Monday 15 March 2021

TNB Week 2

 Day 8 

The main meal was beef stroganoff and it was absolutely delicious. 

And best of all? LEFTOVERS! 

Week 1 of 12 completed and 11lbs gone! Vanished! No idea where. Long may they stay away! 

We are watching the pottery programme- where they’ve made sinks. And the judge is crying. And I love that about him.

Watching hits form the 80s last night and I realised just how beautiful Adam Ant was in his heyday. Stripe or no stripe. Hence my photos taken off a quick g oogle search. It was a fabulous way to spend the evening and me and the HG did some living room kareoke and some chair dancing! 

I’ll not be doing any sewing tonight as I find Mondays my most tiring and tonight is no exception.

Right am off, the HG just put the pottery final on! 

My take on the news - might not be popular but 

I genuinely cannot comprehend the need for women to gather like they did, in a pandemic, to mourn for someone they didn’t know. It was absolutely horrific what happened and the monster that did it wants throwing in a lion pit for what he did to that beautiful young woman. 

The senseless acts of both mourners/ protesters and police  have just driven straight into the media frenzy. 

Hundreds of women in a park in London are never ever ever going to stop the rapists and murderers. Never. It’s pointless. No, women should t have to look over their shoulder and BE able to walk home in the dark and I hundred percent agree with the messages saying it’s not the woman’s fault ever for being raped etc - it is ALWAYS ALWAYS the man’s fault - no sane person would ever contest that. 

That gathering on Clapham Common changes nothing, and will not bring her back. It could also have brought distress to her poor poor family at this time.  How many other Women go missing and are murdered each week? Hundreds. People should have shown their respect, sure hold a vigil etc but go, queue up, place a candle or tribute and leave. Dignified and without safety my issues for themselves or the police. And all this educate your boys - do boys that are well brought up ( yes, like mine, really need to be taught about it not being ok to sexually harass or rape or murder someone??? I think what needs changing is the law and the way so many victims are let down by the crime prosecution service and systems that fail to bring them justice. 

Anyway off my soap box now. If you disagree, that’s ok. This is my blog and I will write what I want to. It’s over there in my bio ———>

Lots of love from 

Rachel *square eyes* Radiostar 


  1. Omg!! Someone who is speaking sense - I have been wandering around this weekend muttering to my family about the insanity of the protests. I will never condone assaults/ rape/murder - but I also do not condone the mass gathering of people in a pandemic for any reason. And yes, throw the b*****d responsible to the lions.

    I also do not feel the need to share the post seen all over Facebook this weekend about raising a son who your daughter will be safe with. My 3 sons know right and wrong - I do not need to advise the world via Facebook of my parenting skills!


  2. I agree with you about the so called vigil, apart from anything else "stay at home and only make essential journeys" and the police are expected to police that.

  3. I agree with you, the media frenzy is so disrespectful to her family, they don't want her memory to be about this. I have lived in sleepy Somerset and nice Hampshire, but all my life I have taken care walking home alone, it's never going to change. The police were again trying to uphold the law, I have heard comments there were agitators of different groups in the crowds, so it was always set up to end badly.

  4. Totally agree with you and the comments!

  5. I agree with you entirely. I have two sons (now grown up) and I know we have taught them to value and respect women. I cannot see how these mass gatherings help in any way and it must be very upsetting for the family of the murdered woman. Well done on 11-lbs loss. My eldest son is Type 1 diabetic and he has been on a paleo (?spelling) diet and lost 4 and half stones, the clinic are very impressed with him plus his blood sugars have never been so regulated. I am eternally the shape of a giant beach ball on legs, I love carbs too much. Regards Sue H.

  6. Agree 100% about the vigil. What happened to Sarah Everard was beyond terrible, but stay at home, light a candle, say a prayer, whatever. Just don't gather in crowds, especially during a pandemic. Loved the Pottery Throwdown and Keith Brymer Jones is so passionate. I love that he's not ashamed to let the tears flow.


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