Sunday 5 July 2015


 Good Morning lovelies,
I've not been posting as I've been suffering a little from heatstroke, brought about by being outside all afternoon Wednesday for Sport's Day. The heat is wiping me out. Also, I get awful prickly heat - much worse since my days of yellow.

Don't get me wrong, I adore being outside, I adore warm sunny days but when you've to go to work in blast furnace ovens, I mean classrooms full of 30 hot little bodies, it's torture. I wish it was the Summer Holidays already.  I long to just loll for a bit! Whine over. How terribly English of me, whingeing when it's hot. I never whinge about the cold though. Only if it's slippy!!

A few of you have asked for some soup recipes. 
Each one serves 1
Main gist of recipe 
Each one starts off by sautéing half an onion and a clove of garlic in a teaspoon of low fat olive spread or a few sprays of olive oil fry light. Leave all skins on, just scrub. 
Most of them have a small unpeeled diced potato in it
Then you add whichever veg it is. 
It's simmered in 250mls low sodium stock. Herbs and pepper to taste. 
Then cool slightly before blending. 

The chicken ones are made in exactly the same way except you then just add the 
shredded 2oz of cooked chicken breast into the middle of the dish. So it's very probably the exact same way you make your own soup! They were really tasty recipes! 

I don't want to get done for copy right, so here are some suggestions!! 
Veggie soup 
Carrot 1/2
Turnip 1/2
No garlic in this one
Then as above with potato  216 cals per portion

Spinach and Bean soup
1/2 garlic clove
1/2 red onion
2 big fistfuls of baby spinach
3oz tinned cannellini beans
No potato in this one 240Cals

Chicken and Bean/squash
1 celery stick
4oz fresh broad beans/1/4 butternut squash
As above and then add 2oz shredded cooked chicken breast before serving (no potato) 260 Cals/210 cals

Hope these are ok.


It is absolutely exquisite. I was so touched that The very lovely and talented Pam , who, for no other reason except that's she is generous, gorgeous and giving, sent me this quilt. The swirly wirly  stitching on the back is mesmerisingly endless.  It's so cheery, colourful and charming. I love the red material the quilt is edged with. A sweet little card came with it, instructing me to enjoy!
I promise that I will! In fact, I've gone a little chilly ( still not 100% ) so it's warming my toes as I type!

Finally, before I go check the jacket spuds are done for tea, I bought some new biscuit cutters today.

Aren't they gorgeous?! Can't wait to make some party rings! I also bought a few new purpley blue perennials , but the minute we got back from the garden centre, the heavens opened. Hence no pics. So at least they got a good soaking! The seeds I sowed last week, against all odds, have germinated. Not all, the shallots and the chillis are a bit shy but the radish and Cavelo Nero is romping away! Must put anti snail/slug measures in place!

So what was the loveliest thing to happen to you this weekend?

Lots of love from

Rachel *Quilt Happy* Radiostar xx


  1. The loveliest thing? *blushes* Can I write that here?! X x x

  2. Loveliest thing this weekend? Feeling that I am loved.
    Oh and may I be as bold as to ask ..... what's with the purplish theme outdoors m'dear?

    1. know... People are strange m'dear xx

  3. Hello, Rachel. I'm returning the compliment and following your blog. Great to meet you.
    That quilt is amazing!
    J x

  4. It was way too hot last week for me too and I work in a school kitchen I was melting. Pam make such beautiful quilts and your gift is no exception (Beautiful).

    1. Ugh and I bet you have to wear a hat too! Sweltering - poor Carol x

  5. Hope you're feeling better, Tuesday last week was ridiculously hot, I moaned about it too! Your quilt is gorgeous lucky lucky you & now you have made me want soup - especially the spinach & bean one x

    1. I'm missing my spinach hit! Will make this soup again for sure! Glad to say it's cooled off a bit

  6. Lucky luck you, roll on winter you will be snug and warm.

    1. I know! I cannot wait. But will enjoy the Summer first

  7. I am extremely green with envy at the beautiful quilt.
    You know what the weather will be like the minute school hols start don't you?

    1. Yes, experience has taught me not to count on the Sunshine!

  8. I blogged about the best thing that happened to me, new baby news. I looked the email, a Puff Quilt, I have never made one but they look good. I seem to be in a minority with my love of heat.

    1. I too love the heat - just not when I have to work!

  9. I did wonder why you hadn't been blogging...poor you x I love the quilt too but I love the biscuit cutters more! Where did you get them from? I need some! Good to have you back.

    1. I got them from Barton Grange :-) - it's lovely to see you at work xx

  10. i hope the weather has cooled down for you now: I'm too old to enjoy the heat these days! Love the quilt, that is a wonderful present, and the soup recipes too -- I have a draft post on the same topic that I plan to publish in a couple of months!

    1. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your post x

  11. Urgh prickly heat. I used to suffer terribly with that when I was little and Thomas is prone to it as well poor thing. The quilt is gorgeous. Having tried my hand at quilting I can appreciate all the time and effort Pam will have put into it. Lucky you having such a lovely and generous friend. xx

    1. I am truly blessed to count such lovely bloggy folks as friends xx


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