Friday 12 March 2021

TNB Day 5

 Well hello Friday, 

What a week for weather! Blustery, hail, stormy, rain bursts and freezing cold - fun times playtime duty. 

Sat here in the cosy darkness of the living room. The pits have been washed. One lot of washing is in the dryer. Just lovely homely feelings. 

So TNB stand for There and Back

It relates to my life long wrestling match with my weight. Boooorrrinnng I know. 

I wish my time again so much and how I’d do things differently etc 


As readers of this blog might know I lost a huge amount of weight after a successful year at SW. I got to target. I stayed at target. I played about with the next stone up because being at target was hard. I’d never been a normal weighted adult. I had never ever had a time where I wasn’t battling the bulge. I still saw the old me and felt like the old me. Inevitably I gained a few pounds and slowly but surely I gained a bit more. I am very proud of myself to report that I am nowhere near my starting weight at SW but I it’s not beyond reality that I could so easily get there with such a little effort. I’m not going to blame the lockdown. Sooo 

My wonderful, beautiful, lovely friend told me she was starting the Dr Michael Mosely programme the Fast 800. I had actually seen it on TV and I have in the past read the science of a sugar free diet. Anyway 

She got me along and here I am day 5 of my first week. I also am doing a bit of timed fasting and tonight I can report I do feel great! 

The main difference between this and anything else I have tried is I now am buying FULL FAT cottage cheese, philly and Greek yogurt instead of my usual fat free and it certainly has felt very decadent eating it! I have not told anyone IRL I’m doing this because frankly I’m bored of talking about my weight, it’s like it defines me and I’m also so ashamed and pissed off with myself I couldn’t stay thin. 

Weigh in is Monday and this is a 12 week programme. I’m hoping to be able to fasten my favourite coat by week 12. Today I had 

Full fat cottage cheese and berries 

Some egg, cheese and spinach

Tea was supposed to be a chicken dish where a chicken breast was stuffed with cream cheese and herbs but I’d had to cook my chicken breast last night so it didn’t go off! I had some leftover cabbage too that I warmed and stirred the cream cheese into. The small amount of fat satisfies the mouth feel and the appetite. 

I get the science behind it. After the 12 weeks you are supposed to go to the very well documented 5:2 - wether this is long term sustainable for me we are yet to see. I was great at SW when I was in full flow - maybe this 12 weeks can give me a kick up the backside jumpstart back into it! 

I’ve been on the scales and already the numbers ar down, but more than that, I’ve noticed I feel better! Some of the meals have been shared and enjoyed by Mr 23 but the HG isn’t a fan! So I’m cooking for three ha - them and me. Tonight they’ve had a lovely Northern stew and dumplings 


So that’s TNB. I’m just blogging whilst reliving a bit of my youth ( when I wasn’t really actually that fat ) and watching totp 2 - it’s 1990 and this is Sisters of Mercy! The following act was Cliff Richard!! I’m now power singing along to the number one Show me heaven Maria McKee! 

Bluebell has scarpered and is up on the bed with her dad. He’s knackered. I’m just waiting for the dryer and then I’ll be abed. I’ve steamed through the Hand Maids tale and I’m almost at the end of series 3.

Sewing tomorrow and rugby. NO BAKING because I am not going to torture myself!! 

Lots of love from Rachel *if you know what it’s like to dream a dream* Radiostar xxx 


  1. Your not alone on the weight bounce back, both hubby and I want to lose the Christmas excess, I say Christmas, but it went on from early December to end Of Feb,just a few extra weeks and pounds.

  2. Having lost 2.5 stone last year and put a stone back on on the last 2 months I have also decided to give the fast 800 a try - book arrived a couple of days ago and I plan to start it on Monday (was my bday last weekend and Mothering Sunday tomorrow, so figured after then was less temptation!) So will be joining you, but a week behind :)

  3. You are not alone in your up and down battle. I've successfully eaten my way through lockdowns and am rather ashamed of how I have to squeeze into things (or not!). You got this lady!! :) -Jenn

  4. Hey buddy, just make sure you don't confuse being amazing and attractive with your weight as lots of girlies do...I've known you smaller and bigger and you are a wonderful WONDERFUL person: forget this at your peril xxx

  5. I've not heard of the fast 800 but I know a few people who've done the paleo keto diet, although the thought of butter in coffee makes me feel a bit queasy. I think you did brilliantly on your SW diet but the most important thing is doing it for yourself and that you feel good. Whichever diet route that takes you down then good luck. I don't doubt for a minute you can do it :) xx


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