Sunday 21 June 2015

Amazing Butt Lift

This is what I can get in just 30 minutes a day. For 60 days. Amazing. For the incredible Value of £29.99. I could get all of this...
It looks AMAZING! So easy. Everyone is so smiley and tiny and lifted of buttock. 
Butt wait...there's more! You can get two bonus discs that will make you Peter Andre esque round your tummy. Do not be fretting if it doesn't work though...
I wonder if I'd be needing my
money back?!

We once bought a multi gym off one of these infomercials. I was supposed to look like Christie Brinkley afterwards and theHG like Chuck Norris. It showed us a little old lady smiling as she casually and  effortlessly slid one away under her bed. 
Guess what ladies and gentlemen, ALL LIES! I was still just shy of five foot, still round and squishy and it weighed an effing ton! I've stubbed my toes on it more times than I'd care to mention. The only way I could slide it effortlessly under my bed is if my bed was on stilts and I was Arnold Swartznegger. 
I am a marketing man's dream! If it's new or on offer I'll try it!! Look, someone has to keep the economy afloat!! 

Now, just before I go, I want to say a big blushing thank you to Mum who blogs...... Here...>>>
She wrote some lovely  things about my little bit of the Internet and sent some new folks my way, ergo letting me find some fabulous new blogs to read! 

Ok, time to make tea. Jacket spuds, gammon and beans. We bought the 21yo a nutribullet for her birthday and I've volunteered to do the 7 day cleanse thing. 
I think it works because after buying all the fruit and veg we cannot now afford chocolate and crisps. Expect Veg Rage posts next week! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *will try anything once* Radiostar xxx


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