Sunday 5 April 2020

Lockdown baking

 This horse jigsaw photo from the Internet made me giggle! I meant to include it on my last post.
 Bero book gingersanps....

Left over pastry jam tarts and bonus mince pies

 My first ever home made egg custard tart. Followed the recipe. Didn't blind bake the case. Should have. Will do next time.
 Aunts Olive's ginger nuts - 20 million percent better than the bero book recipe.

Made tandoori chicken kebabs. 

Chicken breasts,  Marinating in fat free yogurt and tandoori spice mix

Bake. Scoff. Can't find photo! 

Rachel* off to make Sunday dinner* Radiostar xxx

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  1. There is so much baking going on just now. I'm almost out of flour! X


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