Tuesday 16 June 2015

21yrs ago I was still childless!

Until 9.54pm on June 17th 1994 when #1 aka the uni one was born. That's tomorrow! It seems like yesterday. 

This week has been non stop with work and visiting. It's day 7 for Ma in Law and after a really good start. There's been a few uppy downy days but hopefully she'll be home within the next few days. 

I've not gone tonight as I've been making a requested chocolate fudge cake for the birthday girl. I've used a brand new tin that's been in the cupboard for ages! I erm 'caramelised' it a bit! I had to cover it with foil to save it whilst the inside cooked! 
And after.....

Much ganaching will take place shortly! I will take a photo of it slathered in chocolatey cream tomorrow.
Here's the knitting so far... 
As you can see the lace is s l o w to g r o w!!! But I love to knit it.
I love the blues in this one. It's so soft too! 
I think I've cracked the pattern!  

Now for some more  lovely purples from my garden...

I forgot totally that I'd planted these anemones last Autumn. They are just stunning! Please ignore the dandelions in the background.I've not weeded in forever. 
My Rhapsody in Blue Rose has been neglected of late but it clearly bears no grudges because it's putting on a massive show now and it's the ONLY flower I've EVER EVER EVER loved the scent of. It's beautiful. I've witnessed people walking by, stop to admire it and sniff it!!! 
Last but not least two sweet little cornflowers which were from a free packet of seeds in a box of cornflakes I think! 
Right, I've hoovered. Just going to quickly dust then heat some cream to boiling point. 

Take care everyone. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *could fall asleep standing up* Radiostar xxx


  1. I love anemones but they never last here - too dry I guess. Beautiful rose and interesting cake
    Avoid falling asleep while standing up as it probably hurts when you fall over!

    1. I didn't know they don't care for drought! I'm glad it's raining else I would be out there with a wTering can!

  2. The cake looks interesting and looking forward to seeing it decorated. The flowers are pretty

  3. I started sewing classes yesterday. I am now half way through making my first ever dress! And it looks like it's going to actually fit! Even the boobage! (darts were my big worry before I started). Do you sew as well as be an ace knitter? I am very impressed with that cake tin and the swirly whirly shape. I am sure it will be divine. Also please MIL is OK and that RIB is now over-flowing in the flower department. CT xx

    1. Cheers CT! I can sew, though I'm not as relaxed as when I knit. There is much swearing done if I'm at the machine! I really only run repairs these days. Not made anything for myself in decades! I can't afford the yardage of material now!!!

  4. Umm cake..............love this time of year when there are loads of colourful flowers.

    1. I can send you a slice over Marlene. Absolutely no calories in it....

  5. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to The Uni One. I'd love to be 21 again; I wouldn't do anything differently I'd just do more of it lol. Glad your m-i-l is on the up. There's bound to be good and not so good days. Can't wait to see the decorated cake. xx

  6. Cheers petal! The human body is amazing and what the doctors can do is a million times amazing!


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