Thursday 11 March 2021

TNB day 4

 I made it through day 3- I will document what I’m doing later down the line! 

Today’s breakfast was raspberries and Greek yogurt. Lunch was not to plan as I was in a rush so I grabbed some roast beef and some eggs. Tea was the last of my leftover utterly divine turmeric chicken served with some buttery cabbage. 

Last night I didn’t sleep so well as the wind howling down my chimney was rather loud and gusty! So windy that Bluebell was too scared to go out for a wee!! 

Today at work it was really fun! For once! I mean WBD was fun! One of the younger techy teachers came up with an idea based on the masked singer. She recorded us all reading part of a book but our faces were magically transformed into cute animated animals. She used music intros from the masked singer and the children had a sheet to fill in with which teacher it was! Really great fun! I was the rabbit and this was the Head Teacher! 

Thought I’d share the little project bag I made out of Asda tea towels. 

It was a pack of 5, I fussy cut out the mouse off one. I threw the sickly life affirmation in the bin! 
Photos are out of synch! 

Quite pleased with the back of my appliqué!! 
The birthing! 
I put handy pockets inside! 

Right- am off to watch a couple of episodes of Superstore which makes

Me laugh like a drain. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel*thinks Dina is ace* Radiostar! 


  1. Very clever. I love it!

  2. My Asda T towel bags are years old and still going strong, I love a pocket or two.


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