Sunday 17 April 2011

Sunny day ahead

After being able to cuddle baby H forever yesterday I feel even more protective and love for him. Chicken Pox will kill him, so if any of you have it, or come in contact please read this with protective clothing on or something!!

The New York themed 40th was brilliant!! As one of the male ( he was classed somewhat as a heart throb back in the day)'s like standing outside M&S at 3.30pm again!!! As most of us who were there were all at School together! Mainly brough together again by Facebook. And for that I love it! Was a great night, King Kong was there complete with the Empire State Building, a Big Apple turned up. Star of the show was Marylin Monroe birthday girl. Her husband was the Mustard Bottle to my hotdog (photos to follow I promise!). There were a whole heap of Noo Yoik cops, Andy Warhol came as did someone out of Kiss!! The food was great ( I took american stylee hotwings) the drink was a flowing and I did get tipsy!! But not rip roaringly out of it as some bright spark - me - had booked the car in for it's MOT at 8.30am!!!Who does that on a Saturday morning? Esp after THE ONLY NIGHT OUT SO FAR THIS YEAR!!!

Today I am about to go out into the garden. I have more veggies to plant and dandelions to evict from my lawn.
Bike shed is NEARLY done!! Well, all the blocks are in situ. We need ( I love how I say we here when infact Mr Radiostar takes full credit) a window and a roof on it, oh and a one might think the word nearly is a bit ambitious!!

Let the Dandecull commence! laters taters :)


  1. Sounds like a fab night. Love fancy dress!!

    Good to hear you got lots of cuddle time. Will do you both good! (I have had the pox, so I am ok!!!)

    Have fun getting rid of the Dandylions. :-) I need to do mine...


  2. well you are his second mummy so you get the next biggest cuddles after me. I've started my own blog, feel free to lookand comment lol


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