Thursday 23 April 2020

Wednesday and Thursday this week.

This week has gone really fast I think. Maybe it is because I have been at work. I've been up very early as per usually betwixt 5.30am and 6.30am. I've been tired at night, I think because I've had to be using my brain! I am writing this now as the HG is watching a 'fascinating' programme on how to make a fishing rod.  When I got in from work last night I had left over curry for tea ( see photo below ). It was, I can honestly say, one of the best curry's I have made in ages. I made up my own spice mix, a bit of this n that etc - ground cumin, coriander, chilli powder, garam masala. A tin of tomatoes. Chopped chicken breasts. Chopped onion . Frozen garlic and ginger from the bottom of the freezer.  Tomato puree, a bit of chicken stock and some frozen spinach added at the end. It was really good Tuesday night when I made it. Delicious and even better last night and so good I didn't mind it 3rd time lucky for my tea tonight! I am a bit sad it's all gone now! Was a cafe tea tonight. Pizza for the HG and chunky fishfingers and sweet potato wedges and corn on the cob for Mr 23. 
Before tea though I sat in the garden and enjoyed a cup of tea in the sunshine. And without my glasses on I though that all the petals had come off one of the tulips.....on closer inspection though, I rather think it's an alium! Forgot I had any. Thought I had some in the front but so far none emerging! The first peonies are almost ripe! Maybe tomorrow the hot sunshine forecast might encourage them out. 
Then after I had cleared away and tidies up. I got myself in clean pjs and all comfy in my chair, reclined to watch the Great British Sewing Bee. I promptly fell asleep after 10 minutes. Not because it wasn't worth watching, I think it was because I was so content and relaxed! I was very disgruntled when I woke up at quarter to midnight grrrrr. But all was well because me and Bluebell watched it this morning. That's when I snapped the photo below with her stinky feet at my nose end!

Possibly the best chicken curry I ever made. 

Fairly healthy packed lunch to take to work and Bluebell and I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. 

This is our morning cuddle. Her feet smelt but I really don't mind! I love her so much!

yellow rhubarb leaf  in the background spoiling the artistic photo hahaha

So yesterday a little one at school had turned 6 on Tuesday. Told me yesterday that they missed being 5! And as I love to laugh Ill share a comedytext  chat I had with my sister and my friend about boobs!

It started off 
Lisa - Harry has his piano lesson via zoom at 11. Better make sure he is not in his pyjamas and the piano area is tidy.
Me - And you've got a bra on LOL
Lisa - First job that when I get up. After William once asked, why do you have a bigger chest in the day at night? He was only about 4 or 5 but still...
Me - Hahahahahahahaaahhhaaaahhha I'm telling Eryn
Me - Eryn - another comedy William moment.
Eryn - LOL That's like when I asked my gramma what her boobs were and she told me I would have them too one day. Will they be so looooong?????I asked 
Me - dead from laughter!! 

I saw this online and thought it very apt for this day and age.

Right now, I'm signing off to go clap outside tonight for the bin men I have decided! Mostly because it has been so warm and the bins must stink! I will be very cross and furious if I then see lots of pictures of stacks of police on Westminster bridge etc NOT social distancing.

Lots and lots of love from

Rachel * STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE* Radiostar xxx


  1. My dog also has stinky feet. I'm lead to understand that dogs have scent glands in their feet.

  2. An interesting and cheerful post. I laughed at the boob story.

  3. Your healthy lunch puts mine to shame and I agree with you on curry, it definitely tastes so much better the following day. We've enjoyed a mackerel curry this week.
    I love how children's minds work. Lily keeps referring back to the olden days when she 'used to go to school.' :D

  4. Hahaha aww Lily that's so sweet. Like the boy in my social skills group who couldn't believe I was 'from' the 19s'


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