Monday 15 March 2021

TNB Day 7 Mother’s Day

 Made it to the end of week one! 

My breakfast made me laugh and the veggie lasagne was divine AND there’s leftovers for tomorrow! 

I’ve done some dressmaking. Got lovely cards and gifts free m my childers. We called to socially see our mums and ended the day with some great nostalgic 80s music top 30 type programmes. 

I’ve finished Handmaids Tale and now I can’t wait for S4. 

Bed now at 22.11 

I’m tired 


Rachel *zzzzzzz* Radiostar xxx

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  1. Well done! Handmaid's Tale is brilliant! They say season 4 will be premiering the end of April this year...I can't wait :-) Have you seen a Discovery of Witches...just finished watching season 2. keep well Amanda x


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