Thursday 14 April 2011

I had a good day today

Harry had a comfortable night. They are now home. Thank you to everyone who has posted well wishes. Now the immediate furore has passed, the awfulness of not knowing, what iffing and lets look up the bad things on the internet we are all moving forwards. I slept through last night - something I haven't done in weeks! So for now, even though I will keep updating - I think I'd like to slide back into relative blog obscurity just rambling away to myself about nothing!

Today I had a blast with my good friend who is bravely holding her 40th birthday party at her house! New York is the fancy dress theme and I am going as a ......HOT DOG!!! Got my costume and I can honestly say it's almost as flattering as the space hopper costume I wore to my friend's 70s themed wedding last year! I love the anonimity fancy dress gives and all that horrible ( I do it too) pulling to bits of each other that us girls do. Even those of you who will scoff and scorn and say
"Not I said the fly"
  do it.

So I have put up banners, balloons, shifted furniture and entertained three small children in the car whilst she enjoyed a 45 minute long "nip" into Sainsburys!! We played eye spy.First with things, then with numbers and finally with colours. Alex Murphy ( who ALWAYS gets his full name - but he did say to me that I could just call him Alex, he didn't mind) would say a letter and no matter what my guess was - I was alrighys right! He is five. He will be eight next year he told me solemnly!!
I introduced them to a new game. What am I?
Me. I have 4 legs
Alex Murphy : No you don't!
Me: I have a tail
Alex Murphy ( in giggles) No you don't!
Me: I am grey
Alex Murphy: No you are not
Me: I have big ears
Alex Murphy: UTTER SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elise: You are an elephant! Play again! So I was a zebra, then a cat then Alex wanted a turn...
Alex Murphy: I have 6 legs, I have 3 eyes, I have 8 arms and a trunk on my back. What am I?
Was a very charming afternoon! Thankfully my friend wasn't TOO long after that!


  1. "What am I?" is a long family tradition for us! I never had the kids suggest a make-believe animal though lol What a cute kid.

    I can't wait to see your hot dog costume!

  2. Oh yeah, sorry about your big ears!

  3. He is possibly one of the cutest kids I laid eyes and ears on!

  4. I'm waiting anxiously to see you dressed up as a hotdog. Hope the 40th was a success for your friend.


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