Monday 29 June 2015

Drum roll please.......


The scales said that I am actually




What a boost! I can't tell really but it was slightly easier to cut my toenails this morning!

I know, I know it's mostly water etc, but it made me fall down into that next stone bracket which is mentally powerful.

So my thoughts and hints and tips.

Go through the book and make a shopping list.
Try not to faint at the till
Feel very superior at the checkout with all your green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit.
Day one - blitz and blitz again. If in doubt blitz again. Kale needs to be blitzed good and proper to get through a straw.
Talking of straws - if you can, get a load of the Mac D ones as they are sturdier than normal pound land ones!
Don't be scared to try the recipes. 
You will start to feel full of energy.
It's so easy to prepare and wash up. 
The soups are absolutely delicious
Do it with someone for moral support if you can
Lidl nuts are top quality and so much cheaper than other supermarkets.
Very probably, as soon as I hit publish, I'll remember loads more I was going to share!
Feel free to ask me any questions.

So today...did I have a full English for breakfast, fish n chips for lunch and pie n mash for tea followed by jam roly poly and custard? Nah. I'm going to carry on eating and choosing wisely. I will be having the odd smoothie instead of breakfast on some days. Tomorrow I'm going to have the melon one again! If you are counting the calories though, bear in mind that some of the fruity shakes have 400 calories in them! A lot more than two weetabix with skimmed milk.
Today I had a ham salad for lunch. With some extra extra light Philadelphia - it tasted so rich - like clotted cream! The Night Owl snacks didn't interest me one little bit either.

Right, I'm boring myself now preaching diet stuff! Thanks for being with me though last week! Blogging it day by day gave me something to focus on.

I finally unpacked my prezzie. Isn't it pretty! I'm going to have a quick flick through the instruction manual before I fire her up. There's lots of extra bits n bobs to go with it. Not tonight though Josephine, I don't know about you but I do have a night where I'm utterly exhausted and fit fer nowt. Monday is my day. I start work at 8. Then get in at 6. It's always 'oven chips n  summat' for tea on a Monday. Not for me. I had a massive frittata out of the bullet book. Lovely.

Must stop typing!

Lots of love from
Rachel *thinner fingers* Radiostar xxx


  1. YAY! Congrats buddy!!!
    Please post recipes for the soups x

    1. I will post *suggestions* for the soups so I don't get put in jail or out for copyright LOL X

  2. Well done, that's brilliant. Such a boost to lose so much.

  3. Excellent! Well done indeed :o) Once you start something it's so much easier to carry on rather than stop isn't it? Especially if you're seeing and feeling the benefits. You have inspired me to soup and smoothie more than I usually would so thank you for that. You've also reminded me that the odd fast day here and there has huge benefits which I'd also forgotten (i know you weren't fasting, but following your week of food nudged me about it) :o)
    I echo Tracey's comment- soup recipes when you get a mo would be fab. Also, I've enjoyed you posting more often xx

    1. Aww CT, what lovely things to read x I will put suggestions of soups up maybe later xx

  4. Wow! Well done! That's amazing.

    1. Thank you Helen, the hard graft starts here though!

  5. Well done me ickle domestic goddess, you got me looking at me spare tyre (s) and thinking "yeah baby, time to lose em"

  6. I dare you to try it Welshy :-)

  7. Well done 10lb lost, Fantastic. Would also like to see some soup recipes. Sewing machine looks lovely.

  8. Well done Rachel keep up the good work. Funny how we all have a night where we are more exhausted than any other mine is usually a Tuesday night. Like your pressie I'm not quite at a buying myself a sewing machine stage still learning the basics and it's slow progress:-)

  9. I sit beside a lady who eats fruit all day and it has rubbed off, plus I have lost 6lbs in the past month, not huge amounts but enough to make me feel good, well done for your loss. Have fun with the machine.

  10. Well done. 10lbs is a fantastic start. I wouldn't mind losing that whether it was water or not! The machine is very pretty indeed. What will be your first 'make'. xx


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