Sunday, 25 July 2021

New iPad first photos

 So, with my swanky new iPad I was gifted on my birthday, by the HG I thought I’d try a few shots in the garden. I think the camera is fair to middling good, here’s the few quick shots I took. 

First a batch of books to go at. I’ve picked ‘The Wife between us’ to read first. I wonder if it’s going to be like another book I recently finished called The Wives by Tarryn Fisher. I’ll let you know. 

Second, a few of my favourite flowers.I absolutely love platycodons - got some started from seed that need transplanting already! The first one is a plant I’ve had for years and the second plant is one bought for me by my best friend for my birthday.

And of course, we couldn’t possibly not have a few of Bluebell….

Finally a picture of the blue leather bag from Miss27

So that’s just about it from me for today. It’s been a quiet day. Mr 24 took Bluebell for a wander this morning whilst the HG and I went to his Mum’s where I helped her to have a shower and wash her hair. She says it feels lovely. She seemed a bit ‘far away’ this morning. We were watching the Olympics with a cup of tea before we left at lunchtime. But she wasn’t really actively watching , just appeared to be in a world of her own.  

We popped to Sainsrobbers on the way home for some bits n bobs. I got a nice big tub of coleslaw on offer and a turkey breast joint yellow sticker. We had lovely sandwiches for lunch and once I’ve put this blog down I’m going to start reading my book. The Olympics is on in the background. Yesterday I said I was getting sporty in my old age, by that I meant I’d enjoyed watching the Lions beat the Springboks and then we watched The Hundred cricket. 

Am starting out of the midday sun as when out for lunch with the girls on Wednesday, I burnt my shoulders inadvertently. I think it was because of the wine! It must have been a good lunch right? Met at 12 and home by a very respectable 8.30pm. 

Hope all is well in your world, 

R x

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Halfway to 100 and then some: edited

 Well this time last week  month I was still able to say I'm in my mid to late 40s despite being eternally 28! 

I'm putting it down here for posterity because who knows when I will forget the memories.

It was on Friday just gone - the same day as the day I was born, making me loving and giving if you believe the rhyme and I arrived at almost 11pm after 3 days of labour for my Ma. I was 7lbs 7oz and the 7th grandchild on both sides! Not sure if I was early or late - I will find that out. Mums had a fortnight in hospital back then with enforced bedrest and us babies were in big nurseries. Dads were not allowed in. 

I was at work on my birthday and it was wonderfully brilliant. The childers were all wishing me well and some made me cards - the wordings made me howl with laughter. One little chap told me I looked good for my age hahahaha The staff has given me a pandora voucher which I will spend on a pretty silver ring and cards and gifts a plenty. I made caramel buns with fresh cream toffee ripple topping and a M& S caramel filled chocolate button on the top. The school cook made me a Bluebell themed cake which was a sticky    toffee pudding cake along with some muffins to share amonst the staff. They illegally gathereda and sang happy birthday to me and I wafted out my candles with my birthday card! Covid friendly. I also put some chocolate biscuits in the staffroom too. Think gannets or locusts and you'll know what we are like! It it's on the staffroom table then it is fair game. 

So many presents and cards to open and messages off friends. I had not planned a party because I did not trust that all would be open on June 21st so becuase Miss now 27 was home it was just us 4, together in our pjs and we ordered in a lovely very naughty MacDonalds! No washing up and strawberry milkshake! 

Presents from the HG included ( I am such a spoilt madam )  Luna Lapin Summer Subscription Box, some FAST 800 books, a brand new ipad, a cover stitch machine and an electric toothbrush ( this was the only thing I'd actually suggested when prompted with the what do you want for your birthday requests ). 

My daughter bought me a beautiful blue leather handbag, some hilarious springer slippers and  a beautiful bone china mug amongst other things, My Son bought me a tracking device for my keys and phone etc and a lovely case for my new ipad and some thoughtful anti wrinkle anti aging face pack treatments! I got money, jewellery, smellies and chocs too. One of my best friends had a photo of Bluebell etched into a silver keyring for me, another of my best friends ( Thanks Barb! ) had a photo of Bluebell taken from this blog made into a chunky wall hanging and another of my friends bought me a little silver commemortaive  basket. Very spoilt. My daughter made me the most delicious white chocolate eton mess cake and we had a very lovely time of it.

The post was edited because it is now 18.11pm and we are watching the Lions battle the Springboks on Saturday July 24th, 

Thankfully the weather broke a little and it wasn't as crazy hot as it has been of late. We went to see the HG mum, sadly diagnosed with vascular dementia and alzheimers at the beginning of lockdown, but it was via a phone appointment via my sister in law. It's been very hard for her and the HG to find things out and what's what but there are now carers in place to basically ensure her meds are taken twice a day and to check up on her and help her with meals. When she's had an 'episode' or been dreaming as we say it to her, she gets very distressed as she thinks she has lost the children and has gone to look for them. She also gets worried because her husband isn't home either etc. I reckon it's about 20 years plus is the step back that she goes. It's awful to know that this is incurable and she will only deteriorate.  Because we work full time, the HG sister and her hubby do 99% of everything and I do what I can. I've started to help her have a shower as her hip should really be getting replaced and she is very unsteady on her legs. Unfortunately, as is often the case, it's her primary problem at the root of it all - she has AF - and this means she isn't fit enough for the operation. 

So the first time, she got into her dressing gown in her bedroom, came into her teeny tiny bathroom, stepped up on the step and held the grab rail and stood in the bath. Then I closed the shower curtain and she disrobed. Successful shower and she got dry behind the curtain and re dressing gowned etc. 

Fast forward a few weeks. She's practically skipping butt nekkid with gay abandon into the bathroom with me having to quickly shut her kitchen door so the neighbourhood doesn't get an eyeful. We have laughed ourselves silly at this. I don't even 'see' anything and she says she never thought she's have her daughter in law do this but she says I'm that good at it, I should get more clients. I say they couldn't afford my rates! Today we've been at sat and watched some of the Olympics with her and it was almost like nothing was wrong. Just the tell tale signs, zimmer in room, chair and sofa on stilts, carers handbook etc. 

School finally finished on Tuesday. I am proud to say I've not had to self isolate once and out of the whole school, only two classes had to go home in the final two weeks. I was so lucky and thankful to receive some lovely end of term gifts and cards. I love the handwritten ones from the children. I will go back again in September I guess. 

Going to draw this to a close and find some photos. I've brought a stack of books to read from my Ma in laws. I'm halfway through making a pinafore for my daughter now Miss 27. I was going great with it until I discovered my beautiful side seams were useless as I had sewn the front UPSIDE DOWN! durrrr. A little bit of knitting on the needles, a little bit of hand sewing and my garden is looking good! 

Signing off differently from now on. 

R x

Thursday, 20 May 2021

What's new?

 Well dear little blog of mine I think I know what the problem  is - when I started this I did not have Instagram or Twitter and I find because I've shared my day/happenings there, I am less inclined to post a blog. Also many of my favourite online friends are on those platforms and I think they don't need boring twice! 

But I do love my blog so will make the attempt to post more often. 

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Friday 9th April

 The day started cold and early and I started the first of three loads of washing - all was dried on the line too. Sunny and deceiving from indoors. We were waiting in for the Boiler engineer who was replacing a damaged side panel - purely cosmetic - and we had no big walkies planned as Bluebell had hurt her paws the day before. So I bleach cleaned the bathroom, hoovered the landings and the stairs. ( Landings - makes it sound like we have a West Wing! ) I also managed 3/4 of downstairs before the battery ran out on the cordless hoover I was using! I see it as a personal challenge to see how far I can hoover before it stops! The HG's back had 'gone' so he was in pain for most of the day and did a little bit of pottering about. 

I spent a while sewing the top I am making and then was downstairs on a brew break, watching a bit of This Morning with Eammon and Ruth when it suddenly cut away and I said - I bet Prince Phillip has died. 

And then came the announcement. I did feel a little bit choked up. I think it was Lucretia I think she's called on ITV news who looked emotional. If you know me well, you know I love the Royal Family and my immediate thoughts were for the Queen. Very sad for her indeed. Even though they are Royal, they are just people. She's lost the love of her life and whilst it seemed a little previous I thought - it was interesting to see photographs and hear anecdotes about the Prince's early life. 

The HG and I both questioned why on earth the newsreader - I think it had changed to Mary Nightingale -  was questioning the Royal Correspondent Chris Ship on what they would be doing with the body, when the funeral would be and who would be the next Duke and on and on. We turned off the TV.  Later on, they were still dragging out people to chat about him - it felt a bit intrusive but it's human nature I guess to reminisce and share experiences when someone dies, famous or not and definitely so in this era of none stop TV.  And it is of course TV that has allowed us to learn so much about him, his wicked sense of humour and how much he loved swearing! 

May he Rest In Peace. 

Today I am going to mostly be doing the same as yesterday. Bluebell is definitely under house arrest and she went on a short walk yesterday and her paws began to bleed again. I'm going to look into getting some boots for her - I do worry about them coming off as she hares around at a million miles an hour. We would then spend ages trying to find them! The butcher is coming about 10am and I need to do an online shop.

This is a snapshot of what the meal planner looks like for Monday Tuesday next week. I can click on the little circular arrows to switch the meals to suit my tastes. Or you can simply swap the protein - eg chicken for the salmon ( not a fan at all of salmon ) Then once the meals are set for the week, it generates a shopping list! So easy. 

Week 6 - halfway through. But week 5 did not go to plan! No worries!! 

Must go - I am being squeaked at by Bluebell who is telling me it's way past breakfast time! 

Have a good day all

Lots of love from 

Rachel * slave to that dog* Radiostar xxx

Thursday, 8 April 2021


Well as some of my readers concurred it was my error rather than the pattern ( see last post ) - here is my attempt number 2. However as it IS for a soft toy, this is the front - I shall do the back plain! Hopefully will be finished by weekend! 

This 2nd week of the holidays is going so fast. Have you read Tracey’s blog post about things to do? Find it *here*

Some great ideas. I really enjoyed reading that post. 

Yesterday we had an adventure*. 

Today we took Bluebell to one of our favourite woods and she had a right old romp around getting filthy and then ended up in the river. As per she’s damaged her pads on her feet so after her warm shower in the car park, it was home ( via the posh cheese shop and supermarket for amazing cheese and artisan crackery ) for bathing, sudacrem and little socks on! We had delicious sausages for lunch, then I spent the afternoon in the sewing room with my top that I’m making. The HG spent is watching the telly through his eyelids before waking up and doing the hoovering and cleaning out the fireplace. 

Speaking of the HG- just because he is the very very best, he ordered me some surprise presents *just because* and they arrived yesterday. 

A lovely new jigsaw, a couple of new kits to make a squirrel and an otter, a pattern kit for a cagoul, a merchant and a new tape measure. I am so spoilt. I’ve got some freezer paper and am going to photo copy the patterns onto it for ease of cutting out. They are from Cool crafting. I’ve shown photos of things I’ve made from there before - my Luna Lapin, my Freddie Badger and some clothes for them! 

Anyway back to yesterday’s *absolute nightmare! 

We loaded the car up ( dog paraphanalia) first thing. Dropped Mr 23 off at work at 8.45am and discovered that the underneath of the car was hanging off!! 

I panic rang the mechanic who said we could come and show him ( we were only 5 minutes away ). He came, bent down and pulled off the exhaust! So we left the car with him as he said he could do it. And we were stranded at the wrong end of town! It was FREEZING but sunny. Anyway, we walked the dog to see my Dad, socially distanced outside n his shares garden of the sheltered flats he lives in. So that was nice- was about 10.30 when we left him. We walked to a field and let Bluebell have a run. We then slowly strolled up to my Father in law’s house ( where we’d only been the day before ! ), we walked across another field and by chance saw one of my old school friends and her dog. So I enjoyed a good batter with her and it really lifted the spirits. It also passed a little more time. We then got to the in laws and had a lovely catch up again with a couple of cups of tea. It was cold and I was starting to feel chilled a little so we illegally decamped into their conservatory- doors wide open - just slightly less Baltic. 2pm ish came the phone call. The car... - he paused and my heart sank as I was SURE he was going to say it couldn’t be fixed - he said the car is ready! Yay! So off we set again on the walk back to get the car. It was so lovely to be in it!!! We came straight home! We had walked over 5 miles ! 

TV - after seeing a programme being watched on Gogglebox ( one of my all time favourites to watch ) we found it on Sky One channel called The Flight Attendant. We are finding it compelling viewing! Not a scooby doo what’s going on but we watched 4 episodes back to back ( when we got back after our epic car adventure ). I’m also watching a three part documentary that I’ve had on the planner since 2019 about Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England for 9 days. It’s fascinating me and I’m looking to do more study on it. 

It’s the last day of the holidays tomorrow and I’m looking forward to going back and to getting back properly into the new Way Of Eating or WOE that I began 8th March. I’ve done a lot more scientific reading into it and it makes a lot of sense to me. 

I’m becoming quite educated! 

Anyway enjoy your Fridays everyone 

I’ve much washing to do! So I’ll be doing that as we wait for the man who is coming to replace the damaged panel on the boiler ( just a cosmetic thing ) and it’ll only be gentle walks for Madam Sore Paws. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *contented* Radiostar xxx

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


 So sorry for my moany old post yesterday  ! One thought - MAYBE I AM THE AWFUL NEIGHBOUR! 

But thank you to those who commented and comforted me! 

We walked 5 and a bit miles yesterday but I was not wearing my trainers or walking boots and I think my footwear contributed to incredibly painful knees last night ( still a bit sore this morning ! )  Before you think I was in stilettos haha they were my lovely comfy London Fly boots that I bought in an Amazon Black Friday Deal about 6 years ago - best £50 I ever spent - lovely brown leather boots with supportive sole etc but maybe not great for a sustained walk! Also the extra pounds I’m trying to shed won’t have helped. 

So after the Escape to Pretoria film, we stayed with the theme and watched the remake of Papillion. Oh my stars, it is NOT a relaxing easy watch! Also based on a true story which I am

Not 100% sure we didn’t look at the book in A Level French. I didn’t know there was an original film but this remake was very good. If stressful and tense. The actor who played Freddie Mercury in that Mercury film is in it. I may opt for something more twee and upbeat for today’s film if we watch one! 

It’s another lovely clear morning but oh so deceiving as it’s sodding freezing out. Mr 23 goes back to work today but the HG is off with me until Friday. We were ( pre knees )  - his weren’t great either!! planning on driving the boy to work then going to to one of our favourite dog walks. However I’ve  already said not today, after seeing the forecast as there’s lots of water and it’s far too cold for a soggy wet spaniel. 

I’m going to carry on with a bit of my dressmaking after a very annoying start yesterday. I was being so careful with it but puckered it up properly!! Not an alternative swear word - when attaching one of the curved seams - the underside caught and puckered! I was not happy and may have said things like pucking he’ll fire  and I def tweeted much worse on my annoyance. But as my mum says swearing is not big or clever! I need to stop. And choose my words more carefully! 

Sneaky peak! 

I did pull back the knitting - I’ll show you tomorrow. 

And finally a silly joke that makes me laugh! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *won’t be walking far today* Radiostar xxx


Monday, 5 April 2021

Bank Holiday Monday

 I woke up at 6, which is a lie in really, and it was SNOWING! It’s now 7.31am and sunny and NoT snowing! As Sadie said in a post I read earlier this week, we Brits  are obsessed about the weather because it really is so bizarre at times! 

We’ve had a lovely weekend. Went to the shore, bumbled around at home which is my favourite thing to do. 

We watched Escape from Pretoria last night. Daniel Radcliffe is in it and plays an absolutely mesmerising part. It was brilliant from start to finish and my heart rate and breathing was glad when it finished as it was tense to say the least! It’s set in South Africa when the ANC was fighting its war against Apartheid. No spoilers from me though. 

My next door neighbours are so fecking LOUD. Nice. But so loud. Their house is all painted walls and wooden floors so nothing to absorb any noise. He has a particularly loud voice as does the 2 year old. And someone is HOOVERING now which Incan hear about my TV that I have on softly in the background. And whoever hoovers rams it against the skirting and to be honest it’s starting to get right on my nerves. I do not think they realise how inconsiderate they are. 

I tell you - it’s the same house that has housed 3 families bow since the old lady who was adorable died. And it has a bizarre pattern to it - 

House renovation noise I do not mind at all because I know it does t last forever, but do it within reasonable social events hours yes? Long time readers will know that the first couple had children that were poorly parented - ( in my judgey opinion of course ) highly highly stimulated and entertained etc them the hapless adults couldn’t understand why they struggled with them... they totally renovated the house loudly and were loudly argumentative. He did all the house work, feeding of the children - which happened outdoors a lot - not at a table - but picnic style on the astroturf - the children grazed and played and were poor eaters ( I know this because of the way they complained to each other about how they couldn’t get them to eat any thing etc also bedtimes were the worst - the children didn’t want to go to bed and couldn’t sleep but no routines were in place etc 

Couple number 2, renovated the house again - so all the noise etc fine - just endless it seemed. Babies came along - free parenting style again. - rude, tantrummy kids, again. Dad did the donkey work, feeding them, shops g, taking them out, again, ate in the garden - allowed to pee and the rest  freely all over the garden when being toilet trained, bed was gone 10pm - much screaming and then slept til late - kids were poor eaters too. 

Couple number 3, who is there now. Absolutely screaming loud tantrums from the 2 year old who won’t sleep. The elder one has his name bawled constantly to get off his Xbox . He then has to parent his sister in the garden which means he winds her up and hurts her till she screams - mum will come then and yell at him and whilst she’s sorting out the little one, he will escape back to his Xbox. Dad does most of the cooking etc. But the little one gets to eat what she wants all day and is again fed outside!! She also just goes to the toilet in the garden - gets told off one time, but gets laughed at the next. Oh and they go on holiday WITHOUT the children - I HATE that. And they are non stop asking to borrow stuff - like the HG brand new circular saw and the power washer. He’s like NO go buy your own which seems mean really. However, yes, go buy your own. Saying no is hard though isn’t it!! But the parents are very entitled and their own parents who have been round ALL lockdown clearly dance to their every whim! Even writing about not wanting to lend them things sounds churlish! 

There’s probably some sort of social experiment going on - see how much the judgey old cow next door can take before she snaps kinda thing. Yes my two went for sleepovers at grandparents but mostly we’d still be at home. I would never ever go on holiday without them. We did have picnics and ate outside - more of a treat mealtime rather than daily. I think the share of the housework/childcare was more me than the HG but he did his fair share. 

We very probably do stuff that annoys the neighbours but I do not recall being so inconsiderate. When the kids were outside and got too loud, I’d tell them off! If the HG and still bow is doing noisy house work stuff- it’s in reasonable hours. 

I have said in the past if I ever win big on the lottery I would do my best to try and buy next door! It could just be my storage facility for all the hoarded stuff haha 

Crikey that wasn’t what I was going to write about today but the early loud banging hoovering ( that also gets done gone 10pm at night ) set me off! ( Oh and it is t just me - the neighbours on the other side have asked me how much do we hear them because they said it’s that loud on their side they could be in the next room with them! ) 

I try to be a good neighbour though, always polite and chatty over the fence- I even pass baking over and stuff because it’s a nice thing to do! The toddler is as cute as a button which is why she probably gets away with murder and out of the three, these are my favourites! With a little modification, some rugs, carpets etc, they’d be fiiine! The neighbours on the other side, young couple, in contrast, are as quiet as anything and we NEVER hear them! 

How are your neighbours? Are you a lender of items? Or are you an ASKER of items?! 

It’s week 5 of the 12 week programme and in truth I’m probably at Day 1 again! The menu slipped for no other reasons than wilful laziness. I’ve downloaded the Fast 800 book one on audible and listened to it whilst I sewed yesterday - the science sinking properly in and am ready to restart or reset this morning! The HG wants to go out somewhere and I feel bad for just wanting to stay at home!! But I just want to stay at home and potter about. Even if we go out early and get back early, I never get settled into projects properly! Bloody hell I am a right old whingebag this morning! Sorry if you are irritated by all this negativity! 

Photos of the snow this morning! The peg bags I made, the hare one sold already. They are made from oilcloth and are fully lined!  And the little knitting project I’m doing - it’s a jumper for Luna Lapin - I am not sure if there’s an error in the written pattern or in my knitting but the cables don’t look quite right or even in the middle - however, the back and front are the same so this will be the back! The stuffed bunny won’t mind. I just want to knit it out and see. But looking at it now - I am going to frog it and restart because it is bugging me! 

I’ve also started on another top for myself - again a jersey fabric which is really really annoying to work with because it just MOVES all the time! I am also going g to sort through my scrap fabric and recycle it - I have so much - a bag of bigger bits for patchwork quilting, smaller bits for stuffing things! Bit bigger bits for sewing things with and then lovely big bits for projects not even started yet! 

Right my coffee is cold and I may go do some sewing stuff before I break my fast - 12-12 seems the easiest but I’d I can I’m going to try and do 18-6. I’m going to keep listening to the book bit I also noticed that Richard Osmons 2nd Thursday murder club book has been advertised - I really enjoyed the first one so maybe go look see for that too. Have a lovely Monday everyone. I will let the HG drag me away from the house and have a lovely time with him. Cottage pie for tea tonight for them and a FAST 800 meal I already made out the freezer for me. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *moany old cow and definitely not perfect* Radiostar xxx

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The tiniest bit of up cycling, gardening and a fond farewell.

 Well it’s Wednesday of the first half term and it’s warm up North. 

The title refers to this little project what I just did. 

I’m outside. Saying two fond farewells. One to the gorgeous mini daffs in the build it yourself planter I got from Miss 25 for Mother’s Day. It came through the letterbox! Very clever. That and it’s plastic liners will be reused for a little bit of flat leaf parsley growing. 

And the other farewell is to my beloved purple wellies. I’ve had them nigh on a decade. They watched the Olympic Torch pass through our city on the wettest day ever in the world. I don’t think I’d had them long. They have served me well. The HG bought me a new pair of purple wellies two years ago to replace these and I’ve been wearing them ‘one last time’ for two years! Always by the front door, ready to put on. They’ve been tight on my legs, then roomy and on the way to

Snug again! They are actually children’s which is why they are probably a bit work on the heels. 

Anyway. The HG drilled some holes in them for me. I’ve added pebbles and compost, I’ve planted the daffs from Miss 25 and sprinkled some seeds on the top and topped with the moss that came with the daffs. I’ve placed them in the garden and all is well. 

Bluebell is playing with her new ball I bought her. It’s a kong supposedly indestructible

We are going to go for a short wander later as we did 7 miles yesterday. That was 20,000 steps for me! I suspect though, she did more than thrice both my stats! She had a first dip in the sea. The shore was packed full of socially distant groups and it was so lovely to see all the not that socially distant reunions going on. I chatted to a few elderly dears out walking on their own and we revelled in the joy of the happiness all around. 

I’ve seen one of my sisters today and will see
My Mum tomorrow as the forecast is still good, then my boy and the HG are at home from Friday and all will be well. 
Have been doing a little bit of knitting and enjoying it. Hand on heart out of all
The creative things I do, I think I love knitting the best. Though so definitely need my glasses the most for that one! 
Hope your days are lovely. 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *needs to shave the bottom of her legs and get the 3/4 leggings out* Radiostar ( even though snow is forecast for Monday! )

Friday, 26 March 2021

A two week break.

 From school! Might enjoy a bit of blogtime now. 

Catch up on everyone soon

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Week 3 TNB


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about my frock! 

So March 22nd sees the start of my Fast 800 week 3 adventure ! 

Measuring day is a Monday and I am so pleased to announce that 

Incredible! Also another inch off my waist. 
Hey Tracey, it’s called Fast 800
There is a lot more of information out there and Dr Micheal Mosley has done TV programmes about it and it’s all based on science and insulin etc and at heart I am a scientist - specifically a biologist. 
It’s very very very different to SW which served me well but as I wrote in another post I was unable to get back to it successfully. 

Basically when you sign up you get to access the massive database of menus and they then give you a sample menu for the week, which you can chop and change according to tastes and dietary preferences. This then creates a shopping list which makes it easier in one respect as in taking the hard work out of it. The shopping list is ordered by classification of foodstuffs. I wouldn’t say it’s very much more expensive than a normal shop. 
Yesterday I made
Orange ‘ice cream’ 
and Mediterranean chicken. 
As ever - photos not in any relevant order! 

Using good quality real ingredients has to be better for me than endless mullerlight a which feature heavily on SW! I do love a mulllight mind you but what I found/imagined, is that my arthritis is very much more painful when eating artificial sweeteners and sugar. 
Lunch was cottage cheese and eggs  and tea
Mediterranean chicken

Right time to post and away I go! 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *can’t wait for Friday* Radiostar xxx

Sunday, 21 March 2021

TNB day 15 and a Tadahhhh!

 Day 15 went well as I write! 

 B - lovely blueberries and full fat Greek yogurt

L- lovely pancetta and butternut squash soup

T- lovely mushroom and cheese salad 

Water - about 25 pints! 

Week 3 starts tomorrow with the weigh in and measure round! All send hopes for it all being less than last week - although was reading up and apparently they e been studying and menopausal women are more likely to show results from week 6! Men do the best overall on this plan - typical! 

Am sat in the dark watching Gryff Rhys’s Jones on Misdomer. 

I am going to do the tadahhh bit now 

I have been doing a spot of dress making as I showed you a couple of weeks ago. Well tadahhhh it’s done! As you can see from the photos up there!

It looks a million times better on the dummy! I think I might take it in a bit around the arms. Stretchy fabric cost me about £3 in a lucky dip bag from an online sale somewhere! 

It’s made me want to make some more clothes for myself. Watch this space. I’ve much tidying to do bow 🙇‍♀️ n the craft room because I am not a neat worker! 

Got lots to do tomorrow. Meal prep, work, dog walk, etc I’ve an online course on Tuesday and Wednesday and then finish the week in class then we break up for Easter. I think we might have the freedom to roam a bit more then? We won’t be going far at all. Not with Bluebell anyway. There’s been an outbreak of parvovirus in some nearby dog walking parks. All the local vets are warning dog owners to be aware. Bluebs should be ok as she is up to date with her vaccinations- the vets say the lockdown puppy trade is to blame with lots of illegally sold puppies, unregistered and uncared for by unscrupulous money-making scum being sold etc. 

There’s always summat. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel*going to bed to put her cold feet in the HG - It’s his job! * Radiostar xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2021


 Absolutely gutted that France beat Wales in the last minute of the game tonight in the 6Nations. Meh. 


Back tomorrow. 

Had soup for tea and Jules - breakfast was chocolate porridge with seeds. 

Except it was oats, cooked with unsweetened almond milk and some cacao power. Not for me. Ugh!!! 

Hope everyone had a good day. I did! Bye for now

Rachel *off to bed* Radiostar xxx

Day 12

 Not gonna lie, day 11 and 12 have been tough. My energy levels are low. 

Last night I caved and had a Freddo frog chocolate 

It was so sweet. Brain kicked in. Hmmm. Ah well 

Day 13 now and breakfast was not one I’ll have again! As O said to my friend. I ate it. I understood my body has been nourished brilliantly, but it did not spark joy! 

The Freddo sparked joy for the 5

Seconds it took to eat it and then sparked hours of opposite. 

Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t have an inner voice re food? I really really wonder what that is like! 

Work was fine. One more week until Easter Break. 

I think I need to go get my eyes re tested - it’s getting impossible to see without my specs and having just done the census that wrote in BIG LETTERS 


Maybe I need to get me eyes checked again! Varifocals needed. 

The dog is asleep. The HG is cleaning the kitchen yay. I’m going to potter and do bits and bobs. 

Full fat Greek yogurt with apples 
Leftover chicken stir fry .so yum 
This is my Day 13 breakfast. It was not nice. 

Lunch is pancetta and butternut squash soup yet to be made. Fingers crossed it’s good! 
Lots of love from Rachel *Saturday* Radiostar

Thursday, 18 March 2021

TNB Day 11

 Today I watched the funeral of my Uncle. It was very moving and full of love and memories. Was hard not to be there. But it is as it is. 

School was busy and the weather has been good. I washed and line dried my bedding so am sat here in clean pjs all ready to get into that sweet smelling fresh bedding. 

Food today 

Full fat cottage cheese and blueberries for breakfast 

Leftover Stroganoff for lunch

Chicken stir fry for tea. 

This Soy sauce is a bit more £££ than the rest but it is absolutely a game changer. It adds such a lush depth of flavour and ooooooooo that’s so good to meals! 

Lots of love from 

A sad Rachel tonight x