Monday 25 April 2011

Lovely morning tinged with sadness

Good morning cruel world,
I have already been outside, planting my new blue rose bush and weeded and swept the front like the good Victorian housemama I am. Then because the last day of my freedom allows it, I have breakfasted with cornflakes and facebook.
My dear friend,had had to do that awful task of letting me know her mum died on Easter Sunday. I thought about her mum last night before I was going to bed and the news wasn't a surprise. She had been in hospital a while and the ward sister had had the chat and then we were able to discuss it over vodka and I think it helped a little. However, even though you know something is going to happen it still hurts like crazy when it does and I am lucky enough to still have both parents but I type this with tears prickling in my nose and throat for my friend. Here is a hug for all those cliches we discussed. <<<<0000>>>>  
So, if your mama is still here make sure you give them an extra bit of love today because you do not know when there'll be that time when you can't. xx


  1. It didn't just help "a little" helped a lot. Thank you.

  2. Just call me Tesco XXX I'll still be here for you no matter what - the hard part is when all the 'fuss' has died down


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