Friday 12 October 2012

My 200th Post!

Blimey! Here I am at post 200! Im having a Bicentenary! My ghast is quite flabbered that I have managed to ramble on! I love the fact that I can waffle on and quite a few of you read it and comment too!!

I'd like to thank my mum, my dad etc

I think you are all brilliant! So my 200th post will contain some of my favourite things. I'm blogging. On. My. Phone. This suits my inner sloth down to the ground!

All the photos will be at the end, in no particular order as on a phone I have no control over this!

They include Billy Bargain Bread. Bought as part of my #FQstoptober quest. Teddy Bear Bread. Teddy. Bear. Bread. Honestly! But at 21p it'll made grand breadcrumbs! There were more cut price CHO to be had.

There's a photo of the alien I gave birth to. She's wearing her Fencing Gear. She made the Uni Team!

A photo of a RT I got from *Dick n Dom less than an hour ago.

I've included a shot of my latest knitting too. Full bloggy knit post in a few days when it's finished!

There is a screen shot of my entry into Radio 2's Muse gig ticket giveaway, PLEASE HOPE THAT I WIN.

*comedy legends

Ofsted came, they went! As stated in posts 198 & 199 I wasn't arsed. I did my thang. Life at school goes on! The end. Till the next one!

I'm going to ask if anyone has any requests for post 201?! I like the idea of being asked to write about something - just to see if I can. Most of my bloggy chums know I love to comment on their blogs - so I am curious to see if it'll give me similar pleasure!

Here's a few snapshots off my phone x The things I listed above plus a couple of random things that make me smile!


  1. You are a brighten my life LOL!

    Congratulations on your 200th post

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. A request for tomorrow's blog: What are you doing to get ready for Christmas? FM xx

  3. In no particular order..

    I so had that Sindy doll and her lovely tights!

    Love the Whoops bargains :)

    Good luck with the Muse tickets - I can't resist a competition or two

    Keep knitting Winter is coming ;)


  4. Post #201. Poutine....without describing what it is made from.
    Jane x

  5. I love how both you and Sindy have knees that bend the wrong way!

  6. Good luck with the Muse tickets! Congrats on your 200th!

    What I'd like you, or one of your lovely bloglette friends to blog about is slightly complicated. See my mom, her husband, and every Republican are in stark fear - nay terror - of your public medical system. It's this weird frantic battle that has been going on and getting louder and louder for years. They have my mom so scared that she thinks all the doctors will quit and no one will EVER get to see a doctor again. I've repeatedly told her that my British and Canadian friends all say they love their system, but the Republicans keep telling them that Canadians come down here for decent care and the Brits are so bad off all their teeth are falling out. Maybe if someone from there wrote about how wrong they were and then all their friends backed it up with comments, I'd at the very least get my mom out of this stupid terror they put her in.

    Not exactly a fun topic, but you can have a little fun mocking the idiocy that these people are breeding over here. They're a pretty easy target. ;) It's just a suggestion. You wanted a challenge. ;) Be careful what you ask for around me!

  7. !!!! The blog ate my lengthy comment, which included a suggestion (the lengthy part) about what you should write about next. Apparently blogspot didn't agree on the idea! So I'll just say... congratulations on the 200th!! Also, good luck with Muse!! You deserve it!

  8. You know, I never hit Publish on that post, so it's bizarre it went through.

  9. Chippy Chin's idea about the benefits of the NHS....I would love your views on that;) I enjoy reading about our education system, from a different point of view.

    Congratulation on your 200th post.

  10. Congratulations Rachel, I want to find bat wings like that I want to dress my Chihuahua up as a bat for Halloween.


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