Sunday 3 April 2022

Wedding guesting

 A few weeks ago, I went to the hen weekend of a lovely girl. I first met her when she was in her final placement as a student teacher at my school and then she started her NQT year with us. I’ve seen literally hundreds of students through our school and I’ve made really good lifelong friends with four of them. Miss S being the 4th. Today, at last, she will become Mrs N. 

I say at last, because she has five gorgeous friends who were all due to marry over two years and they were all bridesmaids for each other. Her wedding was due to be the third. Then the pandemic arrived and so did the cancellations of the weddings. Luckily her venue would let her postpone etc. She’s really excited and she is marrying her childhood sweetheart and it will be a day of joy and celebration. 

I am going with my same two best friends I went to the Hen with and due to the budget, it’s no partners, so the HG is staying home with Bluebell and Mr 24 ( turns Mr 25 this month ). It’s in a swanky hotel in The Lakes and I am staying over. Sadly, the HG is at work Monday else he could have come and watched TV in the expensive OMG is it expensive room.  I am looking forward to people watching, mingling, the Wedding breakfast, the Wedding night do hot buffet, the dancing and the getting my pjs on and lying in a freshly made not by me bed bit. There’s a pool, hot tub and lots of Spa facilities to take advantage of if time. Well breakfast is booked for 9.30am tomorrow so maybe an early swim. 

I have had a very stressful and full on half term at work so am really looking forward to today and tomorrow. I’ve stocked the fridge and cupboards though I did forget to buy porridge. So the boys will not starve whilst I am away haha. 

Last weekend was so warm, Bluebell had a lovely swim in the river. This weekend - far too freezing for such nonsense. She had a run in the park yesterday instead. She may be out visiting her Grandma later today. 

I watched the Scottish Grand National yesterday. If we ever put the telly on and there’s racing on, the sound of it always sparks fond childhood memories of my lovely Uncle Ernie. He was always studying the form. Anyway I will always pick a horse and bet an imaginary £100 pounds on it to win! No rhyme or reason to my choices…it’s either the silks are pretty, the horse is pretty or I like it’s name, yesterday It was the name, which I’ve forgot already, Cool mist or something, alas, it didn’t win, taking my imaginary £100 with it! That’s why I don’t bet for real apart from maybe a sweepstake at work. I do have mixed feelings about racing. I don’t understand why they have to whip the horses so if they love doing what they were bred to do and at the point of whipping, they certainly look as if they are going as fast as they can already. I feel certain if someone whipped me, I’d buck them off and run away. 

We went to The Races once at Haydock, paid for by the firm the HG does most of his work for. We were in the posh bit, where we had an amazing three course meal. Betting service at the table - we did use real money - a budget of £10 each and we could go out on the balcony to watch the race. The atmosphere was buzzing, I can see why people love it. The thunder of the hooves and the crescendos from the crowd are fabulous! I think I won and then lost my total tenner but the HG came away with a whopping £13. 

Right, going to paint my nails now and start the slow application of the poly filla to my face. Getting picked up at 10.45 - the Wedding isn’t  until 12.30 but we are worried about potential traffic delays and we want to get there early for maximum time together. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *going to be poshed up today * Radiostar  xxx