Tuesday 9 March 2021

TNB day 2

 Breakfast sounded so promising and looked delicious. Don’t you think? 

It was absofuckinglutely vile. It was rank and bitter and horrible. It took me all morning to drink it! Not one I’ll be having again. 

Lunch was an omelette with cottage cheese and spinach. I added Cajun spices and I enjoyed it, after a trot round the block with Bluebell. 

Tea was well worth the wait! Turmeric chicken! The house smelt divine. AND the best bit is there’s leftovers for lunch! Lovely! 

Day 2 of 84 done! Also day 2 of school.Also the day after *that* interview that I never watched, actively avoiding the news etc. 

Am currently sat on my bum watching Million Pound Pawn wondering why these watches that people have are SO EXPENSIVE?? Why??? And why do I not have one to sell??!!! The handbags are horrible that they are selling for ££££ 


One man’s meat is another man’s poison etc. Each to their own. 

Il take off my judgey knickers now! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *how the other half live* Radiostar xxx


  1. I didn't watch the interview either. Can't stand Oprah and I liked the idea of her at the start but found her behaviour very strange.

    I don't try smoothies, they just never live up to their promise. I miss omelets. Had an allergic reaction to hard boiled eggs and a side of cottage cheeese. Took a week to recover.

  2. I love when a meal gives you leftover for lunch the next day. I have porridge with blueberries and raspberries every morning, keeps me full.

  3. I rarely make a shake or smoothie. The kitchen is a complete mess by the time I've finished and all I end up with is a frothy glass of something that doesn't taste like anything.

    I watched the interview. To be honest I didn't think there was anything earth shattering that was said, it was pretty much an elongated version of the half dozen clips that were on the news. The weirdest thing was the chicken coop scene where she claimed they got married 3 days earlier. If she'd have said we exchanged personal vows at our rehearsal that would have made sense but to claim they were already married when they walked down the aisle is just too bizarre.

    Mark has those sorts of watches. They're a really good investment, much better than money in the bank, but basically unless you buy and sell, they just tell the time lol. xx

  4. I watched a snippet of THE interview and that snippet was more than enough! I am also fed up of the news here and BBC World news...I want to hear good things...tch! I dont know what it tasted like but that smoothie is definitely not the sort of thing I could face for breakfast at anytime. Lunch sounds great I do like a nice omelette and dressing. Tea ...yes scrumptious too! keep well Amanda x

  5. A shame the smoothie wasn't nice. At least now you know. What was in it to make it so nasty?


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