Wednesday 17 March 2021

TNB Day 10

 Today is Y2 day. 

Listening to a reader. He needed the toilet. I listened with much mirth as he slammed open the toilet door saying 


Then he comes back and I settling him into his book. The reading scheme we have always has a front cover prompt with the phonics and tricky words in the book so we read them first. 

He’s reading away and the next word he’s stopped at I look up as he is telling me, with his eyes shut tight, I’m going to try it with my eyes closed!!!! I say,laughing,  you need your eyes open to look at the words. The things I say in my job!!!

At this point the head walks past and hears this little exchange and just bursts out laughing. He then says to me

It would be challenging to read with closed eyes. 

不不不不不不不不不不不不 The head nearly died on the spot!!! 

I held it together long enough to send him back into class!!! 

A few local schools are shutting bubbles left right and centre. 

I just did my Wednesday test. Negative. Phew. 

TNB Day 10 went well. A direct repeat of day 9. About to go update on the forum and see what I’m having tomorrow. A sneaky peek at week 3 showed Monday as a Spinach Smoothie. Well that can just Smoothie Off!! And when it gets there, smoothie off a bit further! Nope. Not  a  chance. I will definitely be making use of the switch recipe button there! 

Just the one photo today. They looked less

Pretty but definitely tasted tastier. All hail the mighty leftovers! 

Lots of love for now

Rachel*loves leftovers* Radiostar xxx


  1. Your food looks amazing! xx

  2. My hubby often reads with his eyes shut!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the little anecdote about your reading class :-) These menus look quite tasty but like yourself no way would I be drinking a spinach smoothie. Spinach is excellent of course and good to eat but very small portions. keep well Amanda x


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