Monday 20 April 2020

And work stops play...

The Easter Holidays ended and I was back into work today as the Rota dictated. The same childers attended as before the holidays and whilst I've described it earlier as strange, it was really good to leave the house for a real purpose other than walking Madam B or nipping to the local spar for essentials. It was really good to see other familiar humans who mean something to me and to talk about the shared experience of schooling during the lockdown for key worker children. It was even good to smell the school smell. I just wish it would all just go away and we could get back to normal and I could faux moan properly about the freedom of the holidays going! I do have real real worries for the children I know who have a difficult time of it at home. And by difficult time of it, I mean bloody rotten and toxic and chaotic. It will bring me genuine joy to go back to work on a normal day and see their little faces. Including the one child who told me I was the smiliest person they know but they wondered why I always gave them the biggest smile...( I totally do ) and I replied with a "Do i?"
They said yes because they've watched me do it a lot.  They tell anyone who will listen that I am their favourite teacher. I don't do anything special at all. I just give my kindness, time and big smiles.

My wonderful wonderful work wife always reminds me that I do make a difference. Even when I think I'm doing nothing in particular. Working full time on the pastoral team now means I rarely get into a classroom properly and I do actually miss that. I used to love the teaching.

I thought my Geography and History lessons were fab! I read back some of the blog posts, wearing my pink glasses, you know, the rose tinted ones, about some of the now grown up childers in my lessons and wallowed with fond nostalgia. Remember Lynford? Newer readers here may have missed this early post. Click it to read it. It should work.

Very Poignant Post

I shall just wait here for you to go read all about Lynford, blow your nose after good cry, and settle back down here.

All OK now?! Ha! I've been practising the art of delayed gratification - which what I teach to the childers ( and parents ) at school and waiting to open my quilt kit for two reasons. The first is that I have a wee craft project on the go for school and the other is that I want to 'live' blog it!

I am also making a triple layer birthday cake for Mr 22 who turns 23 tomorrow. What a time to have a birthday! The cake is a layer of vanilla, chocolate chips and chocolate. I'll be using ganache to decorate. And I will have to hunt the candles out. No presents to open for the first time ever as there is genuinely nothing he wants and he really isn't one for stuff to open he neither needs or wants! So money in a card it is! It makes me feel like a TERRIBLE mother.

Lots of love from
Rachel *bad parent* Radiostar xxx


  1. Brilliant! So good to recognise a loving practioner. Your Linford post took me back , smiling, to my last life within school.
    Lucky children to have you.

  2. Sniff, sniff, sob . . .

    If your teaching is anything like your blog, you are the Best Teacher Ever.
    Yeah, I know, HLTA, but I don't differentiate!

    I had great TAs but I'd have loved to have had you in my class.

    1. Ahh thank you Joy, we would have had a brilliant time!

  3. Children are wonderful, so honest,I can see why you love your job.

    1. They certainly are! Even the revolting ones have some redeeming qualities!

  4. Oh Lord, I'm obviously missing the sensitive gene because I just laughed at everything they wrote, in an "aww how sweet" kind of way. Particularly like the advice about getting a dog because they live longer and the comment about having a chippy tea. Absolutely classic.

    You've done well thinking of gifts for DS for 22 years, I've given up with Tom already. I'm fed up of donating all the bits I buy just so he's got something to open to the charity shop lol. He's more than happy with money but it does touch the Mum guilt nerve doesn't it. Have a great day at school. xx

    1. Thank you thank you - I feel a little bit better now and maybe us Mums of boys that are hard to buy for should buy ourselves a little well done you gave birth to this giant person present! Starting a new tradition!


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