Tuesday 23 June 2015

Quote of the day

Came from my daughter 
just now
"I'm practically starving, I feel like a child in Africa." 

Welcome to Day 2 people. Whilst the synonyms for 'delicious' remain firmly locked away in the adjective drawer, I can  joyously report it was massive improvement on Day 1. 

Breakfast was pink. 
I didn't use a whole inch of ginger because I prefer mine combined with Stork SB, flour, baking powder and butter! I took my blasted berries into the garden this morning and enjoyed the early morning sunshine. 
Lunch was fine. The searing headache has subsided and I do think my eyes are brighter; like a rabbit's! It's all the greens! I don't feel as sluggish. Tea was rather tastier than anticipated. The daughter HATED it, leaving her sauce, hence the quote of the day! 
I've not had that 'empty' feeling yet. I'm quite satisfied now. 

Tomorrow's menu features strawberries and raspberries! Granted, I will be blitzing them with spinach but raspberries and strawberries folks! Fast forwarding to Friday, there's a peach thingy WITH NO SPINACH! 

I do likes my spinach I'm Rachel the Sailor man !! 

I can get to Day 7. I can get to Day 7. My little mantra! 

Back tomorrow! Spot the side effect of a beetroot smoothie!! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *pink wee* Radiostar xxx


  1. I love spinach but in baby leaf form. I eat it most days at the moment as it is romping away in the garden. I think I could happily drink the Pink Smoothie, I like adding raspberries to beetroot when I do them. I often start my day with a smoothie and drink it as I wander round looking for my mind, so I can make it up as to what to do .

    1. Baby leaf spinach is just delicious! I'm wondering though, if after day 7, I'll leave it alone for a long long time!

  2. Side affect? that'll be purple wee then....

  3. Smoothies always look so inviting unfortunately I am allergic to most berries so I have to admire from a far.

    1. Oh no Mitzi! When/how did you find that out?

  4. It'ud be worth doing that diet thingy for the pink wee alone :o) x

  5. I think we all know that's not the only side effect of a beetroot smoothie!! ;-) x

    1. I've not had any more side effects so far.... Now I'm worried


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