Saturday 20 June 2015

My day

My day yesterday ( Friday ) was full of work and cake! 

Things that made me laugh at work:-

Being innocently asked, by a child working on the computer, putting pictures on a word document of a little cartoon Robin
" Miss, howd'you flip the bird?" The child asked over and over and I was crying on the inside dying not to laugh!! 

The child who rushed to put their jumper on to qualify for a prize ticket that had ALREADY been drawn ...
The ticket gets drawn
The children stand up
Then they are eliminated eg it's a girl ( so the boys sit down), the winner has sandals on ( so all the shoe wearers sit down ) etc till the winner is left standing! The class love it. 
Yesterday the ticket was drawn, the class stood up.. 
The winner is wearing a jumper......
Cue the rush to put the jumper on..

The next thing that made me laugh was reading some of their stories. There was the one with the unfortunate handwriting who was writing about 'this guy' throughout. Except they'd used an 'a' instead of the 'u'! 
'suddenly a 'guy' appeared.... 
Then the 'guy' walked quickly down to the shops etc! My mirth was uncontrollable for a while. By the end of the story there were enough 'guys' to start a Mardi Gras parade! 

Another story spoke of bravery and adventure as the lead character went on a mission of climbing volcanoes, tunnelling down mountains, parachuting and going to a shopping centre! 

Here's a photo of the test paper that made the class staff howl. The story, the children were answering questions about, was a Canadian story of how a family escaped a bear attack by climbing up into their loft. The ladder saved them by being their escape to safety and then by falling,  it hit the bear and startled it making it leave the house.... 

 I love this class. I need to keep a record of the things they say because I do keep forgetting! Every. Single. Day. Is a joy to go to work! 

The cake. It was huge! I had to cut it into quarters to store it in two large cake tins!
Here's what it looked like on the inside! 
Trying to re home it! 

To round off this morning's post before I drag my weary carcass out of my bed I'll share what I think is the most gorgeous flower in my garden with you! It's another photo of those anemones I showed you yesterday. I bought the bulbs last year. I left them on the side in the kitchen to the point of mouldiness, I planted then about a month after they said I should! I hope they come back next year!  I am going to see if I can find them again to buy some more because I think they'd look magnificent in clumps rather than casually dotted around like I did. ie I just shoved them quickly into the soil wherever!! 
Not bad for an iPhone photo I don't think!

I wish you could smell these! They are in my front garden. You get the most heavenly sweet perfume, almost like Parma violets, wafting towards you as you approach my house! I think I said yesterday, passers by stop to admire and sniff!! 

Harry News now...
Last but not least here is the beautiful Harry. ( I think all this 'graduating' from Nursery is absolute bonkers RUBBISH! ) But look, without it we wouldn't have this impossibly adorable photo! He's very excited about starting school. All he wants is his jumper and his book bag! He will have his own 1-2-1 Teaching Assistant as well as a VI teacher to teach him Braille.  He's a very clever little chap already so I know he'll be completely flying at school in September! I would say that because I'm an adoring Aunty. 

Ok, enough ramblings! Time to get up. Saturday will feature visiting the Heart patient, weeding, shopping, cleaning, washing, knitting, sorting out etc etc 
Not christened tea yet, so that'll be a surprise! I think I'll start the day with stripping the bed, a shower and a brew. In that order! 

Play nice folks 

Lots of love from

Rachel *waffling on and on and on* Radiostar xxx


  1. I'm laughing not sure about which bit perhaps about practically all! You must have kids around to catch glimpses of their naivety to remember how it was.
    I smile for Harry so glad for him.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Just the random things they do and say is just hysterical! Love this class I do!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely final photo, melting heart here.

  3. oh you are hilarious! I love the stories from school. I often think that teachers just get to see and hear so much. Last week when I picked Violet up from school, her teacher opened the door as she spoke and I heard 'but how did your glasses fall in the toilet Ryan?'. Evidentially said glasses had dropped down the loo that was housing a nice big poo. Delightful! Paints the loveliest of pictures doesn't it?!

    Adoring Aunties are allowed to be ever so slightly biased! I'm sure Harry will flourish at school :O)

  4. I do my best to stay out of the boys' toilets at work!! Gross and stinky!!

  5. Best load of waffle I've heard today.
    Keep it coming.

    1. Mum, you made me BLUSH with your post today!! Xxx

  6. Found you from Mum's Simply Living Blog, You're funny! Now following x

  7. I teach secondary and write down the howlers to share at the dinner table.
    This week I could have filled an A4 page....and we can't show amusement on our faces!

  8. Looks like the 'graduating' thing has started up there - our youngest g/son had the full cape and mortar board treatment five years ago when he finished 4yr old kinder (same as nursery) and I though the same as you. His mother (daughter in law) was over the moon!! At the time I thought it was just a Sydney thing but it seems kindergartens in Melbourne are joining in as well.
    You have the 'joy' of hearing/seeing all the little things children do or come out with that the rest of the family might scoff at. Teachers and grandparents are a breed amongst themselves :)
    Take care
    ps. Oh, in case you're wondering how I arrived here - I came over from Mum's blog. Like the look and feel of yours so will have a look around while I'm here. Cx

    1. I only just found out why I had a lot of comments and it's all thanks to Mum's blog! I'm beyond flattered! Lovely to meet you Cathy! I love blogland I do :-)

  9. That's why I love my job so much.....working with kids is the best job ever........I run a kids club and 1 of my best from this week was a reception child who's working hard at keeping his temper....he threw his bat down and stomped off after the other child hit the ball over the wall. I went over to talk to him about it and his reply was, "i know, I know but it's just so telling you now, its going to take me years of practice", priceless! xx

  10. I think nursery graduation photos are sweet, (wish they'd done it at Amy and Thomas' nursery), and Harry looks so cute. Kids are funny with what they say aren't they. That test answer is brilliant. xx


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