Tuesday 23 March 2021

Week 3 TNB


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about my frock! 

So March 22nd sees the start of my Fast 800 week 3 adventure ! 

Measuring day is a Monday and I am so pleased to announce that 

Incredible! Also another inch off my waist. 
Hey Tracey, it’s called Fast 800
There is a lot more of information out there and Dr Micheal Mosley has done TV programmes about it and it’s all based on science and insulin etc and at heart I am a scientist - specifically a biologist. 
It’s very very very different to SW which served me well but as I wrote in another post I was unable to get back to it successfully. 

Basically when you sign up you get to access the massive database of menus and they then give you a sample menu for the week, which you can chop and change according to tastes and dietary preferences. This then creates a shopping list which makes it easier in one respect as in taking the hard work out of it. The shopping list is ordered by classification of foodstuffs. I wouldn’t say it’s very much more expensive than a normal shop. 
Yesterday I made
Orange ‘ice cream’ 
and Mediterranean chicken. 
As ever - photos not in any relevant order! 

Using good quality real ingredients has to be better for me than endless mullerlight a which feature heavily on SW! I do love a mulllight mind you but what I found/imagined, is that my arthritis is very much more painful when eating artificial sweeteners and sugar. 
Lunch was cottage cheese and eggs  and tea
Mediterranean chicken

Right time to post and away I go! 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *can’t wait for Friday* Radiostar xxx

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