Monday 18 April 2011

Monday Morning

Good Morning everyone! It's going to be a lovely day. I woke up to find a zillion pics of me had been posted!! I cannot believe how short I am until I have my picture took against - I used to call them giants - but alas, the truth is they are just normal sized people! If I show you a pic on my own I think I look tall enough....

<<<<<<<<<that is the top of my head! The rest of the space is not taken up by my brains but by what actually my brains are like - lots of fluffy wadding!

Today I get back on my OPTW quest. I have been struggling of late but am renewed in the fact that I have NOT LONG LEFT AT ALL till F day. Gulp. Everyone wants me to have a party - but I really do wanna let it slip by!

Today I shall be mostly outside again, Some yellow headed beasts escaped the Dandecull and it wasn't quite as warm as I'd like yesterady.

I only have today and tomorrow left of my hols to myself as Mr Radiostar takes a long well deserved rest from Wednesday till after the wedding!!

I might have something interesting to write about then! Don't think we are going camping but if I get my act together I might just book us a sneaky cheap travel lodge somewhere in this gorgeous counrty of ours that we have never been to! I am really feeling the need to visit a stately home - not been to one in aaaaaages! 


  1. Do your feet reach the floor when you stand? Then you're tall enough, my new friend!

    What is OPTW? I run into all sorts of problems between English English and American English to start, then there are those fascinating cultural differences, too, which I love.

    Wedding??? I'm new to your Blog and need an update fast! Yours?

    Happy trails!

  2. OO Helene I giggled at your comments! I think we will get along just famously! As I read my post I see where the confusion may come! The Wedding, is of course the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate whatshername!! We've been given the day off to celebrate!

    OPTW is my key name for my last ever attemot to be svelte and slender of limb. It stands for Operation Tiny Waist!!!!!

    My feet DO reach the floor - I just actually checked!! :) Popping over to yours now...

  3. Are you wearing this camping?
    I want to see a pic of this...

  4. Ah, the Royal Wedding. I plan to get up at 3 AM-ish and tune in. Blearily, with my coffee in hand I'll watch until the school calls me to sub, or watch the whole morning if no teachers are absent.

    Enjoy your day off to celebrate. I watched Prince Charles and Diana's wedding many years ago, and look forward to seeing how things have changed (or not).

    Good luck with OPTW. I did a medically supervised partial fast two years ago and lost 60 pounds (American; would that be 4.4 stone?). Have held it up and down 5-10, but am back at it again. I need a knee replacement and must lose more in order to do the physical therapy properly. In the meantime, I crutch around doing chores with my hubby, and do my daily walk with the dog my doctor requires.


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