Thursday 7 April 2011

I love my job....

Today is Year 1 day - O how those little folks make my heart sing! Today Miss Radiostar was leading them gently on from talking about rules last week to the law this week and all the things that will happen should they break the law and get themselves arrested, go to court and be sent . To. Jail.
( I honestly left out the bits about TV and games consoles, ensuite rooms, three good meals a day, education, free gym facilities and work should they choose to ).

They were all solemn faced as they promised me they'd not break the law and they would not go to prison when they grow up! They are frankly AMAZED that when they are grown up they will get the AWESOME ( their words) moniker of " Citizen" They are so funny - but the one who finished me off ( and some of you, if you read the post a while back of things they want to do when they grow up) was a little boy who wanted to tell me what happened if you broke the law. He held his hands up to me, wrists together,
( I knew he was going to talk about handcuffs)
and said
" I know what happens when the policeman catches the robins breaking the law"

O MAN him and his robins. I was ROFLMBFAO ON THE INSIDE! Picturing a tiny little bird in tiny little handcuffs ( I will google image this just to satisfy my own needs)
Nope - nothing doing so here is a picture of a robin instead - imagine your own cuffs on the little fiend.

On the other matter - waiting game is almost over.


  1. Next year, I think Tom & I should come to your scared straight day! Tom could be a special guest!

    Your school would pay for our travel, right? ;)

    Where do they get their tiny robin cuffs, you think?

  2. You have to watch them Robins you know, sneaky little .....


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