Friday 22 April 2011


Well, Thursday was pretty good - spending it on the beach with my beloveds.  Photos later.Then I looked at my sister's new blog and wanted to weep at what she wrote for her profile piece.

"I am a short and slightly (but soon to be put right) overweight thirty something. I have caught the blogging bug from my even shorter nearer forty sister. She is right in saying that mum is always right and why oh why do I catch my self saying the very same things I hated hearing as a child. I have travelled the world a bit (well if you call europe and the states the world) and in my short life have been married, divorced and finally settled down with my loverly Danny and we have 4 unbelievably gorgeous children. I used to be a Bank Manager, but got out before Banking went bad and I am now a FTM (full time mum)and it is the best full time job in the world. My big but shorter sister is my best friend and has shared so much with me, mainly the pains of childbirth and the angst of poor Harry's predicament. I hope I can repay the favour one day"

Lisa, you don't EVER have to repay the favour. It's not a favour - it's just how it is!  If you go lookee please say nice things!

Today brings more sunshine - I shall not be doing the ultimate thigh workout that is sand dune climbing. I shall be mostly doing my favourite thing which is sitting on my arse outside! I have some new purple flowers to plant and may need to replant some sprouts as the slugs have all but two - the slimy low down little bastards.
Catch up with folks later when I have uploaded pics.
Rachel :) xx

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