Saturday 30 April 2011

Went outside this morning...was LOADS of time!

Got up, went garden paint shopping. Came back. Painted.

Lovely blue but looking a bit tired.

Gorgeous new bird bath Mr Radiostar made out of an old uplighter we were going to throw away! Something like this costs a fortune int shops!

Teasing glimpse of new blue...I do prefer the old blue on the stonework but this Summer Blue from Homebase was billy bargain ten quid half price! I'd have to pay £30 for the blue of the old and as we all know times is hard!

Oops old one sneaked in out of synch!

Barnd spanking newly blue. Stonework - Summer Blue by Homebase, Fence Panels - Bluebell by does what itsays oin the tin Ronseal also billy bargain fiver off a tin!

The new does look smarter( God I am SO boring about my fences but I LOVE them!!! I DO love to sit and watch the paint dry on these beauties!)

Last of the leeks freshly harvested today

Girl child actually later plaited the roots - Leek Couture!


  1. That is a lovely blue colour!! I like fences too. Lovely boyfriend has a very interesting gardening book with different fences in it. I didnt know there could be so many! (should I be admitting to this in public that I like fences???)

    Lovely home grown leeks too. nom nom nom. V. tasty if you make shepherds pie and then slice leeks and put on top with lots of cheese and bake in oven ala Delia.


  2. Mmmmm I will be doing that for tea tomorrow and will take photos!

    Fences are brilliant, be proud to be a fencist! I know I am!!


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