Friday 24 April 2020

Friday hoorayyy

It's been boiling hot. We had 3 beings at school. I am tired and glad it's the weekend. The dog has had the paddling pool out. The peony is out as I predicted. And the dead tulip is resurrecting a bit more alliumesquely every day!

We had cottage pie for tea. I had a shopping delivery from the supermarket. A few substitutes that were close enough to live with. Eg cooked turkey was what I wanted, cooked chicken is what was sent. But Grommit they sent The Wrong Yogurt!
Has anyone seen that film with Michael Douglas in called Falling Down, where one day he just snaps? I could make the sequel about the yogurt. Specifically Alpro Greek Style - was the Alpro Go ON Plain, until a few months ago. Totally different taste and texture the the bloody revolting Alpro plain yogurt that they sent me. Not a happy bunny. It is not a problem, I could just request a refund. Except couldn't find the gubbins to do it
it said

I have a substitute item in my grocery order that I wish to return.

We will send an email to your registered email address outlining any substitutions we have needed to make to fulfill your order before we deliver it. Due to social distancing, we are temporarily not accepting returned or rejected items at your doorstep. If you would like to request a refund you can do this online. There are two ways to do this:
  1. If you've received an order within the last 24 hours, simply sign in and click on the 'Need a refund?' button in the 'Welcome back' box at top.
  2. Sign in to your account and click on the 'Orders' tab. Go to previous orders, find the order you're looking for, and then click on the 'Request' link under the 'Refund' 
  3. section to request a refund on that specific order.
SIMPLY SIGN IN AND CLICK. I looked and looked - nothing to click.
However I have fired off  a strongly worded email.* and await ....

Look at what the teachers in school today did with the children.

My handprint is on here_ I think it looks awesome on our school gates and wish it could somehow be turned into a permanent fixture!
Last night, the clap on the street was full of clappers and the little tot down the street  had his little drum kits out -  very cute.  No fireworks thank goodness. Anyhoo, time for a bit of telly, we just saw that some new episodes of New Amsterdam have been released on Amazon Prime. It's such a good feel good drama. 

Lots of love from
Rachel * The strongly worded email was a polite request for help actually, may have mentioned I work in a school for added sympathy* Radiostar xx


  1. I love the rainbows and the handprint heart. I was shocked at how few children were going in Tom's school when I spoke to his teacher this week, only between 9-12 out of over 1,000. Mind you, I suppose they're old enough to look after themselves. I wonder if less children are actually harder to look after because you have to entertain them, rather than them being able to play with their friends, if they're even allowed to do that.

    I forgot to clap last night, the first time since it started but I didn't hear anybody doing it either which is unusual. I think the government/NHS need to start looking at some way of getting people who need treatment back into the system now otherwise the knock on effect of all this is going to be as bad as the virus itself.

    I remember that Michael Douglas film, I think it was the burger that set him off? Hope you get your refund sorted out without having to resort to his tactics! Have a great weekend. xx

    1. I've decided that if I don't get my refund I think I will count myself lucky to have secured those provisions in the first place! Yes I think Secondary school children are probably more independent but I bet those children in are the ones in care where it definitely IS safer to be in school than elsewhere.

  2. Polite requests can be just as powerful as a rant and gets the recipient on your side.
    Loving the rainbow creations I think you're right - all these wonderful creations should remain long after all this has settled down and the new 'normal' is here, whatever that's going to look like.

    1. That is very true Joy and if you start off on a rant - it leaves you with nowhere to go.

  3. I'm also relieved that it's the weekend, as my patience has been sorely tested this week.
    The heart and rainbows are fab, by any chance would your hand be a purple one? X

    1. OO what's got you rattled? Hopefully your Saturday has been one of peace and joy.

    2. Also - NOPE! Mine is a red one!

  4. Your flower photos are great, and your blooms are further forward than mine, my penoy is only in bud. I too love the hand heart, anything with tiny hand prints on is a winner for me. Enjoy your weekend. We had a few fireworks on our clap, but the Portsmouth dockyard had ships sounding their horns, which was louder. On Facebook our local page had people complaining about the fireworks, normally I shout if they are on for days on end in November, but I thought they added to the event.

  5. I would have thought your blooms would have well on their way before mine being in the warmer south! u


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