Saturday 20 March 2021

Day 12

 Not gonna lie, day 11 and 12 have been tough. My energy levels are low. 

Last night I caved and had a Freddo frog chocolate 

It was so sweet. Brain kicked in. Hmmm. Ah well 

Day 13 now and breakfast was not one I’ll have again! As O said to my friend. I ate it. I understood my body has been nourished brilliantly, but it did not spark joy! 

The Freddo sparked joy for the 5

Seconds it took to eat it and then sparked hours of opposite. 

Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t have an inner voice re food? I really really wonder what that is like! 

Work was fine. One more week until Easter Break. 

I think I need to go get my eyes re tested - it’s getting impossible to see without my specs and having just done the census that wrote in BIG LETTERS 


Maybe I need to get me eyes checked again! Varifocals needed. 

The dog is asleep. The HG is cleaning the kitchen yay. I’m going to potter and do bits and bobs. 

Full fat Greek yogurt with apples 
Leftover chicken stir fry .so yum 
This is my Day 13 breakfast. It was not nice. 

Lunch is pancetta and butternut squash soup yet to be made. Fingers crossed it’s good! 
Lots of love from Rachel *Saturday* Radiostar


  1. I'm a little loathe to ask but what exactly was Day 13 breakfast? It definitely looks like something that wouldn't spark joy. X

  2. I'd forgotten about the Census. Must remember to fill that in tomorrow. I can't make out breakfast, what is it? I've lost over half a stone staying at Mums, it's all the going up and down stairs. Been back here a couple of weeks and I've already put 2lbs on. It's not food with me, it's exercise. I need to start walking as much as I sit crocheting, so that's my plan for next week. The thought of going out in the cold is horrible though. Those Freddo frogs are so tiny these days I wouldn't worry about it too much. xx


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