Tuesday 12 April 2011

Well, the journey starts here...

My darling, sweet innocent little nephew Harry, yes you've met him before - the one I helped out into this world, now beings the fight of his life.
 Last week, after days and weeks of agonising what iffing, his mama was told the devastating news that he has
The news hit us like the tsunami hit Japan - non stop endless waves of heart cruching pain. Of course I looked it up on google and of course I found all  the bad, scary stuff. But with time for reflection and the guidance of the excellent medical professionals, although the future is hard and may seem bleak - we are headed off into the distance on a journey that WILL be successful and he will be OK. I know it.

Lots of good sites out there. Good, honest facts

I will no doubt become an expert and hope my sister doesn't mind me prattling away on here.

Please send prayers and healing thoughts our way. Little man will need them xx


  1. Hey Rach,
    Brave post my dear, and you know that my thoughts and prayers are with your sister, Harry and of course with you - you're a rock you know, not just a rock chick :o)
    Very best regards,

  2. Hey Rachel - found you through MurphyFish: keeping little one in my prayers xx Love, Fostermummy X

  3. Hi Rachel, You don't know me, but I found your blog and you, your family and especially Harry are in my prayers, Love Froogs xx

  4. Hey Rachel,

    Found you via John (Murphyfish)...

    Thoughts, Prayers and best wishes...


  5. Hey folks, I am really genuinely touched that you took the time to pop by! Despite what John said, weeping, wailing, advice, anything right now is welcome :) I will go see your fine work too later on!
    Thanks again. Humankind is top banana xx

  6. "Human kind is top banana"? Your a star Rachel, one in a million ;o)Take care me dear.
    John of the sore finger

  7. I really feel for you and your family, Rachel but it sounds as if you are a strong, united family and will pull together to tackle this. Best wishes in the time ahead.

  8. Harry will be in my prayers... poor little lad but here's hoping that the only news you get is good news xx

  9. John (Murphyfish) said you had some troubles and could use a little support. (good man!) It's really tough to see a little one sick. I'm so sorry. God bless your nephew and your family. Stay strong and stay together.

  10. Hiya! Found you via Murphyfish.

    Sorry to hear your awful news.
    Dont really know what to say, but thinking of you all and sending hugs, (weeping and wailing? I dont think I really do them...sorry! I do practical!!) I am sure you have been given loads of support and help, but here is Macmillians' and Cancer UK websites



    there is a bit on useful organisations on both of these. I cant praise these charities enough.

    Hope that is of some help...
    Thoughts and best wishes to you and your family.


  11. Best wishes. Hang in there.

  12. Murphyfish sent me, too. Your news hits like a belly-blow, I am so sorry. Cyber hugs and good thoughts going your way.


  13. My thoughts are with you & your's.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  14. Hi Rachel. That John from Murphyfish guiding us toward you. Positive Vibes for you and Harry from Northern California.


  15. I am here form MurphyFish. I am so sorry! I will be praying for you and your family!

  16. Hi Rachel:

    I'll be praying for Harry and all your family. God bless you.


  17. Came to visit you via John (Musings of MF). Will keep your nephew and sister and you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all will be well.

  18. Hi Rachel -

    My friend John sent me your way, and I would like to let you know that you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Peace and take care (and nice to meet you!) -


  19. EE by gum, that John person is a popular guy!! He should be in marketing or something! Thank you all again!

  20. Hi Rachel,

    I found you through John, who I found through Froogs.

    Just popped by to say you and ALL your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong, pull together and you WILL get through this.

    Much love and cyber ((hugs)).

    Sue xx

  21. Another nice big comforting hug from an itinerant stranger here for you and yours. You've obviously done the reading and know the path.

    Walk strong.

  22. Hi Rachel, thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  23. Well,we bloggers can do amazing things when we put our mind and heart too it. I am a blogging friend of John's also. God bless the little one and your family.

  24. E-hugs and best vibes from deepest darkest Texas to young Harry and his family. Do not underestimate the power of music to soothe, comfort and allay fear, especially in a child. A well-loaded MP3 player can provide a safe haven where he can find peace and sleep. Stories read aloud of the underdog winning out against long odds give the little one courage and a meme to hang his healing on. Do not be wary of the stories that get dark and hard before they get light. His story is pretty dark and hard, too. If you are the religious sort, the 23rd Psalm pretty much covers all the bases.
    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<

  25. Hi there, found you via Murphyfish, who I also found via Froogs, lots of best wishes and positive vibes to you, your family and to your dear little nephew. Ali from Dorset.

  26. Lots of love to your family Rachel. He is such cutie.


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