Saturday 25 April 2020

Sunny Saturday

It's been a lovely Sunny Saturday here and it's been mostly been spent in the garden. Because I was in work last week it did actually feel like a real Saturday this morning when I got up and not a lockdown one.  It still has that feeling now. Signs of the lockdown were there though. I had my butcher deliver my meat instead of traipsing uptown for it. The roads and skies were quiet and every single parking space was occupied on my street.

So for years, I've had a compost bin down the bottom of the garden, and it was kind of in the way of the back gate. Was not a problem when we didn't need to use it but since Bluebell, when we have used it is it so easy as the back ginnel does lead directly onto the playing field where I walk her and not only that - coming in that way especially after the rain means I can hose her off in the garden = less mud through the house! Plus it will be easier to put the bins out! I have called our compost bin the tardis for years!

It was a standard issue one from our local council about 20 years ago. I will be honest, I'm just not that into gardening anymore! I was super keen and I've had my vegetable patch and bed and been a keen grower.  I've grown food in pots. I had my lovely display of blue delphiniums that got destroyed one year by slugs. Coincidentally was the same year I had to put black plastic down to cover the soil to stop a certain someone eating the stones in the soil. I still like it to look pretty. I still only put in purple and blue plants but I don't go mad with bedding plants etc like I used to.  Anyway, one of my real life best friends has started out in the world of Floristry and has begun to develop her huge garden into flower beds where she is growing her own flowers for cutting. She is going to inherit the Tardis. It is going to a good home. I topped up my pots - ready for when I do go pick up a few pretties, I also emptied the herb tub, replanted the sage, tarragon and thyme in my pots of purple and blue.

Bluebell was taken for  long walkies by Mr 23 whilst we did the messy stuff because she is too 'helpful'. It looks nice and tidy now. Soon the bluebells will make way for the irises.

I've taken a photo of the allium. and if I can be arsed when it's finally open I could do a time lapse thing!

 We will see. For tea, I made deli plates Rachel style of cheese and biscuits, salami, roast chicken finger sandwiches and some posh salt n vinegar cracker crisps things. Very beige! Although I did have some juicy cherry tomatoes. Really nice for a change. BBQ tomorrow if the weather holds - though the forecast is set to change back to normal. My prickly heat came out with a vengeance - forgot to start taking ant histamines and didn't put sunblock on. Nevermind.
I saw this jigsaw whilst on facebook and am dithering if I could spent £18 on a jigsaw. Dithering towards a no right now. Too expensive.

 Well, we just watched BGT. Loved the singers tonight. As a rule I complain and say things like - they should go on x factor ( Moaning old biddy I am ). Loved the New Amsterdam I watched last night. But to my joy, tonight, we've found a Louis Therous we haven't seen before. I love his documentaries. So am signing off now and will look at and reply to any comments tomorrow and do a bit of bloggy catch up.

Lots and lots of love from
Rachel*will sleep tonight* Radiostar xxx


  1. It#'s a fabulous jigsaw but £18?? That's very costly, isn't it?

    I always love to see your garden. I am deeply and permanently envious of your stone wall, stamping my internal feet and silently screaming 'It's not fair, I want one too.'
    Lucky you.

    I'm glad it feels like a weekend for you. Weekends are lovely.
    Have a great day.

    1. I usually buy my jigsaws from the charity shop or in sales. Studio cards is a good cheap place to get them. On the website it is marketed at half price! I do know that some jigsaws are very expensive - and that's fair enough but I won't pay the price!! I might see if my sister wants to go halfy halfy on it!!

  2. The garden is looking lovely, Rachel and I'm a huge fan of a wall backdrop. It looks very private and I expect it's sheltered too.
    I've felt much more weekend-ish here too and, although I'm not one for shopping, it feels strange not having been into town in such a long time.
    That jigsaw is fabulous but I'm not sure my eyes would cope. X

    1. I'm not sure my purse would cope! I'm quite happy about not going into town. Its so peopley!

  3. My Allium's are all leaf this year so far, but for us it's still a bit early. I have the same blue pots in my garden, they add colour, love all your bluebells. I love the jigsaw, but I would be undecided, but you probably have not spent much lately, so a treat could be nice.

  4. Because they have emerged from a pot full of bluebells I have no idea what their leaves actually look like!

  5. I think you should get the jigsaw. Life is too short. It's expensive but you'll enjoy it :O) xx


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