Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello to my dear sister in law Michele if you are looking in - please follow and COMMENT! Then I know you've been here! Hello to her sweet daughter Bexx too :) ( you know how the commenting thing works! )

This week I am going with my new friend Laura, who I met in hospital, to see our mutual friend ( also met in hospital) Lena, who sadly has stomach cancer. She is utterly beautiful and sweet and so lovely it makes my blood boil that this awful disease can just strike anyone it likes.

Harry's visit to Birmingham wasn't as smooth as we'd hoped and it's so unfair. Lisa writes about it HERE

On Wednesday I have my pre op assessment.

NB: If you are new to this blog my OP is to have my gall bladder out - not a sex change - which is what I thought of when I wrote the words 'PRE OP'. I'm laughing at my own jokes now!!

It says I am to have an EEG or something, well although my legs are a lot stronger now - I'm not sure how much treadmill action I can take!!

Thursday I am back at my GP for a different blood test because my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. Hmmm what's worse? Being bright yellow or being bald? I'm not sure! - I had already self diagnosed the cause - major illness and blood thinning drugs - but my doc wants to test for thyroid and low iron so my veins will be attacked again.

That'll have to do for now . I can't think of anything remotely funny or witty today. ( Except the transexual bit)

Bye for now :)

Thursday 6 October 2011

I'm going to have a go at something technical..

But beforeI do I need to dry my hair - I am sat here with hairbrushes stuck out of my head at jaunty angles! Why do I start one thing n flit to another?
Hairbrushes set at different angles now...

If you've read my sister's last post  HERE  you will know all about my mini city break because that's what I am calling it. This is due to the fact that since July 1 st  2011 the ONLY places I have been so far have been medically related. I cannot stress to people that I really have been nowhere and done nothing at all whilst I was yellow. I cannot get over how long it is taking for me to recover too. It is now four weeks since I was discharged from the hospital and I still have not been out on my own!
The trip to Birmingham - which by the way is a truly inspiring place - consisted of me being picked up from my house by Lisa in her new car, then being picked up by the hospital taxi from Lisa's house and after two hours chatting on the M6 being dropped off right outside the hotel! Up in the lift to room 516 and we flopped on the bed for an hour before gently strolling into the town centre.

Hairbrush break .....

After a slow hunt for flip flops and a very welcome sit down in ( adopt French accent here to read) Baguette Du Monde - Lisa had cheese n ham, I opted for the low fat chicken salad no butter. Out damned Gall Bladder.

We made our way past the fountain that I wanted to put my feet in, back to the hotel where once again I flopped on the bed totally knackered! We then ventured into the bar to meet Liz, one of my bestest chums and we rocked the night away on two lime n sodas ( me) , two lime n lemonades ( Lisa) & two diet cokes PLUS the greedy mare - a smuggled in packet of Weight Watchers snacks ( Liz) !!
Then guess what, yes, the party animal in me flopped on the bed totally knackered! In the night it was a pleasure to cuddle Harry for agggges. It was horrible to listen to him cry the next morning with hunger then it was a two minute walk round the corner to the HOSPITAL.

Such a wonderful place tinged with such awfulness.

ANYWAY I am going to try to insert Harry's page properly on my homepage, instructions kindly donated by The Chicken Father so if it all goes horribly wrong then I willl blame him!

Pause for hairbrushness

OK, Hair is ad done as it ever will be. Here is Harry's page incase my link thing doesn't work.

Harry's Page

Chloe has done so well and I am incredibly proud of her, I know she will have raised over £700 by the time we've collected all sponsorship money in. I cannot believe how generous people have been. If you are reading this and have donated then I thank you again from  the bottom of my heart.

Before I go try the tricky bit, I am off to see the surgeon tomorrow at 3:40pm. I have no idea what he will say or when I shall be booked in to rid me of this dratted gallbladder but fingers crossed for me it's good news. I am fed up of being ill - although I am much better and a lot less yellow than I was!

This was taken at the Muse gig I was at in the photo on my home/profile page :)
I DID IT! IT ONLY TOOK ME THREE MINUTES!!!! I am considering myself to be a technical genius!