. 
Imagine how daft I felt when my friend and I were exiting the kitchen later and she just PUSHED it open from the kitchen side!!! Readers, it was a SWING door! I hadn’t even been drinking. We laughed and laughed and laughed!! Honestly I should get out more! More laughs came from the Mr & Mrs type game ( the couple are childhood sweethearts ), the make a wedding dress out of toilet roll game, the table ping pong and just the general chatter. There was a good mix of girls. The bride and her maids are late 20s to 30s, me and my two friends were from when she trained to be a teacher at our school - that makes 3 student teachers out of the 100s I’ve seen at work that I’ve kept a proper friendship going with. There were some friends from her next school and current school. Her Mum, mum in law to be, aunties and cousins. Everyone just got along. 
My friend and I shared this lovely room! 

The itinery as planned,

 but unfortunately the boat was cancelled due to the weather. So we asked the minibus to come an hour later and we all had a lovely leisurely  morning, got ready, took loads of photos and set off into Bowness. The ride was windy, and full of deep flooded road puddles! I was glad to get off into some fresh air! Myself and two friends spent the free hour we had before cocktails, charity shop and art gallery browsing and then went for a bowl of chips and a cup of tea in Bryson’s tea rooms above their bakery. 
Then it was cocktail making. It was brilliant. The two young instructors were funny, friendly and helpful. We made a pornstar martini each, two hens at a time behind the bar. 

They gave us a shot of Prosecco to sip to cleanse the palate before drinking the sweet, creamy cocktail. It was lovely. The other cocktail we made was sunset on the shore or something! It turned out orange and blue. I enjoyed that too! I do like a cocktail. 
Then the bride made us all a little teeny mini Guinnesses which was a coffee flavoured liqueur with some Baileys on top. We then had photos and as we were leaving to our next destination, a stag party came in and the groom was wearing a beautiful bridal gown and his big burly bridesmaids were a dream in peach satin! They were from Newcastle and very funny! 
We then went to the Lakeside bar Boaters for pizza. I had a vegetarian pizza that was delicious then my friend’s hubby came and collected us and took us back to the house whilst the others carried on dancing. Normally I would have stayed out to see the live band but since Covid I get very very fatigued and I’d had enough. We got back to the house, rolled our eyes at the mess the young ones had left, got into our pjs, did a quick ten minute tidy round, lit the fire and had a good catch up with a cup of tea and a face mask! 
The rest of the hens came back by 11.30 and everyone was in bed at a respectable hour! 
The next morning I made poached eggs for my friends and we sat at the table and felt like we were still on holiday. ( Apologies
To those who have seen these photos on my other blog ) 

One by one the party left and with trepidation due to the horrendous weather, so did we. Fortunately the roads were not too treacherous and there were
Only two omg how deep
Is that puddle in the road moments. 
I got home. Was fussed to distraction by Bluebell and I gave her the charity shop teddy I’d got

 and then the HG and I nipped to Sainsrobbers for spuds and a few bits and then to see his Mum. I helped her have a shower and washed and dried her hair. He hoovered through  and tidied up then me and his mum stripped and changed her bed. Once home I put a chicken into roast and we had it with mash ( though I just had boiled ) carrots and cavelo nero cabbage. The gravy was just the best I’d made in a long time. 
I went to bed early and woke up on Monday glorious in the fact I did not have to go to work! 
I had a super lazy morning and caught up with the 6 Nations rugby, masked singer - I fast forward through  most of it but I do love to hear the singers - and Dancing on ice - again, fast forward a lot. Torville and Dean are amazing if you think about it - mid 60s and still can do a routine! No spoilers but I did feel sorry for the ones that went as I felt the none pro skater had shown real improvement! Laughing at me as an armchair expert! 
Then I went and got posher  up again then my friend came and picked me up. Back to the Lakes I went! 
I went to a gorgeous 4 star hotel called Lindeth Howe. We were going for afternoon tea. The best one we have had yet. We always say that. We have decided we are going to sample the Lake’s Afternoon Teas like others do Wainwrights’s walks hahahaha get a tick list going. 
We HAD planned to return to the last place we went to, but my friend is a florist and had just booked a Wedding at Lindeth Howe and wanted to go scope it out. Gorgeous quirky place. I wouldn’t say the toilets were 4star though. Very disappointing compared to the rest of it! 

The Afternoon Tea itself was DELICIOUS and my favourite thing was the buttery Viennese whirl, closely followed by the pistachio batternburg. We washed it down with gallons of Earl grey tea. I particularly like the fact that we were not rushed out and we had a good three hours of nattering and nibbling! 

I got home. I made the HG real chips in the deep fat fryer to go with the left over chicken and gravy for tea. Well it was Valentine’s  Day haha we don’t bother with that - but he did buy me a present of some Lakeland Plastics sponges! I’ve needed some new ones for ages! 

I went to bed early and woke up early today! 

I got up, made his packed lunch and sat with Bluebell a while. It was raining first thing and apparently it’s the best day today before two storms hit us Thursday Friday. I’ve hoovertooled all of the upstairs and down the stairs and the hallway. The washer is sorted and I’m soaking a ham ready to make a Pinch of Nom Campfire stew overnight in the slow cooker. I’m just watching The GB women at curling before I go get the hoover and do down here. Then I’m going to take Bluebell to the park and will no doubt need to shower her when we get back. 

The sun is shining so I must crack on! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *still full of cake from yesterday* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 6 February 2022

Friday 4th Feb

 Bit tricky to say without your front teeth and seeing as three of my regular cherubs are 5 and 6 years old, no one has a front tooth to help them form an eff ! 

Tooth wobbling should be an Olympic Sport. Those of you who do not work in a school are missing out on 30 plus eager cherubs with eager mouths being thrust towards you complete with eager fingers wiggling and waggling, telling you to look, but it sounds like 

Uck! Uuuuck!  Then you have to feign excitement and interest whilst trying not to retch as your stomach turns over! I HATE seeing wobbly teeth - especially the ones that are handing on by a thread! You also have to hide your mirth at the poor wee souls whose teeth are not ready to be lost, as they frantically waggle their fingers in their mouths, desperate for a hint of a wobble! 

We have special little envelopes in school for the ones that come out mid phonics lesson! 

What a week. Full time Nurture plus supporting over lunch means I’m home 1-2 for lunch which means I have one hour in the afternoon to do ALL the other things which this week has included a session of Lego therapy, chatting to children who are having a time of it and trying to robustly fill in a referral form for such things that we know are happening yet almost certainly know it’ll be rejected!!! 

So am now on the sofa giggling at Would I lie to you. And trying to get blog posts sorted. 

A few photos to share. 

Wore my new perfume - Christmas present from Miss 27. I don't normally wear scent but it was pleasant to be complemented on smelling nice! 
Succumbed to the trend - we called them word ladders back in the day.

Tricksy little 500 piece on the board.

It's now 11.45am on Sunday morning and I think I have finally sorted my newest other blog to summat like. 


Facts for today
1. Up at 5
2. Washing - 1 load dark so far
3. Bluebell been showered after walkies with Dad included Paddlies in Park Puddles
4. Roast Gammon for tea
5. Still devastated about Wales losing to Ireland but will cope.
6. Will clean bathroom later.
7. Cup of coffee time. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * might do a few rows of knitting before doing anything else* Radiostar xxx

Tuesday 1 February 2022

First of Feb.

 Here I am in the semi darkness of the lounge, with the sound of the ticking clock and the deep breathing of Bluebell at my side. Why she insists on balancing on the chair arm, squeezed on my right hand side when there is the full length of the sofa to the left is beyond me! We got up at 5.17am. Covid has left me so tired that I'm in bed super early but then having been an early bird, am awake super early. It's hard to believe that in a few weeks it'll be light enough to walk her and get the washing out etc at this time. I absolutely HATE dark mornings. I'm not overly fond of the dark nights but at least it's still daylight as I leave work. Having said that, I am lovely and cosy sat here with a blanket on, its just a shame I will have to move soon to start the day before work. I was convinced I had caught nits from a cherub. In all my working life this has yet to happen, but with combing through like mad and then having my hands constantly investigating I look like Kate Bush this morning - but not in a good way ( if I really looked like her I'd be delighted! )

So I am saving the pound a day thing this year and was chuffed to see I can open another separate savings account online so when I have published this I will go start it with £31 for January. This is new to me so it will be a bonus in December - it is a savings pot for Christmas. 

Hahahahaha if you could have seen me just now. Bluebell gets very worried if we sneeze - she has done since she was a puppy, when younger and  we sneezed she would launch herself at us from where ever she was. Now she will still come investigate and try and give us mouth to mouth whilst smothering us and cutting off the air supply at the same time! I just sneezed twice and she was full body weight across my chest - wet nose on mine and laptop went flying!! We have to stroke her and tell her we are alright before she gets down! Nurse Bluebell went to the Nurse Ratchett school of medicine I think! 

Right I have other blog news if you are interested. I wont be actively promoting either really. On the kidney one there is good news and once I remember how I did that, I will be creating a foodie blog to keep track of the 153rd attempt and getting the weight off and keeping it off. Le Sigh. Three years after my target brag I am getting fatter but what's really good is that I am nowhere near where I started that time at my heaviest - anyway I will not bore myself with that here. I just have to think up a suitable name and find the button I need to press to get that started! 

A bit of unwanted news to record. Mr 24 was made redundant ( what a horrid phrase that is ) as the firm he worked for succumbed to Covid and went under. He had worked for them since leaving school. It was only a small family firm and he has run it for them really ( not his fault it went under mind ) all the way since lockdown.  I told him the world is his oyster now ( what I really meant he can have a 5 mile radius for his oyster and no more -  mum worrying hahahah ) and he can do anything he wants. He could go to uni if he felt like it, he could change career etc. They will give him an amazing reference. The wife half of the owners, who adored him, is helping him with his CV and application for for BAE systems. Her own sons work there and she knows the right things to write because of that. So fingers crossed it all goes to plan. I'm worrying already because it will mean a stint on the M6 to get there. He's not got a car ....yet...and hasn't needed to drive so will be getting him some refreshers including motorway driving. He has mentioned the RAF police. He did almost make it through the Air Traffic Control application at 18 so he might try again. It's so hard for anyone job hunting for a decent career start I think. 

Miss 27 is going for promotion so good for her.  He beau went for promotion last year and got it so they are doing alright. 

Right, it is 6.30am I'm going to make the packed lunches and set the washer off before my shower.

It's now almost 8.30am and I have just done the first post 

it's here....Trying to be less fat! Ive published it but it has a few errors and I need to tweak what it looks like but if you ignore the terrible grammar you will get the jist! 


lots of love from

Rachel *Must get a wriggle On* Radiostar xxx