Saturday 4 April 2020

What have I been sewing?

Sewing Saturday

Well I thought I would document the making of my very first quilt. It is a gift for the HG. I bought the kit in 2017 from create and craft. It's by Janet Clare and called Great Gulls. I have started a tumbler quilt but that's on the back burner for now! But first I had a little practice at free motion sewing on my machine. I think my sewing writing is neater than my actual handwriting! I made this into a long mat for my  drinks of cold water at work - the condensation does leave rings! The puffin was cut out of some left over fabric I had and the denim was from my old jeans stash! 

 So, the quilt pack comes as a layercake which is 10' x 10' squares. So I began by sewing the squares together.

I then had some help from my willing helper. She was so helpful, with me laying the squares on the floor to check the layout I wanted. Helping is very tiring as you can see....

I gave up asking her to move and just carried on as if she wasn't there, 

Simply laying the fabric over the top of her!

She said she was just testing out every square for comfort.

She said it was a good place for a scratch. 

Final layout - thanks to Madam Helpful, it needed extra pressing!

Next, using the template, I made the gulls, including my favourite one that I made out of patchwork oddments.

Quickly place the gulls on before the Helper comes back. 

Too Late!

Locked the helper in her crate for the sandwich making! The backing fabric was an extra wide piece found also on create and craft by House of Alastair for the bargain price of £16 ish. 2.5m square! So no need for joining and I love how the pattern compliments it beautifully. I had ordered a cheap king size quilt in plain grey at first which would have equally have done but I really like this one.

I 'cheated' and used a stipple stencil as I didn't want to ruin it. I dithered with stitch in the ditch or using the seagull template as suggested. But I like the wave effect the stippling adds to the charm. I also chose a neutrally lightish grey too, to represent the white horses on the sea.
I've drawn the lines on with a mixture of fabric frixion pen and chalk. I tell you what, I've really felt the tension across my upper back and shoulders doing this, though I consciously try to relax whilst I sew.
Can you see the hidden message I added?

So no more photographs yet, next job is to cut the fabric for the binding and then to bind. A quick iron will remove the fabric pen and a wash when it's all done will remove the chalk. The cotton wadding will shrink and enhance the overall quilt effect!
I have loved making this. I've other sewing things on the go to. Some embroidery on felt for work - pics when complete and more doggy bags to make.
Just waiting on my lovely butcher to deliver me some lovely meat for the week. We always go to him on the market and now he's doing free deliveries, meat the same price whilst this strange world turns.  Might do sausage casserole for tea, with some oven baked potatoes. I'm treating this lockdown as practice for when I either retire or win the lottery. Who knows which will come sooner! 

The HG, being self employed has zero income right now so we've paused the council tax to start payments in June and I rang Virgin to explain the change in circumstances for out TV and broadband. Cut the monthly payment in half for us! AND before anyone says how TV is not essential - you don't know me! I loves my TV. Currently watching New Amsterdam which I think is on  Amazon Prime - it's so good! The HG will be able to benefit from the govt scheme come June so we are just holding fast until then. We cannot claim any benefits in the meantime due to me working. We are a lot better off than most. 

Looking forward to what The Queen has to say tomorrow afternoon. Think she's bringing the Nation together - well those of us that loves her, like me. I did go out on the front on Thursday and clapped for ALL the people working to keep the country going right now. It was a reet good turn out on our road with some people even banging pots and pans - which actually spoiled the applause I think! But the thing I enjoyed the most and it made me laugh out loud - was a guy in hi vis clearly cycling home from work, came down our road to rapturous applause like he was in the flipping Tour de France!!!

Lots of love for now
Rachel *Stay the Eff at home folks* Radiostar xxx


  1. That quilt is simply beautiful. You're so clever.

    I'm sure we know more or less what Her Majesty is going to say but it's a message worth hearing and repeating over and over again. The Royals are being very supportive and encouraging at this time, I think.

    1. Joy, whilst I love you for your kind comment - I'm not really clever - it is a kit with brilliant instructions - I'm just doing what it says on the tin!

  2. Love your quilt, it's something I have not tried in bigger sizes, but one of our cats would be just the same and lay on my work, I can never put my knitting down. Our lock down is turning me into a baker, hubby is really amused and enjoying my results.
    We love going out on Thursday evening, and calling to our neighbours, keeping in touch.

  3. I too have been baking but flour is scarcer than hen's teeth right now and I'm getting waaaaay too fat!

  4. beautiful work, and I love that you have a little helper with you. They do love to get involved don't they?!
    Thanks for your sweet words lately. xx

  5. Love the quilt and I think your sewing writing is brilliant. Can just imagine HG and Bluebell having a tug of war over it. Glad you've been able to sort out some financial breathing space. I think TV is essential in times like this. You need to be able to trance off to another world and leave this one behind for a while. Our mental health during all this is just as important as our physical. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  6. Love that quilt and the helper - brilliant.

  7. Your quilt is fabulous and you are so lucky to have such a willing helper!!lol.

  8. Your quilt is lovely. I'm always in awe of such creative people. I haven't used a sewing machine in years and, as someone who is clumsy enough to be able to shut her hair in a car door, it's probably best staying that way. X


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