Friday 28 January 2022

Cheese at fourpence

 The comments on the last post have me smiling! 

We usually say the phrase in annoyance about having to wait for something. Eg 

Arranging to meet someone who didn’t turn up 

You’d tell your friends he left me standing there like cheese at fourpence! 

Now I’m only guessing that cheese at 4 pence was the rank cheese that nobody wanted to buy, but equally as it’s an obviously old tight Northern saying, the 4p cheese could have been too expensive to be bought and was forever in the fridge on sale! 

Someone commented their version was tripe at fourpence ! 

Who knows. I love the way our English language has different dialects and sayings. 

Love from 

Rachel * The Tax Return has been submitted and paid smug face* Radiostar xxx

Ps finished the gorgeous jigsaw too! 

Thursday 27 January 2022

Post Covidness - the early days

 I returned to work part time last Thursday Friday and was glad of the reduced hours. This week has been back to my normal hours and roles and I am exhausted. I am surprised to find myself very out of breath! Walking and talking and just general moving about. My mouth is very sore with ulcers and last night I felt cold, headachey and covidey!! 

Now as I write this I am tired but am OK. Looking forward to the weekend. The working environment has been extremely challenging for myself and colleagues this week. So much so, the lottery winning email that arrived on Wednesday morning was very welcome. However, as it was only for £4.10 I am having to get back to reality and do what I can at work for those that matter. Those that don't can jolly well eff off and when they get there, they can eff the eff off a little bit further. Me and my friend are winning our millions a few quid at a time. 

If my mysterious benefactor is reading this - early retirement would be sooo lovely if you could just step forward!!! 

It's the annual 

How Much Procrastination Can Rachel Do Games 

because its the TAX Return on the 31st. Rachel is a gold medallist at this - ( hello new blog post! ) 

The income part was very quick to do - these are April 2020 - April 2021 books. Income - shite bugger all thanks Covid! However the HG and his trusty ipad and his incessant amazon habit have meant the outgoings column is LONG each month! To be fair - he is mostly replacing tools that are years old and we did benefit a little from the SEISS scheme or whatever it was called. Although not so much because the income profit figures were very down compared to his work mate thanks to effing cancer. 

What a moaning witch I am! 

Sooze - I am nowty!! When I saw your blog post saying you were steaming - I thought you were going to be telling us about getting drunk!!! 

Another phrase I trotted out today had my work chum saying what???

"I was standing there like cheese at fourpence."

She hadn't heard of it before. My beloved Nanna used to say it. I say it! Anyone else heard of it/ use it? My Nanna was originally born and bred in Yorkshire so maybe she brought it with her! 

Right, Stop distracting me from my work, the books need doing! 

Lots of love from

Rachel * Slave to HMRC* Radiostar xxx 

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Today’s news - Covid Free!

 Well I was officially released ( the wording is hilarious ) at Midnight on the 15th . First thing on the 15th in the morning I’d tested postive. Anyway 

It’s now Tuesday and I’ve proposed to my boss that I will go back Thursday and Friday just for a few hours then I can see how I am and I’ve the weekend to recover. She’s agreed and I do feel good about the plan. 

The HG has gone back to work today - his day 7 as he tested negative yesterday and today and Mr 24 has remained  negative throughout. 

I ventured out for a little stroll with Bluebell on Sunday afternoon. She ran her little legs off. I was barely out for 30 minutes and was exhausted! I took her yesterday for about 35 minutes and it was truly lovely to be outside in the fresh air but the effort left me breathless and tired! 

Honestly, I sit down these days and close my eye and when I open them, an hour - two hours have gone! 

Oooo I was a nowty mare as well yesterday.  We have a new fancy pants boiler - that’s operated by technology and because that wasn’t pairing up, despite me following the trouble shooting steps online - and being told that the live chat help wasn’t available etc I ended up ringing. Someone with not an English accent answered, spoke too fast, repeated my postcode back to me but it sounded like he said R not L so when I corrected him, he snapped that he HAD said L THEN he said wait a minute and cut the call. I had a little steam coming out of my ears. So I called back. Hmmmm. Different person, still very unclear, definitely English was not his first language. But I persevered. We have three stupid technology thingies. So he asked me for the 6 digit number on the hub. I was downstairs, trying to look for it. After a few minutes, I learned that the box in my hand off the wall was the thermostat and the hub was plugged into the router. I had to ask him to wait as I crawled upstairs, now out of breath and nowty, read the numbers ( hard because my glasses were downstairs and my covid eye as I call it, is providing me with very blurred vision ) to him. He then said - the hub is working and it’s got a green light. I said yes. It is the box on the wall next to the boiler that has the orange light. Ohhhh he says, that’s the receiver. Can you tell me what the issue is? 

Me - speaking. loudly. And. Clearly. Told. Him. Again. That. Despite. Going. Through. The. TROUBLESHOOTING. That. The. Light. Remains. Amber. And. I. Cannot. Get. The. Heating. To. Come. On.I said that it was stressing me out! 

He then asked me to hold on, someone else joined the line what email address I’d set it up on. Also where had we got it from and when. 

I patiently gave him the info. He then said here’s what we will do 


I BLOODY KNEW WHAT THEY WOULD DO, much like when the TV goes off or anything, he made me do all the steps I’d done sixteen times previous!!! 


Instead of, on step one like it said on the online help page that when you press x button wait until the light flashes orange 

He said to press x button and wait for 10 seconds for light to go pink 

Next minute - thermostat in hand starts working, I’ve got heating, though I won’t get the 40 minutes of my life back nor the £££ it probably cost me to talk to India 

Happy days. 

With renewed warmth I was able to peel and crinkle cut some Cyprus potatoes to cook in the actifry. I almost crinkle cutted the end of my finger off! 

It did eventually stop throbbing enough for me to make a start on one of the jigsaws my sister dropped
off for me. 

It’s gorgeous. Have only done the edges so far but will have another go later on. 
So that’s it for now! Thank you for all of your comments on my Covid posts! They were really appreciated. 
I’m going back to signing off how I used to because I miss it hahaha 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *almost better now* Radiostar xxx

Friday 14 January 2022

Days 9 and 10

 Well, stalemate reached. Not millions better than the last few days but absolutely better than last week. Both of us feel bunged up and full of cold now. I’ve definitely got the worst persistent annoying cough. I tested positive today so guess I’m in the 1/3 the people in charge say do test positive. 

Hopefully by the time I get to Monday morning I will be well enough to go to work. The HG said, n all honesty, if his cold wasn’t named Covid he’d be back at work. 

My dad has tested positive this morning g - not from me I hasten to add- do t k ow where he got it but it’s a worry. 

Off in search of a lemsip now and to binge watch The Bay. It’s a cold and dreary day. The HG just ordered me at my request a new telescopic feather duster and  and and a litter picker. My life is complete! I’m looking forward to easy reaching things and dusting down and under and up things!!! Have ordered some bits and bobs from the butchers and am looking forward to a restful weekend. Six members of staff are off at work with three new ones this week. There’s more people who have had it than have t now. I can’t believe o worked and made it thru lockdown proper and missed it all to have it now. 

I’ve finished the little cardi and just need to go find some buttons to sew on. 

Hope everyone is well x

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Day 7 and now Day 8

 Day 7 was long. Main issues were the coughing and the tiredness. I finished the 2nd Charity shop jigsaw - turns out no pieces missing! But if you look closely you will see the piece that somehow ended up in the washer! I found it in the washer door seal at the weekend. I think it must have dropped in the pocket of my cardigan when I was sorting pieces. Glad I saved it because I’d have been very annoyed had I thrown it and then realised! I’ve sellotaped it in for the next time it’s done! Probably by my sister! 

As the HG went to bed straight after tea feeling rubbish and ill, like he had been complaining about feeling crap end day 5 and day 6, I stayed downstairs a while and promptly fell fast asleep - think it did me good being propped up. I think I woke up at 11.30pm and dragged myself up to my bed. 

Day 8 - the trials really begin. The HG has tested positive. 

His n hers ! 

To be honest I’m amazed it’s been this long. Even though I’ve been really careful to keep out of the way, sleeping in a different room etc I’m not thinking what a waste of time! So now we have both got to try and keep and 24 safe. I’ll be watching the HG like a hawk though with his one kidney. Apart from the cough and the horrid taste in my mouth and a headache I feel fine now. I’ve done nothing except visit the bathroom and get in my bed! It’s lovely and I’ve missed it! I’ve let my boss know and said that because I am positive and still feel rough then I’m definitely not going to be in this week now. She can then plan and get sorted too. Fingers crossed the HG gets away lighter than me! The curse of the self employed is no work, no money and times are lean as he was off before Christmas for a couple of days with his back, then off over Christmas and now sodding Covid. 

Will report back on day 9. 

Monday 10 January 2022

Day 6 of Covid

 Well, last night was the worst night of it all so far. The coughing. The stressful thoughts of doom. I had very dark thoughts. The coughing brought my headache back. I was in some strange place thinking I know now how covid makes you die. It’s the cough and the fact there’s a bit in your throat you cannot cure with the cough. 

Very very strange. Think I last had a coughing fit at 4.19am. 

Thankfully the menfolks are STILL negative so have gone to work meaning I can be downstairs a bit to roam. I’ve managed to take just the sheets off my single makeshift bed mattress and my lovely big super king size bed that I am missing now, shove them in the washer n will tumble them shortly. 

I did a day 6 test - STILL POSITIVE. I’m going to have to try get some more LFTs from somewhere as we are down to the last few. PCR result still not here at 10.21am as I sit with a coffee. Then I’m going to nap as I am a very tired banshee after last night’s ‘do’. 

10.44- PCR came back unreadable - I wonder if it was due to being a postal one? Who knows. Anyway I have messaged my boss who I don’t know is back to work or not yet after having bad covid to see what she wants me to do. I am NOT going to get in the car with the HG just to get a covid test ( I don’t drive ) as it’s a very small space and I’ve taken so many precautions to keep him safe so far. 

With the rule change tomorrow ( 11th ) I reckon my collection of LFTs and my symptoms prove without any reasonable doubt that I do indeed have the plague. 

20.27pm I have felt so very tired this afternoon. I was exhausted after putt g the fitted sheets back on the bed. Ridiculous! Tonight I’ve had a shower and washed my hair. Feel tired out but better. Just watching Only Connect and hoping to fall fast asleep with none of the hideous coughing from last night. 

Oh who asked about those needles…they are knit pro ones. I’ve got the circular knit pro set and use them the whole time but I’ve a few ufos n them already. Maybe I will look to finish some. 

Day 6 - not great! 

Sunday 9 January 2022

COVID day 5.

 Symptoms wise - just the same as day 4, no better, no worse. It’s been a quiet lazy day. Frustrating still, the isolating,  but it must be working because so far my menfolk are testing negative. My PCR results are still not back.  Miss 27 however, has tested positive a day after her beau. They say they are not ill but just have a cough. 

I decided to knit something for my stash.using some gorgeous king Cole baby yarn in a soft grey.I’ve a sleeve and the other front to do tomorrow but not bad for a day’s work.

I also knit for the first time in ages on a pair of long needles. Lovely they were too. Brand new. 


Back for day 6, where I’m looking forward to being downstairs a bit more if the HG and Mr 24 are still negative and can therefore go to work. 
I am tired. Little appetite but can still taste and smell. Though I just noticed that I can smell aniseed, but no one else can.

Saturday 8 January 2022

Day 4 of Covid


Do not let this photo of Nurse Florence Bluebellgale fool you. You might think she’s caring  and full of concern, but not 60 seconds earlier, she’d pranced all over my head after leaping back and forth over it on and off the mattress because it’s so fun when Mum is laid down so close to the floor. She’d woken me THE OPPOSITE OF gently with a snuffly wet nose in the ear - I was braced -  she didn’t realise the hurtling galloping noise towards the room wakes a person and let’s them
Brace themselves for the onslaught of attack!!  I then got a bum on my ear and a smack in the face with a super waggly tail! 
Welcome to Day 4 ! 
6am - I woke up after sleeping through, thankfully in a less murderess mood. Needed water and paracetamol- the cough has deepened and burns a bit mid chest. Headache still a feature though definitely not as vicious. Going to rest and sleep some more now. The HG went downstairs and so did my nurse - she will be asking him for her breakfast!

 12 noon - still coughing. It’s annoying me and is currently testing my sanity and my pelvic floor. Let me tell you, neither is as robust as it once was!! 
Headache 0 Paracetamol 1. Can still smell and taste! Bluebell been up and down the stairs several hundred times. She’s had a good luck at the birdies out of the window, wagging her tail, 

and finally after standing on my hair, pinning me down to the pillow, she’s done that turning round a zillion times thing that all dogs do, then flopped down right next to me, gave a big long huff and is now snoring. Am I comfy? No! Will I move to get comfy? Of course not, I might disturb her!!  

5pm - I’ve been downstairs for an hour or two. The HG in the lounge and me in the back of the dining room, both in masks. I’ve been doing some of my second charity chop jigsaw, convinced there are pieces missing from this one. 

Anyway I’m now safely back upstairs so we can both enjoy a bit of mask off time. He’s got the fire lit and is watching the Around the world in 80days . I am sat on my mattress with my gadgets and some chocolate and my cough.I definitely am much better than yesterday, but I am a bit low because I cannot do as I please and it’s not my fault. It is totally different to normal feeling poorly. I really don’t want to give it to my HG or son. It’s like it’s totally intrusive when you have it. When you go out, yes, you wear a mask and are careful. But once you’ve got home, (washed your hands natch ), you can relax. I can’t fully relax. Also it’s bloody freezing to be sat inside with windows open. If you are going to get COVID, then I advise you get it in the summer. At least you can sit outside then! 
I want to say another great big thank you to everyone taking the time to send me well wishes x 

I will be sticking the telly on in a bit , I can watch the free view channels up here. Eating the chocolates really to see if I can still taste them. I can! 
Do you like my new chocolate basket????

Friday 7 January 2022

COVID day 3 started early

 I’ll maybe document as I go. Edit Apologies for jumpiness. I have written this throughout day 3.

Time now: 6am

Last night

8ish HG went to bed feeling tired and rough.

9 ish -bed

11ish back downstairs to let Bluebell up who had barked. She ran into my room and probably woke the HG when she leapt up on the bed.

So I went to bed after I published day 2 roughly 9ish by the time I got sorted into bed. My lips are dry and cracking and inside my mouth is a bit sore. Went straight to sleep. Up at 11 for the bloody dog. Woke at 3.13am. Needed a wee -all the water. Noticed heartburn. Knew I had gaviscon somewhere but couldn’t be bothered to try and find it. Got comfy and slept fitfully because of the coughing. 

5.56 - awake, sore throat, heartburn, sore lips and cough. Joy of joys. Feel warm but not feverish. Headache still there but not as bad as day 1 and 2.

7am - HG tests negative and goes to work after feeding Bluebell. I stay in bed. 

8.30am - Mr 24 tests negative and goes to work. I have a temper tantrum as I cannot find any of the at least three chapsticks I have. Fall back weakly against the pillow. 


- take my time having a shower. First one since Tuesday morning - have not felt up to one since. I figured if I do lose my sense of smell, I’d best get clean! It’s nice standing under the hot water. It’s tiring getting dried but do feel better. 

Come downstairs and carefully distance and sanitise and mask wearing - hand over Harry’s birthday cards and a jigsaw to my sister at the front door. Most doors and windows open so a good through arctic blast should have blown all the black covid particles away for now. 

10am - now - been sat with a coffee catching up with Emmerdale. The fever symptoms seem to have gone. I’ve a slight sore throat, background headache and sore mouth and lips. Going to get some water now and put a cards on as I feel cold. 

3.30pm - home PCR just gone to post box via HG and Bluebell. Miss 27 just texted. Her beau just tested positive but she’s still negative. I’ve had a breathless cough chat with my head in the phone - she was just the same as me. So I have hoovered because I was finding it hard to relax with Christmas Tree debris everywhere. I needed a sit down after that. I’ve noticed going upstairs leaves me out of breath and my thighs burning as if I’ve done a lot of exercise! 

Don’t seem to be feverish now, lips are covered in lipsil and noticed I’m a bit bunged up! 

Fully aware of how moany this seems! 

It’s very cold oop North and the sky looks promising for snow but I’m not sure. 

9pm I have had enough of COVID. I have seen my arse with it all. Am fed up. Coughing and tired. Overtired. Out of breath. Sick of wearing a mask inside. Sick of it all. Tea  - had some garlic bread mainly to see if I could taste it. I could. But not sure if it was odd or just my mind. Very raaaaar. 

Turning in for the night. May I sleep through and wake up in a better mood than I am now. Also wanted to document in my big old menopausal adventures, on Jan 2nd after an epically bad and heavy 37 day period I finally stopped bleeding. I would be homicidal I think if I had this AND that to deal with. 

Day 3 done. 

Thursday 6 January 2022

Floored....Covid day 2

 Firstly, a great big thank you to those who have wished me well and commented on yesterday's post. It means a lot. 

So after I published yesterday I seemed to go downhill fast. I got more tired as the day went on and when the HG got home I was wrapped in a blanket on the sofa - with a mask on  - shivering and feeling dreadful. I'd had a little weep of despair. I felt awful. I was unable to make any tea for the menfolk. I didn't want anything myself.  I needed to go to bed. I had no strength to get up off the sofa. All of my joints were sore and I was cold.  My skin hurt to touch. 

Mr 24 bought himself a new double bed just before Christmas, I'd sold the perfect single bed frame on FB Marketplace and the mattress was standing on end on the back landing waiting for it's final journey to the tip.  The back bedroom is my craft room but it had all been packed away for the duration of Miss 27's stay. She has a big double airbed to sleep on with a quilt. Whilst the airbed was down, it wasn't packed away yet and my craft room was still packed away as such. I asked the HG to lay the single mattress down in the room and I made up my bed with all the old quilts etc and I said I would sleep in there. I know it is probably a case of shutting the stable door once the horse has buggered off but I felt better in my mind for doing so. I fell into that bed at about 6.19pm and slept til midnight. Needed a drink and some paracetamol. Achey and headache back and I was on off on off with the covers the rest of the time until this morning. 

So waking up on what is day 2, I felt rubbish and unrested. I was honestly a bit shocked at how quickly this thing has floored me. Again I stayed upstairs until the coast was clear. I opened windows to let the covid out - I hate that advert but it is so effective. I got dressed and the effort was tiring. Tomorrow I will not be getting dressed! I had a cup of tea - taste and smell still intact! I then spent a while answering messages sent from friends. It is the tree taking down day and after removing a fw baubles I noticed how tired I was so I sat and fell asleep. When I woke up I felt more OK so stuck a stew in the slow cooker and did a bit more tree. This time I noticed that going upstairs to the bathroom had me out of breath. My thighs were sore as if I'd done a run. The cough was more noticable than yesterday. I did a bit more sitting down. I put the TV on but I couldn't concentrate. As the day has gone on, I have felt more weary, more coughing and everything is taking an effort. It's 8.30pm and I'm writing this with a hurty neck and headache. I also keep  getting the odd shooting pain in my stomach. I am keeping going because it is almost time for my paracetamol and then I will be  going to bed. No shower - I just dont feel well enough. The feverish chills have returned and my joints ache. I will be taping The Apprentice to watch tomorrow if I can be bothered. Mr 24 came home and walked Bluebell in the torrential rain and the HG finished removing the lights off the tree. The tree is down ( in bits but just in dining room which is where it will stay until someone puts it away properly ). The lounge looks bare.

Hearing from work, I have learned two more staff members tested positive this morning. That's 7 off now. 

Main points from day 2

Still got taste and smell

still got headache and its awful

Still fever and shivery

Still pains in back

New - neck pain

New - breathlessness

New - pains in innards

Love from Mrs Invincible!

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Finally succumbed

 Well, I’m once, twice, three times a lady…..

…..with Covid. 

Sigh. So I’m going to document it day by day. 

Yesterday went to work. Felt fine. Was very careful with mask and hand washing etc. chatting to my work friend laughing saying we must be invincible as we hadn’t caught the Rona. 

Made haggis truffles  with jackets  for tea. Delicious- had got them from the farm shop for a change. Sausage meat, on top of a disc of haggis and a mushroom sauce puddled in the middle. Made extra jackets for the freezer. 

Then I did advert cleaning through Emmerdale and and Corrie and got the kitchen clean. I put away the finish room decorations and did some washing. Felt fine. 

Then we watched 24 hours in police custody and it was the second programme investigating the hideous death of an 11 week old baby boy. It was distressing and was getting my dander up. I noticed my neck was aching but put it down to the angle I was sitting at. We then started watching a true story of a young woman who was murdered. I noticed my head was aching but put it down to using my phone without my glasses on and being tired/watching TV SO I took some pain killers and let Bluebell out and we went to bed. I felt cold but it was cold! But then it took me ages to get to sleep and I felt shivery and cold, achey and my head and neck were killing me. My joints were sore. I coughed a bit. But I’d felt worse with a worse cough before Christmas etc. 

Anyway, got up this morning as per. Had a shower. Still  had headache and was sore in my shoulders but again it can be pretty standard. 

Did the daily test. Glanced at it as I made a brew and emptied the dishwasher etc all routine. Wait a mi Ute - is that a faint line?? My heart started racing a bit. Did another test. Yep - faint line. 

Oh dear. Of COURSE the HG had already set off to work. So I sent him a message with the news and ordered 3 home PCR tests.  The HG rang back and said he was doing a test in his van. It was negative. Mr 24 got up for work. I wore a mask and disappeared upstairs. He did a test - was negative. I let my work know and others I’d seen recently. I texted Miss 27 and she’s been texting daily but all negative. 

I then felt very poorly and headachey. My kidneys hurt and my joints. I wondered if it was a touch of hypochondria/hysteria. 

I took some more paracetamol and went to bed. Woke up again, had more water and noticed I do feel meh. Headache is the worst thing. 

So far I can smell and taste ok. Poor Bluebell is looking after me well and not leaving my side. 

These were the cards I got yesterday. 

I love my present to me calendar- only put it up yesterday! Bluebell has her own column! 

I think I’m

Going to nap again but first fluids. Not sure on when back to work yet. Symptoms and day 1 today I think so maybe next Tuesday if I test negative I can go about my business all being well. 

Covid day 1 - done. 

Monday 3 January 2022

New Year...New ahhh bollocks to all of that!

 New Year - same me! 

Tomorrow I'm back to work. So is the HG and Mr 24. We took Miss 27 and Freddie back home, meeting her beau halfway today so poor Little Miss Bluebell will be home alone. We met at a large garden centre in Carlisle. Usually it has a right good Christmas sale with everything half price or less. Very disappointing today. I bought a lovely engagement card for my friend's daughter who was proposed to over Christmas and then a couple of birth cards for my nextdoor neighbours. Everyone except me knows what flavour baby they are having so I bought matching boy/girl cards! Not long to wait now. I always prefer the surprise even though it's more practical. Lovely shot of the doggies. Think they will miss each other! 

This afternoon, since we got back we have been very lazy. VERY lazy. I made us a bit of dinner and a brew, the HG lit the fire and we settled down to finish watching the Netflix drama Stay Close with so many famous faces in it and so many plot twists it was great! No spoilers. But we thought it was very clever! After that, I took down my cards ( usually do this New Year's Day ) and sat and listed who I received them from and cut out the cut outable ones for gift tags for next year.  FINALLY a few of my family and a few more friends have cottoned on to the gift a lovely lovely card and then keep that one going forever! Also I have stopped buying so many special ones, choosing more of the from all of us ones instead of Aunty and uncles and cousins etc. But I was so pleased to note that about 85% of the cards we got were charity ones. I love sending cards. They also do brighten up the room and it's nice to be thought of enough to go to the effort of sending them I think.  Sadly this year I had a few less names on my list. 

So after watching some TV we watched some more! I found us a little film called Arctic. It was right up my street. A tale of survival against the odds. Crikey it was a tense watch.  I wouldn't say it was relaxing! Then I made some tea. We had the rib eye steak burgers I'd got from the farm shop earlier. Too highly seasoned for me so I left it! I've cleaned the kitchen and am sat here by the lights of my beautiful tree. There's been a few emails and messages from work - 4 staff are covid positive and are at various stages of self isolation.  So far I am unscathed! Long may it continue. 

We are now watching 24 hours in police custody ( 11 week old baby with catastrophic injuries ) - more unrelaxing heard hitting watching. Maybe work will be a bit of light relief! 

So a very very very lazy day ! Maybe I should change the blog name to etenally watching TV or eternally lazy! Hahah