Saturday 30 April 2011

Firstly, I had to wipe tears from my eyes lady

 Go to my friend's blog and read this brave post. Go on - off you go....
THE DENTIST then this is my reply

Firstly, I had to wipe tears from my eyes lady- I love you so so much and be brave xx it’ll be worth it in the end.
Secondly. KIMBERLEY – I AM exactly the same as you are. Although my mum never ever said things like that. But plenty of other people did.( I creid again at this point)
AND THIRDLY, ERYN are you looking ……..because of our invisible stretches a million miles across the world bond twillight zone thingy we have going on ( & why is it ususally the bad stuff?)
I went to the dentist on Tuesday 26th April to be told to my horror that after 20 years I needed a filling. The decay is on the inside, I have strong enamel on the outside. How my sweet little dunno where she is from Latvia? Poland? Norway? dentist lady could see this I have no idea but I don’t wanna fillingggggggg. THEN to add insult to injury last night eating a toffee ( If I wasn’t fat I wouldn’t have been eating a bloody toffee) I pulled out the other filling I have – this one is like half a tooth size. It’s left a horrid sharp half a tooth with a big cavern that I am desperately trying to keep my tongue out of. It makes me cringe. ( I need to blog this out later!!) So I cannot ring the dentist till Tuesday because of the Bank Holidays so I cannot eat anything – cured my toffee habit STRAIGHT away…
Fourthly – please can do do something good karma wise for me like win the lottery???!!!
Much love and can’t wait to see the new gnashers – and college fund? What’s that? We went to the daughter’s uni meeting and they confrimed fees of 9K a year!!! We have no college fund! She’ll have to be at least 27K in debt at the minimum for the rest of her life!! We never had it so good!!

Let's go back to the tooth - I am going to take a photo....

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  1. I will be in most of the day to accept unwanted toffee deliveries.


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