Tuesday 7 April 2020

Binding on, quilt update etc

The hiiiiiillllls are aliiiiii ....  oh - This picture does make me chuckle. It's the policeman in the background that makes me laugh the most. I don't know about you, but humour is certainly getting me through a lot.

Soon, we will all be touched close by sad news close to us, I think. One of my dear friends is having to deal with the death of her father to CV19, and the fact that he is being cremated, alone. Our need to ritual and rites of passage is having to be constricted, for good reason but none the less it's heartbreaking. I do not need to preach to the converted etc and it almost seems pointless talking about it. So I won't.

The quilting bit is complete and this is one of my favourite panels, I love how the stippling has improved the movement!

I trimmed all the excess fabric and wadding from the edges. I then went back around the seagulls with a zigzag stitch so lessen fraying.  Joined 6 strips of 3 inch fabric together and set about attaching the binding. Photos of completed quilt to follow. But for the first time in a long time, I pricked my fingers on the pins and it REALLY HURT. I pondered if it's because my hands are sorer anyway from the handwashing. I have found some great handcream in my boxes of stuff - its a vaseline one and has softened things. 

Someone is a bit sulky that I didn't want her 'help'. 

Can't have a sulky pup so outside we went. Much happier!
I gave someone a little trim.

On Sunday whilst the oven was on, I roasted off some less than glamorous veg in the fridge. Mushrooms, red pepper, onion, carrot and leek. And I let it go cold. I mixed it with some fat free cottage cheese. Whisked 5 eggs with a dollop of soya yogurt and poured onto the veg/cottage cheese mix and baked in a low oven. Absolutely delicious! Will do me for lunches and snacks over the next few days. I have more than a few pounds to re get back off.

Lastly but not leastly, I have a serious problem, I see my dog like this nightly, and I HAVE TO take a photo! Honestly my phone is literally bursting with photos of my dog in her different Springer sprawls! 
She takes up the full settee! 

Right, it's a glorious day - washing and sewing and gardening and pottering to do. It is day 2 of my Easter Holidays and am treating them as such  - the  only difference being we won't be able to see Miss 25 in the flesh and we won't be able to take Madam to the coast or the woods as we drive to these spots.

Lots of love from
Rachel * Have a lovely day folks* Radiostar xxx


  1. Simply stunning, that's all I can say. It is a truly fabulous quile. Did you say it was for someone else? If so, they are very, very lucky indeed.
    The Sound of Music photo made me laugh and the quiche look delicious!

    1. Hi Joy, yes the quilt is for my HG so I will get to enjoy it too ha ha. I wish I could take credit for it, but it's a kit and so well designed! Although my layout is slightly different! I do love Janet Clare though, she seems like a really nice lady too.

  2. That quilt is gorgeous. I also chuckled at the sound of music pic..

    1. Thank you for saying nice things and making me smile x

  3. Not going to comment upon the quilt, far too manly for that but Bluebell is just like Bramble with her expressions, the gorgeous little fluff ball and that quiche picture just makes me hungry.

    1. Hahaha the quilt s being made for a man! I love your cover photo of Bramble - she is adorable 🙃 Have a go at the quiche! Recipe is there.... make it for George- just wait for the veg to go manky! Does taste better!!

  4. That quilt is so calming with its color choices and big squares. The flying birds are beautifully done!

  5. Thank you Ruth, it is a kit mind, and I just followed the instructions x

  6. Absolutely gorgeous quilt, love the fabrics.


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