Monday 13 April 2020

What I did on Lockdown Easter Sunday

The day started as per usual. Around 6ish, let the dog out, frothy coffee and a bit of telly watching. 
I do like Create and craft on s Sunday and the designer of the quilt I showed you was on again. Anyway, I saw her new design, had some Christmas money and decided to treat myself to it. Very excited for it coming. It is definitely more tricky than the one I've done but it will bring hours of joy to me.  Plus it will be a reminder of how lucky I was to be treated  by all the mums and dads and in laws I have! ( My Mum and Dad,  ma in law pa in law to clarify. )

Took Bluebell for a walk and we had the whole field to ourselves. Here she is having a rest after catching the ball a zillion times.

On the walk I spotted a flash of blue amongst the nettles...closer inspection revealed bluebells - Spanish ones if I am not mistaken. Headed home where, waiting to get in, I saw some bluebells had opened in the front garden and thought I'd show you my disliked frilly tulips! Not the snake skin ones - dunno where they are - but I am pleased to announce that my Bluebells are native ones!

Spanish Bluebells
Wet ears from dewey grass!
Front garden bluebells and emerging blue campion geranium leaves. 

So pretty

Just too fancy for my liking!

Our Sunday Roast was beef and yorkshires. I was very pleased with them! Apple for scale. I do prefer mine a little less brown, but were delicious with mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, roast sweet potatoes,  glazed carrots ( thanks Gary Rhodes ), peas and  steamed sweetheart cabbage and gravy. no room for pudding! 

The one at the top looks like it's singing!!! Did somebody say just eat? Oh go on then!! My photo quality of colour is poor - my roast beef was meduim and so tender. Plenty left over for today.

No plans as such for this Bank Holiday Monday. I might bake some biscuits. I've a dark load to do. Sunshine all day forecast but much colder with a high of 10C showing on my phone.  Currently blogging from bed, Bluebell has had her breakfast and is now snoozing within the quilt!

Thought I'd share a funny message I got from my sister yesterday about William - he is so hilarious by accident. He was baking a cake.
He asked her if you catch coronavirus from flour. She told him no. He wanted to know why she'd made him wash his hands then!!! Boys! Hideous filthy germ ridden beings!

Dunno what's for tea today. Most probs cold roast beef, chips and gravy. What are you having?

Lots of love from
Rachel *going to dye her roots now* Radiostar xx


  1. Spanish or native bluebells are lovely but I much prefer the ones with wet ears :) I'm hoping to go to see some bluebells myself later, but first work. X

    1. I agree, wet eared Bluebells are the best kind x

  2. Lovely photo's, your flowers look beautiful, we did not bother with a roast yesterday, so no leftover today. I am planning a new crochet project, busy watching videos to show how to do it. I won't be cycling today, the bike needs a new softer seat, and my undercarriage needs a rest.

    1. You forget how painful cycling is on the derriere when you've not done it for a while!

  3. I've got some Spanish bluebells in the garden, I've put in a complaint to the gardener, I want British!

    Your Yorkshire puds look fantastic. I am too lazy to make my own, but I am so tempted after seeing yours. I used to, and then freeze them, but haven't done that for a couple of years now.

    Reading your previous post, people are doing my head in too. There's an awful lot of selfish morons about, don't seem to care about the point of keeping apart. The more we do, the more we can weaken the virus to the point of being able to control it instead of the other way around, the sooner we can get back to normal. but nah, they've got to do what THEY'VE got to do haven't they? Grr. Don't get me started. Just don't. Don't, ok??!!

    Have a lovely BH Monday, lovely to have something nice ordered and on the way. xx

    1. Maybe your gardner will tell me I'm wring! I am no expert!! Have a lovely Thursday x

  4. Morning :) Love the bluebells, but the jury is out on the tulips although I love the colour of the magenta one. The quilt is fabulous and I bet you don't find it hard at all. I find they look more complicated than they are until I've watched a tutorial. Your Sunday lunch looks good. We had sirloin steaks yesterday followed by crumble. Soooo good.

    I've given up with Thomas and hygiene. I'm sure coronovirus would take one look at him and scarper! Nothing planned here today but I am waiting for a delivery of jigsaws sometime this week. The excitement is too much to bear at times lol. Have a good day. xx

    1. I saw your jigsaws arrived. Hope you didn't spontaneously combust or anything!

  5. LOve ALL the bluebells!! Your lunch looked and sounded delishes. We had stuffed turkey breast with all the trimmings. No room for dessert. I love the new quilt kit!


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