Wednesday 4 March 2015

Another Teddy

Hello folks,
I've knit my third teddy. This one is a little bit special. 

She/He was for my friend's precious little girl. She turned one at the weekend. 
 My friend's mum sadly passed away before knowing anything about her little grand daughter. But in the time after her Mum's death, my friend passed on a huge black sack of wool, needles and bits of knitting paraphanalia to me. 

In amongst all of this was a half knitted fluffy pink scarf. 

 I carefully pulled back the scarf and using the same needles and only the wool from the knitted bit of the scarf I made this teddy for her little girl. 
When my friend knew the story behind the teddy she said it made her well up. I didn't want to make her cry, I just hoped she'd like it. 

Not sure what the one year old will think to this bright pink fluffy thing! 

Love from
Rachel *another teddy is born* Radiostar xx