Sunday 14 March 2021

TNB Day 6

 Saturday was a good day. Washing done. Ventured out into the real world- only to Lidl mind, where I was ages, buy only because the people in there were being so courteous and mindful. Everyone waited for each other and gave plenty of space. 

One of my meals on this week’s menu was sea bass. Now I’m not a natural fish eater at all. But my friends gets it fromLidl all the time and I thought if my fussy eater ma in law likes it then I can try it. Admittedly, I do get squeamish about fish. It was cheap and tiny and already descaled and it did not smell fishy! 

So I tried it. It was DELICIOUS! Bluebell enjoyed the leftovers after a walk and a bath - eating her tea in the living room, in her dressing gown! 

Yesterday’s breakfast was good too. 

TheFast bit in the diet title is all to do with Time restricted eating - which does make me laugh a lot because it’s what most people do anyway. But they have different types of fasting and eating windows. It’s all to do with the science of cells and insulin regulation. 

The biggest changes for me are not eating to wake up my metabolism - something I’ve done for a long time and buying FULL FAT EVERYTHING! I do get the science behind it. Thank you all for your kind comments in my last post. 

T - thank you my love - I don’t mean to let it define me if that is what it sounds like. 

S - it’s not as strict as paleo/keto / I have tried butter in my coffee and you have to blend it and it just tasted creamy. But an alien concept. 

Right enough of that! Wales beat Italy spectacularly. England then thankfully beat France! I do not think Wales will have as an easy time of it! I love the 6 nations. 

I plan a day of sewing and relaxation on Sunday - hahaha as if I do anything else! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * Happy Saturday * Radiostar xx

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