Wednesday 1 June 2022

Beginning of April….the wedding with some photos - mostly the food!

 I attended the wedding of two lovely childhood sweethearts  - now aged 30, but been together 15 years already….with two of my very best friends. 

Here we are ready to set off in our floral frocks. My feet were freezing, so I travelled in my slippers!

We all had a coordinating fascinator  on - I borrow mine off my other very best friend and we affectionately call it the dead crow.

here’s mine on a jaunty angle….

and theirs….

I have to say we all scrubbed up really well! The bride looked stunning and it was a fabulous day. The colour scheme was pretty and the decor was not OTT.

The wedding breakfast was delicious. 
I had melon to start, 

roast beef for main 

and white chocolate cheesecake for pud. Followed by coffee and wedding favours! 

The cutlery was most pleasing to use. Very well balanced! 


It was bbq pulled pork and chips at night. 

The breakfast restaurant was divine. Little bunny joined us. View of the Lake and the breakfast was every bit as good as it looked! 

We had such a giggle and thoroughly loved our time together. 

So much so, we went away together a few days but that’s another post.

Lots of love from 
Rachel *trying to catch up* Radiostar