Thursday 4 June 2015

Thursday 4th June

This year is going so fast. The Uni returner - I'm going to have to think of a new nickname for her will turn 21 on the 17th and I will be ahem 28 ( + 16 ) on the 25th! Well the HG was very pleased with himself as he ordered my birthday present in good time. I have NO idea what it is but I do know I can't look at emails till after then! So the offspring were told to look out for and hide said parcel....
He came home from work before me on Monday and discovered a big box ( ooooo A BIG BOX??!!!! ) ie my birthday present RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR!

Aside: we have a living room, some folk have lounges, my Aunty had a parlour! What do you have?
In my living room we have a settee, do you have a couch, sofa, suite?? Aside over.

So, the HG shouted at the daughter along the lines of  'What did I ask you to do? What if your mum had come home? Etc etc
When she could get a word in she explained that she'd lugged a heavy box upstairs that had been delivered and hidden it in her room.

Had this not been sorted out I would be unwrapping a lovely  big box of stinky ground bait for fishing!!!!

The birthday present had my name on it!! Amazon is in my name!!! The fishing bait stuff is in the HG's name!
But what could this BIG BOX contain??? Only 21 more days to find out!!

Poor Uni one!

  I thought I'd asked for a Fitbit for my birthday but since neither of us can recollect this, the HG deducted I'd said it in my head, not out loud! He deduces this a lot! My shockingly appalling memory can never let me confirm or deny these allegations!

The Teen has just set off to do an A Level. They are only an hour and a half long these days. Sometimes less. In *my* day we had to sit for THREE hours. I'll be glad when he's finished them. I've been uber lenient re his chores etc during this exam period, as I was with his Sister - something she's forgotten as she was loudly complaining yesterday that he does NOTHING! I commented that she wasn't doing much more!! She's trying. Very trying! Hehehehe.

She's trying very hard to readjust to not being at Uni. She's so sad it's over. She's trying to put too much stuff into a too small room and the boyfriend is in the NorthEast but as her job is here she had to come home to earn!

But things are settling down nicely and work is so unstressful compared to previous years, I'm not even in full count down to Summer mode.
This morning I'm working with a colleague with a small group of children. We are planting lavender bushes so imagine how calm we'll all be! We are also painting the outdoor picnic benches! FUN! I'm
wearing really old clothes for work today! Not that I've ANY new clothes I wear for work!

So the little cable edged cardigan was gifted to its new owner yesterday. The recipient is the Mum of one of our Night Owls. She's having a girl. English isn't her first language but we can just about communicate successfully! 

I gave her the parcel. She asked could she open it. I said yes. She did and she started crying and bear hugged me. She's a very large 8 months pregnant and towers above me! She told me it made her happy because it reminded of her Grandma knitting things. She told me I mustn't spend my money on her. I then said I'd made it for her because I like knitting. She said ' You made this for me? ' She cried even more and I was swept up into a huge warm hug! She said they have no family here and she was really touched! I was having to do lots of blinking back tears! Her excuse is she's very pregnant! I'm just a big soft emotional wreck so it doesn't take much to set me off! But her reaction completely and utterly gave me the best feeling ever. The wool cost me nothing. The time cost me nothing. Her gratitude was priceless! So guess whose getting the little sparkly knit? Yes,she is! My online baby knit empire will have to wait a little longer! She can't have the lacy one, purely because the human cannot stretch its pregnancy to two years!!

So again this is a pre work post and I need to get organised!! Have a great day folks.

Love from
Rachel *warm n fuzzy feelings face* Radiostar xxx


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only person with a living room and a settee!
    The little cardy is lovely, no wonder the pregnant lady loved it.
    As for uni returners - been there done that - twice- and survived, it will all be fine :-) the end.......... when they've moved out!

    1. I'm kinda looking forward to that Sue, but dreading it all the same!

  2. It's always nice to be appreciated when you have spent time making something for someone else. Even more so when they don't expect it. My Uni one is staying in Lincoln for the Summer as she is working and has boyfriend so the two things made her decide to take summer accommodation until she can move into her accommodation for the next year. I'm dreading trying to fit everything somewhere when she finally does finish. May be by then her and the boyfriend will get somewhere and he can cope with her clutter.

    1. I think she takes after her parents re the accumulation of stuff! Though I'm slightly more ruthless than the HG and she's slightly more ruthless than me. The boy is the most minimalistic of us all! I think he is a little soulless and heartless LOL

  3. You lovely kind person you, its the best isn't it - making for others & only to be topped by the gratitude shown as you received. My very own uni leaver who shall be home tomorrow evening is also 21 on the 17th of this month so nearly snap but mine is of the male variety! x

    1. How fantastic that we have matching offspring! Mine was two weeks overdue and induced. Yours?

  4. Well 'fuzzy face' tis always nice when someone expresses such emotions for a good turn. Well done you my ickle domestic goddess.
    Our 'living room' we call 'The Snug' cos it's so damned cosy and it is basically filled with a huge, soft corner sofa, indeed it be a most relaxing little room.

  5. We have always had a sitting room, in hope the kids would slow down in there, didn't work, but it's still a sitting room. I have a fit bit up, which I love, used it all the time and at night. Your knitting is stunning.

    1. I love how we've loads of different rooms with different names for basically the same function! Bringing everyone together!

  6. We have a front room with a couch and 2 armchairs. Aside from that we have a dining room and a back room which is used during the day. The front room is used in the evening. The dining room provides a table for Christmas dinner!

  7. My beloved Nanna would have described my downstairs as a through lounge!!
    We've a big living room joined via a big arched wall to the dining room. Not much dining is going on there at the minute because there's a sewing machine on it plus the pile of material. Also bags of uni ones stuff - which to be fair is diminishing daily, is still in front of it!

  8. I have a living room with two sofas lol now im dying to know whars in your box!!!!! And how sweet you knitting made tge lady sooi happy well done you xxx

  9. The cardigan is lovely. What exactly is Night Owls? Hope Uni one settles back down. It must be really hard moving back in with parents after being independent for 3 years and the fact that her boyfriend isn't near won't help, but I'm sure she'll find her feet again. The thought of you unwrapping fishing bait on your birthday made me laugh and I love the way you 'count' your age xx


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