Wednesday 14 June 2017

Facebook Fabric tale 2.

 Firstly, how gorgeous is this material? I saw it on another FB group I'm in, quilting for beginners. Someone said they'd walked into a shop, saw this and they had to have it. Well, it caught my eye ( along with the other 1k plus people who 'liked' the photo and we asked where it was from. The lady said Hobby Lobby. A quick Search on the tinterweb told me it was a US store and the did not ship to the UK. HOW RUDE OF THEM ! Anyway, I lamented my dismay in a comment....only to have a gorgeous human being tell me she would go get some fabric for me and post it to me! Faith in human nature restored! So hello win at being the best human in my week xxx
My fabric collecting is getting out of hand! It's a distraction from real life stuff.

Lola is Miss 22's bunny and Freddie loves her. 

This is Freddie's official Birthday pose! I think he looks rather haughty. 

 Talking of distractions from politics and everything politicky, this tweet had me chuckling a lot. I personally cannot stand the weak chinned simpering fool who poked his nose into education and ruined it. 

Some random photos now... 

 This rather sweet button shaped tin originally had M&S shortbread buttons in it. They are long gone. It now holds my pattern weights!
 I wish I could crochet - this dress is beautiful.

 Half price goodies from Hobbycraft. Thread is always useful.

 little square ruler.

 I love this green wool - no idea what it's for yet.

 Half price patterns from Hobbycraft - might make something for Madeleeny.

Last but not least, yet another great shot of the springy one! Cheers me up no end!

I'll leave you with a conversation shared to me by my Night Owls chum and a little owl.

Child: Where's my brother gone?
Adult: He's at the toilet.
Child: He's been aaaaages, when's he coming back?
Adult: He's at the toilet, he'll be back when he's done.
Child: ahhhh, he must be doing a number 3
Adult: A number 3????????
Child: Yes, when you do a number 1 and a number 2 at the same time!!!!!

Good maths work there!

Lots of love from
Rachel *best get her wriggle into gear for work* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 11 June 2017

Tea Towels

I belong a to crazy, lovely, but crazy cult of people on Facebook who worship the humble Tea Towel.
They travel the length and breadth of Great Britain and beyond searching out the ultimate barginous tea towels.

Well I joined. The creations they come up with are frankly OUTSTANDING. The people on there are truly talented and are also very kind. They are supportive and helpful and there is always something to look at in the grip of insomnia.

Here's my first attempt at Tea Towel magic...
1. Buy tea towels £4

2. Choose a pattern and cut out pieces. This took me two flipping hours! Our fabric, inner fabric, interfacing, batting  - I drew the line at the stiffners instructed.
3. Start sewing. As per instructions.

4. It's a SIMPLicity pattern...

5. I sorta muddled through.

6. Finally, pose the bag for the Ta Daaah!

I'm quite chuffed with myself! 

Back tomorrow with another heart warming tale from Facebook. Fabric related, not tea towels...

Lots of love from 
Rachel*doing a bit of knitting now* Radiostar xxx

I need to have you all wish my daughter's lovely Freddie a very Happy First Birthday. She is taking some cracking photos of him and he is beautiful and I love him!

Saturday 10 June 2017

Voting Day

Well, here is the General Election Day.
I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of all the pre election lies, spin and false promises from all the parties and all the arguing and vitriol against people who vote this way or that way. Then will come the endless guff and arguing from the side that didn't actually win.

That was the beginning of my post on all is still true especially the picking over the bones. The way I see it...despite a really really crap manifesto, the Tories got in, but the way in which the main opposition seems to have gained popularity needs to be taken into consideration. Whoever got in, I will still go to work, I will still pay my taxes and the world will keep turning. AND I will sporadically keep on blogging!

That's all for now,
Off to my sewing room

Love from
Rachel *keeping calm and blogging on* Radiostar xxx