Wednesday 4 May 2011

More paint ( blue of course ) some positive news then a life crasher AGAIN.

Good Morning, well, my freedom WAS taken ( thanks for the pep talk Mel Gibson, but my boss didn't listen!) and I was back at work yesterday but not before a weekend of painting!
This time my chimney pots needed redoing...
Out with the darker blue in with the lighter... My pots are getting old, over 100 years old to be exact and they are cracking! Hopefully my paint will hold them together...

That isn't bird poop - it's where the paint has come off...

Newly purpled

Patio paints £ 1.99 at Hobbycraft. I used these for my pots.

I WARNED Mr Radiostar what would happen if he stood still long enough in my garden!

I am a messy painter. It was also up my arms, down my legs, on my chest and my tummy and face :)

Normally I plant pretty flowers ( only blue and purple ) but thos year I have gone with strawberries. I hope they will grow...I did get a bit of paint on them......

Blue sky, blue fence, Mr Radiognome in full shades of blue technicolour!!( Really it's an old gnome I found hidden amongst my (purple) geraniums that the boy child won for me in a tombola!)

Can you spot the imposter?

BLOODY YELLOW POPPY HOW DARE YOU!!!! ( It was quickly escorted from the premises shortly after thios shot was taken)

My little toes! But I love howe the sun's rays come over the wall!

I wonder where this ring of blue paint come from - is it a crop circle?

Now for the positive news - Baby has had the all clear for his Lumbar Puncture and Bone Marrow tests so the cancer hasn't spread. His blood count was also high enough for him to have more toxic drugs to be pumped into his little body...but we are taking it all as GOOD as it's baby steps closer to recovery :)
Life crasher - if any of you go over to my sister's blog, you'll see she had some devastsating news from her friend that her baby boy had died in the womb. O it's set me off again. It brings it all back to me. So so sad. As always in this cruel world, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS someone with troubles worse than your own.
Much love to all of you out there :) xx

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  1. V. good news about Harry's lumber puncture etc being clear!
    The blue crop circle is indeed a mystery...

    This seems to be a week of life crashers. Its a really bad week for lots of people. Cant begin to imagine what it must feel like and it makes you realise that the little things we moan about (like too much work in my case!) are not really important at all in the great scheme of things.

    Much love to you and your family as well.


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