Monday 8 March 2021

There and back...

 Well dear reader, the original draft of this post was set as 31st Jan 2021

Please read this in the voice of Julie Andrews in the style of Bridgerton. I listened to the hype and I hitched up my silk gown and alighted the bandwagon drawn by four fine horses in full feathery plumes and finery! I watched it all in five mornings and now I am in mourning for the next series. I was enchanted and captivated by it all!

The title refers to the answer my mum used to always give to mine and my sisters endless questions of where are you going? 

There and back to see how far it is.

It was almost always next door to Aunty Susan's. Not my real aunty. 

Anyhoo I am pinching the title as a bit of a February mantra. I've been there and now I'm going back. Or that's my tentative plan.

Its been all go here. If all go is sitting lazy around pleasing myself after a brilliant zoom burns night with our friends last night. Table set,, the works. I was tasked with the response to the laddies on behalf of the lassies. I left it to the last minute and it didn't quite flow as I intended but here it is. 

I have returned to this post on Monday March 8th to document my There and Back

Firstly my speech of the reply to the laddies has vanished and seems a bit silly to post it now! But I did base it on an old advert supposedly from a magazine about the housewife getting all ready for sewing by doing her housework, nails and make up etc but linked  it to our mutual love of jigsaws, us girls the puzzle kind and oor laddies, their wood chopping power tools. It did raise a chuckle and we raised our glasses. 

Anyway some photos of my day. There and back! 


Poached eggs and broccoli soldiers


Ricotta cheese salad with a lovely French dressing.

Turkey burgers! 

Also very healthy additions to my food stores...

I’ve started a spot of dressmaking. 

Slippy as heck fabric took me aaaages to get the pattern on and cut out the pieces! 

One last photo - we are celebrating World Book Day a week later as school is back and each classroom had to decorate their door. Here’s mine and my friend’s room door! The book is a great social story we used a lot in Nurture! It does look like we stapled a small child to the door  hahaha 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * Off for a cup of tea now* Radiostar xxx

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  1. Great door! Every time I read your posts about sewing up something new, you make me want to get out my sewing machine and do something (but then the feeling passes - ha ha). I like the fabric you chose. Very "Pretty Woman". -Jenn


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