Tuesday 14 May 2013

Bilateral Retinoblastoma - please read x

This week I dedicate my blog post to a deadly Childhood Cancer that I have sadly first hand knowledge of.

Regular readers will know about Harry. 

My precious youngest nephew who was born with cancer already growing dangerously in his eyes. Diagnosed at just 13 weeks old after concerns raised at his 8week check has meant he has spent the first two years of his life in and out of hospital. 

This Facebook status by his mum, after his fifteenth/ sixteenth ?  EUA ( Examination Under Anaesthetic )my brave sister Lisa had me breaking down for him (again). 
Unfortunately, it was not the news we wanted to hear. 

So, please everyone cross your fingers for a positive outcome. 

Also this week is the National RB awareness week. I know lots of more 'usual' cancers have weeks such as these, but RB is so rare and unheard of, not just by Joe Bloggs and his wife; but by many medical professionals. 

The work done by CHECT and the fabulous Katy Bishop across all the media platforms is making a positive impact. Please click the link ( or copy n paste it into your URL ) and read and then share. 

It just might save a child's eyes and their life. 
Thank You xx 

Tuesday 7 May 2013

New Love - *spud - I - like* ( sic )

Yet more gifts have I been lucky enough to receive from my lovely HG. 
A shiny new beast. A food processor with a trillion ( dishwasher safe ) gadgets. Now, tis true there is nought wrong with the trusty moulinex living in my cupboard.  That is now destined for my firstborn, so she too can chop, shred and slice to her heart's content! 
( here are some potatoes I sliced earlier )

I had some leftover beef casserole in the freezer, so tonight it's gone into a shallow  dish and three thin layers of above sliced potatoes, lovingly adorned with melted butter and salt and pepper and popped it in to bake. 
 I had loads of potatoes left as I got a tad carried away! So homemade crisps - lets give them a whirl! 
Spread on a tray, brush with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper - RESULT! 
My self imposed crisp cold turkey stood at ten weeks and two days..... Till now! 
I only had the one though! 
The only problem I have now is I've run out of potatoes :-( 
Feel free to comment using spud based puns! 

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Morning Folks :-)

Light mornings
Light nights
Makes me happy!

Now our part of the world seems like it's finally on about Gas Mark 4 we've taken to strolling of an evening. How verrry verrry civilised of us!

I'm lucky to live close to a canal, a River and the coast. I admit the night before last night's stroll was to get milk, but we extended the route. I've an app thingy on my phone that plots and measures the route. But the GPRS signal is so low that according to it it took us 33 minutes to walk 500m!!! Now I know I am not quite Linford Christie but I'm pretty sure I can do better than that! 5 of those minutes were spent in the queue at the shop mind!
So I'm going to find my pedometer thingy that I got when they were 'all the rage ' and try to figure it out. Measuring stride length I think was one instruction! Mine won't be very big as I've only got little legs!
Last night, we took child #2 to Karate ( he informed us he signed up to be part of the international Youth Games! ) we took the the coast. I took a few dodgy pics, but I'll share anyway! Note the grass one!!

In other news Harry has started Pre School. Lisa wrote a great FB status about it. Im pretty sure she'll blog it up soon. I did get all teary when I read it! He has the world's cutest voice. When I say
"Hello Harry!"
"Hello Aunty Raychull!" Is his delightful response! I must record it for you!

So what is the light bringing to your world?