Friday 10 April 2020

So far this week I have....

Finished the quilt! Washed it, photographed it on the line. Videoed it! Self criticised it. Next time I would stipple quilt it and THEN attach the gulls.  Showed it to Janet Clare - the person who designed it! I have not heard back from her yet.

Began creating something with the  quilt kit be shown soon.

Completed 2 of my online jigsaws as I don't have any at home to do right now and the table is full of kitchen equipment for the moment.

Tidied a bit of the garden, everywhere is full now of bluebells, the peonies have awoken from their Winter slumber and have grown about a foot so far this week. The rhubarb is sprouting well and my roses are coming back too.  Dealt with the unruly wildflowers that grow along my front wall - I hate them - it makes the road look untidy. My bit of wall is bare and the neatest. I used to do alongthe neighbours too but my shoulder was aching this week so I just did mine.

Remembered 8th April 2011 as the worst day ever.  It's the day Harry was diagnosed. But look at him now - he is an amazing, clever, funny little soul who is the best Harry in the world! Look in my side bar if you want to know more about him if you are new to my blog.

Made an amazing beef stroganoff for tea  using rump steak and a basic recipe that could be SW, however not sure how much of the amazingness was due to the double cream I used in the sauce hahaha. The brown basmati rice was cooked to nutty perfection too.

Even though at first I was a bit judgey about it and never made it outside in Week 1, I did go out tonight ( and last week ) and clap for ALL those people out there still working, keeping the country going.
As with last week, I'd just done the old bra off down the sleeve as the clock struck 8 and I remembered I had to go out and clap. Walking braless I can do this without my hands hahaha  Well, last week it wasn't too bad because it was still dark...this week, much lighter and almost everyone out on the front, I clapped with my arms close to my chest!!! More people out again, infact I think everyone on our little bit of the road was out. Gets you right in the feels.

Made it to chapter 49 in my audiobook, Stephen King The Stand - 28 hours 24 minutes remaining. Most of the world has succumbed to the superflu, and the various pockets of survivors are beginning to draw together, each haunted by terrible dreams......

Secured provisions for the next week  via a delivery from the butcher and Asda both on Saturday. I've not ordered much really, lots of yogurts and hair dye! Having a joint of Beef for Easter Sunday and if this lovely weather continues I shall demand the HG light the BBQ and we will cook it on there.

Finished re watching New Amsterdam season 1 so the HG could get onboard and we've watched what they had of Season 2.

Walked the dog every day. Had an unpleasant encounter with a jogger on one of the walks - ignorant jogger more like. Ran towards me, leaving me nowhere to move to, did not change his course and di not MOVE THE HELL AWAY FROM ME. Twice. I swore at him.

Got up, made the bed and showered and dressed before coming downstairs on more days than just slobbing in pjs. Today I put some perfume on too!

Attended the weekly online SW class - good fun was had and a good laugh was had too.

Avoided as much news as possible.

Tidied out the tea towel drawer AND the cutlery drawer. That wasn't done so long ago, tell me how, when you only put clean things in there, it gets so disgustingly grimy?


Received this cutest ever Easter Card from Miss 25.

So have a good Bank Holiday Weekend! Happy Easter everyone. X


  1. Phew and rest, staying at home is hard work but fun, enjoy your weekend, it's going to nice for 2 days and then turn cold.

    1. I find myself wishing for a grey day of rain. Might help keep everyone in!

  2. Goodness you've had a busy week Rachel. I love your quilt but I always think we are our biggest critics aren't we. I've sorted my blog page and put the blog up this morning about the drawstring bags. I think I'd hit the publish button before I was ready and then had to revert it to draft and for some reason it then stayed on the side bar. Anyway its there now if you have five minutes to find out why I was showing off my pile of duvets.

    Take care and from a keyworker I thank you and your little road for the support.


  3. I dearly love that quilt. It's so peaceful.
    Harry looks fantastic. What a lovely little chap.


  4. wow, you've been busy... I really do love that quilt. May be tempted to try quilting again but my last attempt was disasterous !

    1. Janet Clare who designed the quilt ALWAYS ALWAYS says do not point out your mistakes. I bet it wasn't disastrous x

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! My goodness you're talented! I used to read Stephen King and can't even remember The Stand, but I know I read it, long ago. Did you know it what it was about when you chose it? -Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn, I confess I had forgotten how the book began and I think I was mixing it up with The High Tower at the time of choosing! But I thought how apt as it dawned on me what it was about!! Hahaha

  6. Although I don't know what stippling is, I think the quilt is beautiful, and that Easter card is just adorable.
    I had a chuckle at your paragraph re the clapping, although I needed to read it more than once to understand what you meant. Not being terribly blessed in that area I don't feel a need to remove mine when I get home, although I imagine it feels rather similar to the relief I feel when removing a hair bobble. X

    1. Hi Jules,
      Stippling is the what this meandering stitch pattern is called ..I believe!!! Yes Jules, the exact the same relief !!


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